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[Pop Quiz] Is Seo In-guk all naturale or plastic fantastic?

Photos of the “My Baby U” singer as a child have surfaced online. However,do you believe he still has his baby face?

Superstar K winner Seo In-guk is talented,charming,and seems to be an all around good guy.There is just one question on everyones’ mind,Is that his original face?

The photos above show a mischevious and happy child growing up. The adult version of In-guk has not changed much since his adolescent days,but you never know!

We have been trying to figure out the truth: Natural or Plastic?

You know we need your help,What do you think? Has Seo In-guk retained his baby face?


28 Comments on “[Pop Quiz] Is Seo In-guk all naturale or plastic fantastic?”

  1. shafa says: cmnt..he looks different..

  2. saya says:

    i think he is natural. i also have some changes on my face and it’s naturally happened~

  3. Eunice says:

    Nope, no work done.

  4. kellz says:

    Without the red hair and makeup, he looks exactly the same….just thinner!

  5. mno says:

    maybe his nose

  6. Summer says:

    I think he had kept his original face, he just lost his baby fat with all the working out he does

  7. comet says:

    It’s so obvious he’s remodeled his nose.

    • balinha says:

      it’s not obvious. Just get a picture of you with five years old or a little more and compare your nose with yourself today. For your information the nose and the ears are the body parts that don’t stop growing.

  8. pooja says:

    oppa 🙂

  9. pooja says:

    oppa :)sarang ha

  10. Mich says:

    Just because someone looks different from childhood doesnt ALways mean surgery. People’s face changes as one grows.

    I look really different from when i was a child and people say I changed a lot but I got nothing done, just changed as I grew up. It happens. Besides, seo in-guk doesn’t even look THAT different geez!

  11. ken says:

    His nose only….! hahaaa…..

  12. Anny says:

    OH NO! He should sue the surgeon because he didn’t make him handsome! He looks like JYP! 😦

  13. tofuu~~ says:

    mayb 0r mayb n0t, i dont really care abt dat…i like his voice & his character!! Hwaitin’ inguk oppa. Chu~

  14. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    maybe… his nose…?

  15. lovelovelove says:

    he did nott change..
    he looks the same.
    his hairstyle is totally diff and he lost alot of weight.
    same guy no plasticc!

  16. Pualani says:

    I’d say he just lost a lot of weight..but maybe he had some work done on his nose though.

  17. shana shushu says:

    no comment..

  18. CrazyYelrihs says:

    oh on…what happened to him…-,-”’ he looks _______

  19. HeRo YOJA says:

    he stell the same to me…^^

  20. anna says:

    he lost a lot of weight , nothing else. if he could have plastic surgery for sure he would change his eyes area etc. but he didn’t. those are changes made when growing up.

  21. KyuHyun_95 says:

    i think he’s natural

  22. Yoyoni says:

    Are you kidding that he’s plastic? I don’t think so~ He’s all natural of course.
    I really like his smile~ Daebak Seo In Guk!

  23. yanlee says:

    he just got thinner, that’s all!
    of course people physically change from childhood to their adulthood…
    no plastic, just natural. 🙂
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  24. Dilha Korea says:

    Oppa Handshome bgtttttt Miss U oppa :* :* 😉

  25. mharzie says:

    hes all natural for me, following him all over the internet and kdramas. he just lose a lot of weight and of course part of growing up. seon in guk my love is the best.

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