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Lee-teuk and Tae-yeon’s agency: “I’m at a loss for words”…

This is what a SM Entertainment representative stated about rumors the two singers are secretly dating.

Rumors about our new Lee-yeon couple just keep heating up! Of course, as soon as we get all excited and suspicious, the agency speaks up and makes us even more interested. A SME representative was recently interviewed on the phone about the new scandalous Super-Generation romance. Here’s what they said to Asia Economic Daily, “It’s just a matter of coincidence. I’m at a loss for words”.

Really! This statement is suppose to calm us down,but in actuality you want to google them all the more.

What do you think? Are you finished with the Lee-yeon couple, or are you just waiting for more?


65 Comments on “Lee-teuk and Tae-yeon’s agency: “I’m at a loss for words”…”

  1. Summer says:

    1ST and ‘m not so sure if they are dating because they are in the same company and ppl rom the same company aren’t usually allowed to date

  2. mjkrocks says:

    no, you’re misunderstanding!! THe company said that about the same earrings and necklace. I read an article, and they asked him why they were wearing the same necklace, so he said its coincedence and he didn’t know how it happened

  3. mjkrocks says:

    but i would love for them to date though:)

  4. Laeah says:

    Lee Teuk could do a lot better.

  5. sarshq says:

    They’re just playboy bunny earrings geez. Hope they are dating though, just because I would love to see the fan reactions. LOL

  6. Beth says:

    People should just chill out with all these rumors okay ?!!!??
    So what if they’re really dating !?!
    What is with all these rumors !?!?
    What can you guys do about it ?
    If you hate them that much and go ahead and be their antis. They don’t care, I mean they have hundreds and thousands of fans out there.
    Than you start to bash up Song Seung Hun and Son Dam Bi too ?
    I’m not hating anyone but just ignore their personal life okay ? Stop trying to go into their personal lives, they should be respected to have a normal life like everyone else when they are not a stage. They can do anything they want like all of us normal people can do. Just because they’re famous it doesn’t mean they have to be different from everyone. They ARE ALL HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. shinhbang says:

    Isn’t she too young for EeTeuk? I so think he can do better. I like TaeYeon, but they don’t mesh well.

  8. leana says:

    They’re children won’t be very good looking since they’re both plastics.

  9. ywidjaja says:

    Hot news will always get people attention and curiosity

  10. […] Lee-teuk and Tae-yeon’s agency: “I’m at a loss for words”… […]

  11. mimi says:


  12. Dovey says:

    Who cares if they’re dating. Leave them be.

  13. ajstew says:

    It’s not real. I mean, he’s gay. We all know that.

    • adilla says:

      hey,lee teuk not gay!!!how dare u!!

    • missrelay39 says:

      hey stupid…he’s not gay.if you don’t know anything about him just shut-up

    • jo says:

      nonono…Sungmin, Ryeowook and maybe Heechul but Leeteuk is most likely straight since he’s been caught reading female nude photobooks.

      • jocelyn says:

        how dare u .. 😦 😦
        oppa leetuek is not a gay ever..
        since group in super junior oppass…

        are u animal or HUMAN..?
        cannot follow intrutions..or not reading better..

        • Chaluha says:

          ur talking like being gay is disease or something!
          STFU!! it´s just love between human, people who only stuck to anatomy are blunt and don´t understand meaning of LOVE ><
          you should be happy for him no matter what, if he will be happy with men, you should accept it and not saing it´s gross!! DDD:
          otherwise you´re not of fan, just some mean and obssesed girl :((

      • Chaluha says:

        it was Yunhyuk who watched porn, but Teukie took it upon himself since he´s a leader. AND NOW STUPID PPL WHO DIDN´T BOTHER TO LEARN A BIT MORE ABOUT THIS STUFF THINK LEETEUK IS A PERV ><

    • meh says:

      WAAAAAAAAAAAA yeeeees Teukie has to like men, he´s way too cute and short to be straight xDD

    • shai says:

      gaga 2yen kunkunam a bakla baka sika!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awan bakla a suju

  14. adilla says:

    pliss~taeyeon with lee teuk??never!!
    i hate snsd,but i big lover super junior and big bias of lee teuk!!i am the anti of snsd(the most radical among the radical),taeyeon not suit with him..any of snsd members not suit with him!!pliss lee teuk,i can accept if u have a girlfriend,but pliss not with snsd!!u can choose other girl from other girl-group!!!they are more beatitful than snsd!!

  15. dunit says:

    guys, that’s’s normal.they’re also humans.everyone falls in should not be mad about what if they’re dating? as if they’re going to get married.really…what are you guys gonna do? let them be single forever? or you want lee teuk to marry you? you don’t want the girl for him? you can’t control a person’s life.and choose what’s best for them.they’re not robots.this is not the way to treat love them because they’re such good inspirations and so talented and because you love them, you accept everything about their weaknesses and strength and even their choices.that’s the reason why we always say we “support” them.don’t be so happy for them.

  16. yani says:

    When did this happen?! I support them all the way though if it’s true!

  17. jamie says:

    I just don’t see it…….

  18. whaaa says:

    Say what?!

  19. queenbqty says:

    Leeteuk deserves better than that always sick (excuse for bad singing)rat faced chick. No one in snsd is good enough for Leeteuk or any other SuJu member.
    All these scandals with Super Junior members and snsd is just promotion for snsd, basically more leeching off SuJu’s popularity and a way to keep the plastics in the news. How much is sme paying for all these stupid stories about snsd just to keep them in the news.

  20. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    blah… who knows… idc…

  21. myra elf says:

    i hope leeteuk oppa has a girlfriend as he is 27 now.. but i really hope the girl is not taeyeon..sorry for say that,i’m not anti to snsd just i dont want suju with snsd..:(

  22. hahaha says:

    well.. Leeteuk oppa, we, of course, loved to respect your choices, but just be careful of what your choices are. Think of it carefully!

  23. Eunice says:

    No, I hope not. She can do so much better than him.

  24. jo says:

    I dunno why but I can totally picture Taeyeon with a much much older rich man, not in the entertainment industry…why? I have no idea.

  25. Yuuki88 says:

    I don’t think it matters… If they’re dating, let them date. They ARE humans and they want to at least do one thing that normal people do.

  26. lee-ann says:

    waaahh!! no! :))) teukie is mhine!! joke!! :))). uhmm.. i really love teukie!! thats why i will respect his decisions. but still.. it’s not yet sure if they are really dating!! but i think it is not the word you called “SECRETLY DATING” because if it is really true and we know about it, its not a secret anymore. 🙂

  27. Joni says:

    Really like to know more than these rumors coming from…
    I want a clearer statement from the real rumored couple~!…
    But…for me Lee Teuk is great~!

  28. rukia1335 says:

    no not my leeteuk!!! i frickin love the guy! I don’t care if he’s older than me or not!!! i still love him!!!!
    please not leeteuk! it can’t be leeteuk!

  29. theZEUSluv13 says:

    so wat if they were the same stuff! they could date abybody they want too

    but it would be great if they were…

  30. totallyc00lkorean says:

    they’re under the same company… they probably have the same happens.

  31. KaNeaTieS says:

    SuperGeneration ♥… co__Ol hhahah… their child will be named ‘Leon’ lol!!!! \V/

  32. karipap says:

    noooooooooo!! i dont want Taeyon dating with anyone..!!! please be single.. [pathetic right?]

  33. lalala123 says:

    omg r u kidding?
    leetuek can dooo wayyyyy better

  34. like says:

    i like them….hopefullt it is true….

  35. sacha says:

    Why is there so much fuss about?
    It would be nice for them.
    But right now I think Eeteuk should be focusing on Super junior ^^

    Go visit! ^^

  36. Anti taeyeon says:

    Well,,its obvious that their own company did not allow them to date..because taeyeon (rat face) is not a typical girl that leeteuk wants to date,he prepare a nice girl..and taeyeon is not..she’s a judgemental girl (about alicia k) and calling kangin (retarded) well looks whose acting like a retarded rat face (taeyeon) i hate people like snsd..

  37. I love parkjungsoo says:

    Follow me at my twitter acount jonalynjungsoo
    and also follow the official twitter acount of park jungsoo(leeteuk)
    kamsa hamnida

  38. Chicken says:

    Gorbachev must not date Leeteuk because if she did, then she won’t focus on politics anymore! Duh! Gorbachev must try again to work with East Asian girls, not boys; to promote Communism and YUI!

  39. deena ismaeel al shami says:

    all i know that i love lee teuk ,and if i become his girlfriend i will be extreme faithfull with him and by the way i am sixteen years old and i am from yemen

  40. i am sixteen years old and i am from yemen . I want to say that i love lee teuk alot and if i earned the pleasure of being his girlfriend i will be extreme faithfull. And by the way i ‘ve never told to anyone before that i love u .

  41. Glam_Monkey says:

    Ok, I’m new to this (korean music and stuff),
    but i don’t understand what’s all the fuss about them being together… This is like Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez. Come on ppl, live ur lives and stop shoving ur noses into ppls businesses! Oh but i do support Euteuk and the girl he’s dating does look cute. but is it true that she had plastic surgeory? Cuz that would just spoil everything… =P


    OK well, first of all, it was revealed by Heechul that SM actually would rather idols from the same company date each other as it would be easier for them. Second of all, This Leeteuk and taeyeon thing wasn’t only derived from the ear rings and necklaces, but they also have matching phone covers and have shared many intimate moments i.e hugging, skinship on stage etc. Third of all, you haters have to back down cause you should be supporting the fact that your idols have a life. And besides, do you think you’ll ever get a chance with them honestly speaking -.-. FINALLY, THIS PAIRING IS MOSTLY KNOWN AS TAETEUK WHY THE HELL IS IT CALLED LEEYEON, IT SOUNDS LIKE AN ALIEN FROM LILO AND STITCH

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