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F.T. Island is back with new pictures!

FT Island is back with new pictures of themselves with an appeal of Litmus. They just had a new photo shoot for the winter 2010 collection.

In August, the band released their song “Love Love Love” from their album “Beautiful Journey” and it was really successful.

Through their successful comeback, FT Island displayed such a fresh look and new fashions for winter.

Without losing their classy and boyish image, the boys of FT Island make their fashion statements by wearing top hats and glasses to look cooler.

Check out the photos below:

Aren’t they just awesome?


5 Comments on “F.T. Island is back with new pictures!”

  1. who is the second last person in the first picture?
    ahhhh they so cute and they have long hair!! ^^ FT Island Fighting ~!!

  2. kimt08 says:

    lovingggg this <333
    my FT Island boys always look handsome with winter attire XD

  3. hoojiiin says:

    yes they are awsomee 🙂

  4. joycechan says:

    lee hong ki is so cute 😀

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