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Asia Song Festival 2010 Full Coverage

The Asia Song Festival, UNICEF, and G20 Summit planners teamed up this time to bring out the free 2010 Asia Song Festival Let’s Go! G20 Concert. Though the name is painstakingly long, the line up is equally impressive. Performers include K-Pop idols Boa, Rain, Lee Seung-chul, KARA, 2AM, 4Minute, BEAST, Teen Top, Rainbow, E.via, Kim Yeo-hee (iPhone Girl), Nine Muses, and Arie Band. Also, other Asian idols were present, with Japan’s AKB48, China’s Jane Zhang, Taiwan’s Joe Cheng, Malaysia’s Michael Wong, and Thailand’s Bie the Star.

If that list doesn’t excite you enough, jump in and read the rest of the post for performance photos, videos, and full coverage.

With an audience of over 50,000 fans, the concert attracted over 5,000 fans from outside of Korea, gathering in Seoul Olympic Stadium in Jamsil, Seoul. Fans gathered starting in the morning for the 6pm concert, all supporting their favorite singers. Fan favorites included World Star Rain and all-around idols 2AM.

With a small donation to UNICEF, the planners gave away blankets and CDs with the G20 official song, “Let’s Go” (in both Korean and English versions). As a charity concert, the three joint planners are all dedicated to helping disaster-struck areas, especially in Asian countries. Currently, they are helping victims of the recent Pakistan floods with recovery and medical support.

The hosts of the 2010 Asia Song Festival were announcer Han Seok-jun and former SES member and actress Eugene. As the two MC’s graced the stage with elegance, Eugene also provide the English announcements for the concert.

Before the main performers, there was an “Asian Influential Artists Showcase,” presenting some of the up-and-coming rookies in Korean music.

The model/idols Nine Muse were first up, giving the crowd a good show, they performed their new single, “Ladies.”

Next, iPhone girl Kim Yeo-hee, who officially debuted last year, sang her second single, “Don’t,” a beautifully sad song, but with an upbeat tempo, fit nicely into the line up.

Then, Rainbow came on with “Just a Pretty Girl.”

In the spirit of Halloween, the Rainbow girls were dolled up in black and orange.

Girl rock band, Arie Band, especially famous for singing drama OST titles, brought energy to the stage singing, “Kiss Me Darling.”

Next, female rapper E.via sang the slightly annoying, but not quite catchy “Pick Up U.”

To round out rookie showcase, Teen Top excited the crowd with a powerful performance of “Clap” with a special dance intro.

Teen Top may have been the only rookie showcase that showed up with their fanbase, but fans in general greeted and cheered for all the rookies, in anticipation for the main stage performers.

After a short Korean cultural performance, the first major performer was 4Minute, lighting up the stage with fire effects and “I My Me Mine,” and a medley of “Hot Issue” and “Huh.”

Performing with special dance breaks, the 4Minute girls gave a solid performance and a strong start for the main performers.

Singer, actor, model Bie the Star, known kindly as the “Rain (Bi) of Thailand,” sang “Heartbeat” and “Hug” for his international audience.

Bie the Star gained popularity through the Thai reality program “The Star 3,” and enjoyed his time in front of the Korean fans.

To the cheers of all their fans, 2AM sang their top hits “Can’t Let You Go Even if I Die” and “I Was Wrong.”

As expected, 2AM vocals were in top-condition along with a performance accenting their maturing into being internationally recognized singers.

China’s Jane Zhang graced the stage singing both the English song, “To Be Loved,” and the Chinese song, “I Believe.”

Jane Zhang’s powerful voice is often compared to Mariah Carey, as she can easily pass into the dolphin-tone registers. American fans may know her from her performance on the Oprah Winfrey show and the World Peace One Concert.

Taiwan’s flower boy, Joe Cheng, brought out his popular “Sing a Song.” Joe Cheng is best known for starring in Taiwan’s “It Started with a Kiss.”

Super Star K 2 judge, Lee Seung-chul performed a small number of his most popular hits, “No One Else,” “Girls Generation,” and “Scream.” Lee Seung-chul really showed his power as a performer, complete with his own orchestra and rock band, proving his authority as a Super Star K 2 judge.

Next up was the massive girl group AKB48 from Japan, showing off a different type of cuteness and cheering on the crowd with “Dae Han Min Guk!” cheers.

With something of over 40 members (the exact number isn’t set), sixteen of the girl group team showed off their cutesy, massively huge charm with “Ponytail to syusyu” and “Heavy Rotation.”

As an answer to Japan’s huge girl group, next Kara represented Korean girl group charm with “Lupin” and “Mister,” looking more than hot in all white.

With a nearly flawless performance, Kara had all their male fans screaming like little girls. The girls in white even had MC Han Seok-jun at a loss for words.

As a change of pace, Malaysia’s Michael Wong sang his ballad, “Fairy Tale” and newest composition “So Naive.”

Michael Wong has become the representative singer-songwriter of Malaysia and enjoys popularity in many Chinese speaking regions, with his tender songs about love, which have been remade in Korea and Japan.

With the strongest number of fans, idol group Beast, pumped up the crowd again with “Shock” and “Breath.”

In strong form, all the members of Beast seem to be in top condition, performing the tight choreography of the new single, “Breath.” It seems like it was a night for white, as Beast’s uniform also followed the color.

Big dog and fan favorite, Rain sang recent top hits, “Rainism,” “Love Song,” and “Hip Song.”

Fans showed their support by lighting candles, and the whole crowd was moved to sing along to Rain’s charisma.

Though Rain didn’t fully do his shirt-over-head ab-dance for “Love Song,” he let the fans just have a peak of his abs, and then they couldn’t stop screaming for the world star to take it all off.

Finally, Korea’s returned pop princess BoA lit up the stage with performances of “Copy and Paste,” “Hurricane Venus” and “No. 1.”

BoA still could easily feel the love from her Korean fans, and she gave a powerful and snappy end to the Asia Song Festival Let’s Go G20 concert.

Finally, the concert ended with the planners giving awards to their performers. Beast and 4Minute shared the Asian Influential Artist Award, as new up-in-comers showing a lot of promise and already having a lot of influence in Asia, the planners hope that they will continue their support of charitable works and become world renowned idols.

Next, BoA, Rain, Lee Seung-chul, Kara, 2AM, AKB48, Jane Zhang, Joe Cheng, Michael Wong, and Bie the Star were all presented with the Best Asian Artist Award, highlighting their success in all of Asia and the world. The committee thanked all the artists for their dedication to the charity concert.

With encouragement from the MCs, Jo Kwon couldn’t help showing his gratitude for the award with his signature ssanti dance.

As a fitting end, all the artists came together and sang the G20 Summit official song, “Let’s Go.”

The planners made quite a complete concert, with Asia’s top entertainers. Hope to see you at next year’s Asia Song Festival!


29 Comments on “Asia Song Festival 2010 Full Coverage”

  1. huh says:

    Jane Zhang was the best talent of the night!
    It was more like the Korea Song Festival than an Asia Song Festival. They broadcasted the full korean performances and cut half of the other asian performances!

    • Randy Bumgardener says:

      That’s because they don’t like Non-korean stars participating because they know the international stars are better.

      Unbeknown to most SE Asians, Korean acts are basically very low quality, and rely on relentless amounts of propaganda from the Koreans in order to persuade themselves that ‘korean culture’ and ‘asian culture’ is actually synonymous. Lots of SE asians who don’t like their own cultures agree and kneel at the altar of propagda that is k-pop, and the Chinese and Japanese typically ignore Korea anyways and have much much better talent.

  2. Mint says:

    Rain did the great performance and sexy style in the show.

  3. yenny says:

    Wish they had more performers from the other asian countries!

  4. winnei says:


  5. sheatwo says:

    Neat! Wish I was there! Love Jane too!

  6. Rose says:

    Where is Agnes Monica from Indonesia? May be she was busy with her new task as an American Music Award’s host ….

  7. Jowell says:

    Thank you for this!
    The most detailed ASF 2010 coverage I can find so far. 😀

  8. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    where was this at???

  9. noi says:

    thank you! can anyone share the full show?

  10. Abbie says:

    Eugene was beautiful in that white dress and JANE ZHANG was amazing. Love her with “to be Loved”

  11. anthealicia says:

    Kim Yeo-Hee is a girl with Lee Hong Ki in Mnet Scandal . I wish Lee Hong Ki was there so thay can meet again and he can know she has been success now

  12. blaznist says:

    before snsd there was AKB48 haha…to many girls just like morning musume had but morning musume songs were more better and bearable to listen to. 🙂

    Last but not least BoA epic as always!! Forever !

  13. nu says:

    Love bie very much.

  14. Tata says:

    Bie so cute. I like thai stye. He look sincere.

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  16. Gregory Chan says:

    When you see BoA sings Valenti and No.1, especially No.1, in this performance, compared to copy & paste and hurricane venus…
    the feeling is different. when She sings Valenti, you can see Her smile reveals slowly… and when She sings No.1, you can see Her cheerfulness and glamourous SMILE! hahah~
    as compared to the 2 newer songs… it’s just seems like any corporate songs nowadays… when She sings No.1, while looking at Her smiling singing the song, you’ll see the true BoA that rocks the world and that smile of Her’s whilst performing is what that captures the Heart of many faithful fans around the world for more than 10 years!!!! :’)

    ~♥* B☺A *♥~

  17. Sue says:

    It is nice to see Eugene again after Baker King-KTG. She looks gorgeous in that white dress. the BEST would be Jane Zheng from China with “To Be Loved”.

  18. SouthernBell says:

    Why don’t all Asian countries participate?? Like Turkey, India, and I guess Russia too!

    • Randy Bumgardener says:

      They’re not allowed to participate. Asian culture is confined to Korean culture because Korea says it is. Korea also purposefully locks out other asian nations which it considers to be inferior and doesn’t let them participate, unless it’s to take their money.

      You should learn that koreans don’t really like people from other cultures, which is why people who have been propaganised by them, basically lick their shoes and want to marry korean farmers.

  19. rian says:

    agnes ko gak ada ci….

  20. Ladia Park says:

    I love BOA and Lee Hyori! Sister fighting.

  21. Ladia Park says:

    I love Asia Song Festival, Wanna see this every year with many popular singer.
    Sarang Hae! (^_^)
    Ladia Park

  22. Randy Bumgardener says:

    Wow yet more propaganda organised by korea to showcase it’s talentless pop acts whilst locking out any ‘unworthy’ foreign cultures, because we all know ‘korean culture is just oh so good’..

    No wonder no one watches it, except for the usual Korean bootlickers from SE Asia who don’t even like or know their own cultures.

  23. saranghae says:

    why super junior did not perform????
    i’m curious…..

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