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Jang Dong Gun is Coming to America

Well at least his movie is.

The leaked trailer back in June of last year was the last we really heard about Jang Dong Gun‘s role in “The Warrior’s Way” formerly known as “Laundry Warrior”.

But wait no more, this all star cast and crew including Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns), Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush (Shine), Danny Huston (The Kingdom), Tony Cox (The Hustle), Barrie M. Osborne (Lord of the Rings), Jooick Lee (Seven Swords) and Michael Peyser (Hackers) is finally debuting December 3, 2010 in theaters. Many in Hollywood are anticipating a lot for this film specifically because this will present the audience with a “new look” at an Asian Male lead.

With Far East Movement dominating the charts, how do you think this new movie will do in the box office?

Check the trailer here.


9 Comments on “Jang Dong Gun is Coming to America”

  1. polaris says:

    at last… looking forward for this movie.^__^

  2. mikxela says:

    second can’t wait for this !!!! XD

  3. ohbaby says:

    yay will be definitely seeing this when it come out!!!

  4. yeah says:

    ohhh shizz. i hope its good.

  5. iichigo says:

    don’t get me wrong..I love fighting, and ninjas and all those stuff. However, why do I feel like this movie plot is similar to Rain’s movie, Ninja Assassin ? They both are very good killer, belong to a clan and then turn their back on their own clan because some sort of problem and then the the clan come and kill them.. Why do Asians have to be represented by martial arts movie? why can’t they just act in normal movies such as comedy or a love story perhaps in the American Entertainment. Ahhh ya…however, I will still watch it, because I will support Jang Dong Gun and Asian actors.

  6. Coffy says:

    How is this a “new look” at an asian male lead? Almost every asian male actor premieres in some ninja, kung-fu, martial arts movie; I mean, they’re typecasted as this all the time. A new look would be a nice drama with no action, ha!

  7. […] upcoming movie “The Warrior’s Way” has just released new official photos.The Korean/New Zealand production is one of the most […]

  8. […] upcoming movie “The Warrior’s Way” has just released new official photos.The Korean/New Zealand production is one of the most […]

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