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Lee Hyo-ri, Lee-teuk, and Choi Si-won represent Korea…

…on a special segment for CNN iList.

In celebration of 2010 Seoul G20 Summit, Lee Hyo-ri and Lee-teuk and Choi Si-won of Super Junior were selected to promote South Korea. On the CNN iList segment, Lee Hyo-ri presented information on Seoul and its people. She introduced herself as a famous singer in Korea and made some witty statements. Lee-teuk and Choi Si-won of Super Junior participated in an interview about how the popular idol group is targeting foreign music/entertainment markets.

Below are the clips of the CNN segment.


20 Comments on “Lee Hyo-ri, Lee-teuk, and Choi Si-won represent Korea…”

  1. jem says:

    that’s great first………………….

  2. jennifer says:

    …whoo0oHhhH… thats good…!!!…leeteuk..oppa…!!!

  3. mike_g says:

    hey, that screencap just showed how average looking hyori really is and she is looking her age. she talks thru her nose too.

  4. dwilliams says:

    also not all koreans get along so this notion of brotherhood isn’t necessarily true.

    • j3shika says:

      Every race has problems within its own. But logically speaking, if a Korean and say a white person were fighting and a Korean person happened to walk by, most likely, that Korean person would automatically stick up for his/her own race. This would be the case with most other races as well.

  5. sofab says:

    I think hyori looked bad with that lipstick and its different seeing her with deep dark hair
    it makes it look her age. She has had prettier days, shes still pretty though i just don’t like this look shes doing

  6. julia del moral says:

    red lipstick doesn’t look that good at lee hyo ri.. >leeteuk is handsome.

  7. Josephine says:


  8. namou says:

    Lee teuk and Hyori look so hot! If that’s Hyori looking her age, then I say bring on the 30s! Wish I looked half that good!

  9. Aadvark says:

    which one is the female?

  10. Susan Young says:

    LHR, CSW, and LT represented so well about Korean traditional cultures esp. LHR. I love their presentations for Korea via CNN. I want to give big hands to LHR, CSW, and LT. That should be showing about Korean cultures to CNN how beautiful the country is instead of just showing kissing and bed scences from PK. The drama was created just erotic moments and brought social problems to teenagers who love KHJ. Most teens use Internet to see the erotic moments of KHJ. That is why the rating was high via online; on the contrary, the Korean people did not watch and buy the drama because showing only erotic moments by the highest popular singer in Asia disrgaced the Korean culture and tradition. PK created more teenages pregnancies because KHJ shows on the Internet & TV only erotic scences, most teens saw him on the Internet and gave bad influences to them. So, they think KHJ is doing it, why not me. The PK influenced badly to the teens.
    Again, sincerely thanks to LHR, CSW, and LT for showing the beautiful Korean culture and tradition. I’m definitely appreciated to them showing what the real Korea is. I’m proud of them as a Korean myself.

    • Cucumber-drink says:

      Oh wow, another American TV show about South Korea full of Koreans speaking american…. *Yawn*…. Commented on by lots of americans pretending to be koreans, patting themselves on the back for abandoning korea… Too Predictable for words.

      The big question here is, what’s the aussie doing in it?

    • myra elf says:

      yeah..thats right. i wish i can be a korean..i really hope i can find friends from korea..i really want to learn more about korea culture..i hope there’s nobody from korea can be my friend..this nis my email:

    • 0ebshi says:


      so u already pregnant or not???
      just bc0z u watch KIM HYUN JOONG u become pregnant?? aww~ how lucky are u. in certain2 part in this world, woman cant easily get pregnant even they try so hard. maybe i should recommend them this PK SE in YT.
      OK OK~ PK give bad influence to Korean culture?? then why its selling so fast around the world especially countries in ASIA? u must write letter or send email regarding this matter to all over countries in ASIA even in the world regarding this. now hurry up~ hurry up~

  11. ALEXIS says:

    Leeteukie oppa = SEXX ❤ ❤

  12. star says:

    where is the khj interview….? that ws a bit longer than khj’s…… and they were interviewed the same day…. >.<!

  13. LOVEY DOVEY says:

    I agree with Susan Young’s comments on Kim Hyung Joong trying to promote his drama
    PK with erotic scenes online and as a result badly influenced gullible teenagers’ behaviour. He already had a bad reputation in Hong Kong when the media showed a video of him online getting into a taxi with some girls late at night in a sleazy district. He also made Korean citizens and netizens furious by attending the birthday party of the not so popular ex-president of Korea. Next, as leader of SS501, it was surprising that he left all other members to fend for themselves and join another company.
    To me he does not seem to be the friendly type even during his acting stint in the drama
    BOF. Looking at BTS of this drama, I always see him aloof and not smiling to his comrades when camera catches him unaware. I was never impressed with him and his
    acting skills do not seem to have improved. The above is my personal view and I do not
    mean to offend any of his fans.

    • 0ebshi says:

      im totally not agreed with LOVEY DOVEY & SUSAN YOUNG. seriously your mind setting is very POOR. and u seems like u have long time BIG issues with Kim Hyun Joong Leader from SS501 for bring out again the controversial old issues of him attending the bday party for the not so popular ex-president of Korea and the Hong Kong issues besides the erotic scenes in PK.
      i think u are the same person who is always barking the same LAME issues which is people doesnt want to give any attention to. dont u know, when it comes to SS501, all your propaganda is really CHEAP!!! bc0z ppl know who SS501 is.
      yes he is attending the bday party bc0z he was with DSP CEO whom that time receiving a call to stop by at the ex-President birthday and there was no special reason or arrangement for Hyunjoong’s attendance at the event besides purely because the company’s CEO was the one who required to attend the event. OK. is that clear?? than the one who u should blame is the DSP’s CEO! not him. and straightly after he comeback, he wrote into his diaries to give an explaination about what happened and apologise. but suddenly after 10 minutes its been erased. surely u know how sensitive this issue but u still want to highlite this when ppl already forgot bout that.
      For the KHJ & HYS scandal in Hong KOng, is it wrong for them to date or met their old friends??? dont be so negative thinking. u also not as perfect as u want. just back off with your STUPID issues.
      only bc0z KHJ who is definitely handsome, gorgeous & charismatic person appeared in CNN (not ur idol), u become easily to get mad & blatantly accused people have bad image & reputation.
      and bout the “EROTIC” PK scenes, who cares?? all drama have kinda scene like that. dont say PK the only ONE who have bad influence to kids. in YT u can find it everywhere and PK much more better than all that crappy things. so use ur BRAIN and listen to ur HEART. adios!!!


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