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Kang Seung-yoon Shows Off His Brain

and his cute side!

Mnet Superstar K2‘s rocker idol material Kang Seung-yoon (16) is featured for the coming Elle Girl and Vogue Girl magazines. More than the pictures, the interview has everyone talking about this bad boy, smarty pants. Just how high is his IQ?

To go along with his cute looks and manly vocals, turns out Kang Seung-yoon also has an IQ over 140. In the Elle Girl interview, he also mentioned that passing the college entrance exam was “easy,” something you don’t often here from Korean students.

The young singer/songwriter explained, “During my junior high days, I got along with the so-called ‘bad kids.’ Though not betraying my friends, I was faced with betrayal from my friends, so a lot of bad occurences happened… For a few months, I wasn’t going to school and avoiding people, but by my mother’s persuasion, I took the college entrance exam.”

Revealing more about his past, in his last year of junior high, Kang Seung-yoon learned both guitar and how to play billiards. Spending some time on the professional billiards circuit and winning at a national competition in Busan, the youngster became Busan’s representative in billiards.

While a member of Superstar K2, photos on the Internet started surfacing revealing his girlfriend, “While living in the [SSK2] dormitory, we both could really keep in contact with each other and naturally grew apart… She also dreams of becoming a singer, so thinking of our futures, we broke up.”

The photo spread and interview will be in the December issue of Elle Girl along with the revamped Elle At Zine (

Showing off his popularity, Kang Seung-yoon will have another photospread in Vogue Girl magazine, set to hit stands on this coming 18th. This photospread shows off the young man’s cute and playful side. There will also be a video available on the Vogue Girl website ( in late November.

In case you’re curious of Kang Seung-yoon’s skills, check out the following clip of “A Letter to You,” with lyrics written by the teenager to his mother. The song was completed during the run of Superstar K2 and has been featured as a single from the Superstar K2 album.

Though he didn’t win Superstar K2, this rebellious boy genius is set to be Korea’s next idol star!


4 Comments on “Kang Seung-yoon Shows Off His Brain”

  1. ့Honey says:

    the photo with wet hair looks like a girl!may be more beautiful than a girl ha ha

  2. mrs moon says:

    he’s not-humble boy

  3. mich says:

    “often here from Korean students”

    Well, if the Korean students are anything like the writer(s) of POPSEOUL!, then this is a clear indication of why they have a difficult time passing the exams. The correct spelling would be “hear”, not “here”.

    His voice is really deep. It really contrasts his feminine face.

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