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[Plastic Fantastic] The Male V-Line

Some people (netizens) say that Hyun Bin and Seven look alike, since they got the same plastic surgery…

Since his “Digital Bounce” comeback, the reviews have been mixed, whether or not he should have gotten that jaw-shaving surgery, giving him a pointy V-line instead of his formerly “strong” jaw line. On the other side, some fans don’t like how feminine the surgery made his face, suggesting that he seems “weaker.”

Most fans are still satisfied with the change, agreeing that his jaw was too boxy before. Others say it was just a change of style that brought the jaw change: before Seven was strong-jawed and manly; now he is more stylish and chic.

With the premier of “Secret Garden,” suddenly people started commenting that Hyun Bin strikingly resembles Mr. Seven, but why? Finally, netizens figured it out, Hyun Bin was also shaved with the plastic wand. Though not as extreme as Seven’s change, Hyun Bin jaw is not only pointy, but distracts attention from his deep dimple.

Fans believe that the jaw shaving didn’t change his charisma, but it’s the fact that the change of jaw line came with a change of weight — Hyun Bin looks skinnier than ever. The thinner jaw also makes him look even more skinny. Super skinny Hyun Bin equals not happy fans.

What do you think of the jaw transformation? Do the fellas need the V-line too?


81 Comments on “[Plastic Fantastic] The Male V-Line”

  1. okay says:

    i still love hyun bin;)

  2. Randy Bumgardener says:

    Hooray for a country full of plastic surgery addicts. I wish I lived there, it must be so much fun.

    • .... says:

      hey Randy Bumgardener, remember me from the jiyeon article? when i read your rude reply to my comment, i thought, “hmm…maybe my comment was a bit offensive…maybe i was at fault.” but now i realize you’re just some troll that goes around popseoul writing negative comments on everything. bravo Randy Bumgardener…bravo.

      • Randy Bumgardener says:

        Honesty only hurts if it’s true.

        • S says:

          Why comment on a website that caters to a culture that you dislike (or despise) so much? Too much time on your hands? Not enough people to people interaction in the real world? Is this the only human contact you receive on a daily basis? Sounds like a sad life.

          • cindy says:

            Not defending anyone here but I think your reply and …. reply are funny…. that randy guy didn’t actually offend anyone did he? he just said,he would like to live in a country that is full of plastic surgery addicts, so let him be…why care so much which country he wants to live in…

            • lay says:

              well, i assume you don’t know about this person then. he’s been making a lot of rude and offensive comments, not only about k-pop but also about some asian countries … under so many usernames. if you do, you would’ve understood the reason why people are pissed off with him.

      • donations here says:

        Well let’s be honest, it’s not like what randy bumgardener said isn’t true right?

        • Flute says:

          You don’t see the format:

          1) Randy says something truthful about the K-pop Industry.
          2) The idolatrous mind-slaves say something emotional based upon their delusions.
          3) Repeat until hurt from laughter or until bored.

    • Eunice says:

      I wish there was a “like” function for comments on PopSeoul…

    • bd says:

      For Hyun Bin, it’s all about weight loss (he got really skinny for Secret Garden).

      If one looks at earlier photos, Hyun Bin’s face/jawline changes as he gains and loses weight.

      As for Randy Bumgardener, he needs to get a LIFE instead of TROLLING on a site dedicated to the pop culture of a country he despises (probably b/c he got beaten up by a Korean boy growing up).

      • Toilet says:

        Why would a korean boy beat me? They half my size, and also they’re ladyboyish. Besides, where I’m from we don’t have any South koreans, we just have north korean ‘swimmers’ and josunjuk.

        Your analysis was incorrect, try again.

    • sulli91 says:

      Nah that would be USA actually USA is #1 in plastic surgery.. not just celebrities but the ACTUAL ppl.

      Yup korean CELEBRITIES all to plastic cuz its there job DUH there in the entertainment industry.. theirs is much more harsher, competitive then westerners.

    • sulli91 says:


      The top 3 countries are white western countries.
      Good try though.

      • Toilet says:

        You’re incorrect. Korean plastic surgeons don’t legally have to register their plastic surgery patients so there are no reliable statistics about the huge number of Koreans who have their faces mutilated in the name of beauty.

      • kelly says:

        Korea doesn’t normally register with ISAP (only 11 clinics in Korea are with them) so their plastic surgery rates are not recorded. However analysis of several international/national plastic surgery societies combined has shown Korea to be the top of the plastic surgery rates.
        Korea has 74 people with plastic surgery per 10000 people, next down in Brazil with 55 people her 10000 people. America has 42 plastics out of 10000….
        Good try though.

  3. müge says:

    I’d thought that HB’s change is because of losing weight. waooow, korean celebrities are unbelievable!
    but whatever HB does, he always look over-hot!!!!

  4. words-that-stay says:

    I don’t think either of them needed to have plastic surgery, they were good looking before … I think they actually looked better before the surgery and weight loss.

    I just hope that this trend of plastic surgery isn’t a result of people being pressured into having it done.

  5. Mizrilla says:

    U still look handsome and gorgeous without any plastic surgery or make up Hyun Bin Oppa..


  6. HyeRin says:

    i just don’t care about the plastic surgery thing but i certainly agree that Hyun Bin looks skinnier than ever in Secret Garden….

  7. Kergy says:

    I’d go gay for Se7en.

  8. LadyIgraine says:

    i doubt hyun bin got surgery…he had always been skinny and has bony facial structure.

  9. miley says:

    both hyun bin and seven look great.

  10. […] C’est un débat qui est très long et je ne compte pas m’étendre beaucoup sur le sujet. Il y a des pour et des contre. Pour certains ça peut être bien comme les personnes qui ont un gros complexe. Et parfois c’est bien réussi. Mais par contre des fois on se demande pourquoi il y a chirurgie ! Le dernier exemple en date : Hyun Bin et Se7en. […]

  11. risa says:

    seven got plastic surgery but NOT HYUNBIN he’s just SKINNY>.and HOT ><

  12. kelly says:

    well i dont know about 7 but i dont think hyunbin got anything done. he just gotten skinnier than before. he is skinnier than ever,

  13. For-The-Love-of -Peaches!! says:

    “Others say it was just a change of style that brought the jaw change: before Seven was strong-jawed and manly; now he is more stylish and chic.”

    ^ In other words he is now feminine and gay….

  14. chisoso says:

    I knew it…seven looks soo much better with his regular maybe he should have jjst taken off a bit, but not too much!!!Hyun Bin’s is even worse..the V-line makes him looks to old,

  15. Woah!!! says:

    I swear to god…Popseoul writers are fuckin idiots. Have you heard of losing weight? It’s obvious that they were way fuller in the cheeks but you can still see their somewhat defined jaws in before pics, but losing weight brought that out more and made their cheeks more hollow. And this isn’t making headlines anywhere, it’s just Popseoul’s need for more comments since they can’t be like allkpop. Dumbasses.

    • .... says:

      i completely agree! weightless can really change a person’s appearance!

    • Randy Bumgardener says:

      losing weight doesn’t make your jawline or skull atrophy. There is little in the blood which can convert your jaw from a strong jaw to a pointy jaw, and even this part of the skull is evident in very fat people. So losing weight wouldn’t achieve this.

      You seem to have compartmentalized the logic, and projected your anger at your idol for doing something which you don’t like towards the writer of this article. You should just accept that your idol has had plastic surgery and get on with life. Getting angry about koreans having plastic surgery is like getting angry about the rain falling.

  16. peace says:

    Mannnnn… I knew it. Hyun Bin looked different when the drama came out and when i saw him, I thought of actress Chae Min Seo from “You don’t know women” drama airing right now. Hers is the worst, you can even see her left over meat under her jaw, soo creepy. I think Hyun Bin wasn’t that fat to lose that much meat off of his jaw, just my thinking.

  17. Yinnie says:

    ..Thats why i feel no attraction to hyun bin anymore. He’s lost that manly mojo!!!

  18. Personally I prefer a stronger jaw, getting tired of these flower boys ahah

  19. khina says:

    hey its just about losing weight. i don’t know about Se7en but Hyunbin has no reason to shave jaw line. he just got skinner. people sure makes deal of little things to big things.

  20. Emi says:

    But..but…but… HYUN BIN WAS SO GORGEOUS!
    I don’t like his new look…
    His jaw line was my favorite part about him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    *cries in corner*

  21. mika says:

    What is sad is…By Korean standards, the skinnier/thinner you are the more “beautiful” or even “sexy” you look in their eyes. I NEVER once read or heard news about how they are concerened about the korean celebs (esp. the women/girls) are getting too thin.

    What is actually funny is, there are Korean guy celebs who actually PREFER woman/girls who are “healthier” curvier, (which would be considered chubby in their eyes), not necessarily overweight just healthy weight. They’ve been more vocal about it publicly.

    If these 2 really did get their jaws shaved for the “perfect V-line”….WHY??? they looked great before maybe even better. Although, I really think they just lost alot of weight.

  22. Jensipie says:

    I’m used to all this Korean plastic surgery by now…but this is just ridiculous. Fans agreed his jaw was too “boxy”….WHAT! My jaw hit the floor when I read this article, my mind wont comprehend it.

  23. tnemmoc says:

    they didn’t do anything, they just lost weight!

  24. LON says:

    Gruawr, I love manly men ❤

    And… "Others say it was just a change of style that brought the jaw change: before Seven was strong-jawed and manly; now he is more stylish and chic." Erm, couldn't he just … dye his hair or something. Seriously, so if I want to change my clothing style I'll have to get breast – butt implants?

    Lol ridiculous :'D.

  25. nozomi05 says:

    is it confirmed that Hyun Bin had his jaw shaved? i think he just lost weight that’s why it looks thinner.

    shaved jaw or not, i do wish he gains a little more weight because he looks a bit too skinny. if he hasn’t done the mandatory army service, he should already so that the army can feed him and make him gain weight.

  26. aprilrosedt says:

    not contented.. do they really have to go under the knife just to look more beautiful/handsome?

  27. asus says:

    Umm, I’m not sure about Hyun Bin, but have you even looked at Se7en’s old photos? His jaw looks the same! The blogger below posted photos of Se7en from years ago, and the last three photos are from the time of his latest album. Everyone concluded that he didn’t go under the knife a couple of months ago. I don’t know why you’re bringing this up now.

  28. rejie says:

    hyunbin is more handsome before than now..
    he looks weak now..

  29. […] What do you think of the jaw transformation? Do the fellas require the V-line too? Source […]

  30. unachicaloca says:

    i think hyunbin might have really gone under the knife, cause i saw a recent picture of him a few days ago wherein he was topless. and his body is surprisingly not thin, as i expected it to be based on his “skinnier” face. in fact looking just as before this drama. it looks kinda weird and unnatural.

  31. aya89 says:

    ah why why why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they’re already gorgeous!! gawwd!!!!

    i hate it when they do that!

    (…..mussing…. 😀

  32. hapacalgirl says:

    If hyun bin had that face with his previous body then I would say plastic surgery but Hyun Bin has beem scary skinny lately so I think the face shape is due to the weight loss because his thinner face actually still has the same shape as before its just their is no longer any fat in his cheeks. When people lose weight their faces change and when they gain weight their faces get rounder. I don’t think Hyun bin has done any surgery. Se7en I used to think just got skinnier but his face does look different so I dunno.

  33. sticker says:

    I knew something was wrong with him when I watched SG. He lost IT, and I also thought that he looked way old.

  34. bd says:

    Don’t know about 7, but for Hyun Bin, it’s all about weight loss (he got really skinny for Secret Garden).

    If one looks at earlier photos, Hyun Bin’s face/jawline changes as he gains and loses weight.

    • noi says:

      i don’t know if he had surgery before kim sam soon, but the difference between him in MNIKSS and secret garden is only he got thinner. i prefer him before, though… 😦

  35. energy_light says:

    Se7en looked A LOT better before…a lot of koreans don’t need surgery,why do they do it..But i can’t see differences in Hyun Bin’s jaw :\ still i like the BEFORE PICS

  36. h2 says:

    I didn’t think so, hyun bin always the same .. he just got skinnier for SG scenes, remember it’s a job…,

    check this out, this is binnie when graduated his high school junior ( he got skinnier too) ( 1998), is it the same?

  37. ann says:

    That`s why I`m not able to watch SG….
    He`s soooo skinny! HJW looks manlier that he does!

  38. Moonlet says:

    This is the first time I heard of jaw shaving being used outside of correcting acromegaly. Or facial feminization surgery for transgender women.

  39. Zara says:

    It’s official: South Korea has world’s highest rate of cosmetic plastic surgery:

  40. korAm sister says:

    No No no…the minute Hyunbin appeared on Secret Garden I wondered:
    a. where’s Hyunbin? and
    b. omg if that’s Hyunbin, what’s his diagnosis?
    The man looks absolutely third-worldly. Forgive the un-PC tone, but the man looks like
    he’s ready to pass out any minute each time he appears on camera. It’s like a ghost of him
    appeared in his stead. Hyunbin, some part of you may never return (like your jaw line),
    but we hope you get better soon.

  41. jungie says:

    when I watched the 1st ep of Secret Garden, I was so shock why Hyun Bin’s face has become so sharp…as I was watching the replay of “My Lovely Sam Soon” at the same time, I noticed a big different with Hyun Bin’s jaw line before and now…….it is very obvious that he shaved his jaw……I was very disappointed why Hyun Bin did such painful surgery…..his before jaw line looks better and manlier… his V-line face makes him look too thin and weird….everytime I look at his face when watching secret garden, I hope I can stuff sth at his chin…..why why why did he shave away his chin…..that makes me feel so sad…

  42. BIn BIn says:

    I strongly disagree the fact that Hyun Bin’s V-line face is due to weight loss because it’s very obvious when looking at his side face, the pointy jaw is non-existence….it has been shaved off….OUCH….a guy should have the “point” to look manlier…..he looks so fabulous last time…why did he do that…whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  43. ILuvBunnies says:

    Maybe it helps them get more parts? The only surgery that upset me is when I realized that 2PM’s Taecyeon really DID get a nosejob. That kind of ruined my day for a while. But it’s Korea… That’s how they roll in the K to the O to the R to the E to the A LOL It’s a shame, though. All the non surgeried Korean guys I know over here are really handsome. I think they need to embrace that whole big head, square jawed look. Everyone except Koreans think it looks handsome. The v-line trend is CRAZY.

  44. miksi says:

    he really looks skinnier now. i think its just weight loss if you’ve seen him on “the world that they live in”. anyhow shaved jaw or weight loss, he’s still an excellent actor and i still like to watch him… :))

  45. FckingBalls says:

    Shit! Hyun Bin looks like a friggin stick now.
    I hope other people don’t follow down his footsteps.
    Too late for SNSD’s Yuri..

  46. klizers says:

    Guys, i dont think Hyun Bin got his face a surgery. He was skinny after joining military force years ago. Same happens to Lee Jun Ki

  47. iloverandomness says:

    hmm..i’m very certain hyun bin didn’t do plastic surgery.
    because if you were to look at my photos from 4 to 5 years ago, since i’ve slimmed down, you can also say that i got plastic surgery too.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I heard Seven did NOT get plastic surgery at all. I heard he was an ALL NATURAL. I thought it was False! Seven looks too good to be real. But he is still hot no matter what. 8D It’s just kind of sad Seven had to shave down his chin line. I thought he looked good before. And Hyunbin! He DID get his chin shaved! OBVIOUSLY. His face transformation is totally different from ‘A Millionaire’s First Love’ and ‘Secret Garden’. Uh. What a shame! I didn’t like how he was too skinny in SG. If he just put on a slightly few more pounds, that will be great. Why oh why do they get plastic surgery. I think they look good enough. Why does the image have to be so important for Koreans. Like seriously, have some faith and love in yourself and accept you for who and what you are! Be courageous and face what God had given you and borne you with! So pitiful. But…. Seven and Hyunbin are indeed still hot as ever. =) LOVE them~ ❤

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