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The best dressers of 2010 are…

So Ji-sub and Lee Min-jung.

On December 13, 2010, at the Seoul Samsungdong Grand Intercontinental Hotel, the 2010 Korea Lifestyle Awards show took place. At the awards ceremony, So Ji-sub and Lee Min-jung each won an Award for Best Dresser of the Year. Other winners included SHINee, f(x), Jo Yeo-jung, Song Chang-ui, Ji-sung, Yoo Seung-ho, Hwang Jung-eum, etc. Below are pictures of the other winners.

Congrats to the winners!


13 Comments on “The best dressers of 2010 are…”

  1. ELF_SUJU says:

    first !!
    lee minjeong look awesome in the black dress..

  2. hoho says:

    Lee Min Jung is so pretty!!!

  3. KPop-Rizal says:

    Let’s be fair, this would make more sense if it was a most bland dressing award.

  4. FreeLancer says:

    As much as I love SJS, his stylists tend to dress him up weird sometimes. I like him more casual clothing. Love LMJ, she’s just so pretty.

    You would think though, for an award show for ‘Best Dressed’, one would “dress up”, instead of just going with the same ole black attire.

  5. jeany largo says:


  6. dam says:

    waving back at my favorite actor&actress

  7. EMIdongseng says:

    love SHINee n lee min jung unnie

  8. sma says:

    why is he bringing his backbag? dont know his name..

  9. claire says:

    yoo seung ho.. ❤

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