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Chun-mu Stephanie of The Grace (Chun Sang Ji Hee) reveals…

… pictures from her ballet performance.

On January 1, 2011, Stephanie posted a picture of her performing ballet during a performance. She is currently taking time off after injuring her back to pursue dance professionally. In 2009, Stephanie was accepted into the dance program at the Korean National University of Arts.

In the picture, Stephanie looks like a professional ballerina, but some fans are worried about her weight loss.

Do you want to see Stephanie and The Grace (Chun Sang Ji Hee) back on stage soon?


12 Comments on “Chun-mu Stephanie of The Grace (Chun Sang Ji Hee) reveals…”

  1. mich says:

    She’s so smart. She takes a break because she injured her back, only to head off into ballet, which requires movement of the back?

  2. not exactly says:

    to the person above..I think she spent a year resting and then I think there was an article somewhere saying she realized how much she loves dancing and wans to pursue dancing professionally..then again I could be wrong because it has been a while..

  3. blanznist says:

    Kill these wannabes and teeny pop girl groups with just looks to help them, and bring back CSJH!! Stephanie! 🙂

  4. jenni-o says:

    Whoa! Can’t believe that’s her! How old is she now?

  5. black_purple says:

    She is really having hard diet including gym work out schedule.

  6. black_purple says:

    Is that westerner partner dancer are having enjoying his moment watching her cleavage! haha….lol

  7. […] Do you wish to see Stephanie and The Grace ( Chun Sang Ji Hee ) back on stage soon? [Via source] […]

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