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GD and T.O.P’s “Knockout” banned from TV

Are you surprised?

GD and T.O.P‘s latest MV “Knockout” has been banned from being performed at 3 of the major broadcasting stations in Korea- KBS, MBC, and SBS. The lyrics to the song are considered inappropriate by these stations, and in return netizens are lashing out.

In response, YG Entertainment stated that they will not change a song which has already been revealed to the public and they will not change a song’s title or the lyrics to change its meaning.

Fans are disappointed that they won’t see “knockout” being performed, but GD and T.O.P will be promoting 6 songs off their album so fans will still get to see upcoming performances! The boys have leveled up and will beat 2NE1’s triple song promotion by doubling their promotions. Not bad, right?


36 Comments on “GD and T.O.P’s “Knockout” banned from TV”

  1. wow, they are really banned from tv.. oh well!! they have to fight it to take it back!!!

  2. Geoff says:

    They probably said ‘udon’ or ‘sayonara’ or something else really offensive to Koreans.

    • j3shika says:

      Not all Koreans hate Japanese and/or everything that’s linked to the Japanese culture; and vice versa. Get educated.

  3. pat says:

    skirts up the ass are fine tho.

    • Geoff says:

      Youngsters wearing hot pants with massive camel toe and shaking boobs in the camera and under skirt shots are fine.

      Udon is banned… Bad word is banned.

      That’s really going to ruin korean culture.

  4. blahhhh says:

    what were the lyrics? the camel toe stuff,which i find really weird. and what does udon mean in korean?

  5. OOOOKaaayy! says:


  6. mnt says:

    wat?! seriously, got addicted to the song for a whole day listening to it. it was hella good, LOL. i guess it’s wat they think.

  7. theZEUSluv says:

    lol not at all. hot guys will sing hot songs. ’nuff said.

  8. honeybunbun says:

    wtf?? i’m pretty sure they put lady gaga’s songs on the radio all the time and they are banning ths song. Ridiculous!! I cnt wait to see the day koreans will open up a little bit more. starting wiith real kisses in dramas lool!!

  9. janne says:

    lol.. not surprised.

  10. koreanboy says:

    i think its because most of us koreans cant understand such words so it should be banned…

    • Groino says:

      Having to put ‘korean’ in your name immediately makes us think you’re not korean at all. No ‘real’ korean would do it.

  11. Peace V says:

    I’m trying to understand why this is happening. I thought it’s all because of “Korean Culture”. They’d like to preserve their “conservative” culture and protect their image. But when other artists especially from western, they shut their mouth and just go with the flow. If this is what they want, then make their artists stop dancing sexy and stripping on stage or wearing short shorts and sexy outfits too. Cause most often, action speaks louder than words.

    • Bakewell says:

      it’s called the ‘Korean contradiction’, which is where they say one thing, and then do another thing very similar. For example they say ‘we hate USA’ and then they pay all their money to get to USA. Or they say, we hate japan, and then they try very hard to get their dancing-women to be popular in japan.

      So they ban rude words and Japanese words to protect Korean culture, and then have lots of American words and girls in super-tight shorts and a camera shoved in their crotch.

  12. jacie says:

    Can we have a competition to see what is the most random Japanese thing we can get banned on Korean tv, and the most outstanding American thing that they will accept?

    I think that competition would be awesome.

  13. black_purple says:

    haha…you serve right! The previous girl band especially from SME been banned just because of their short panties, mini-skirt thingy, poor song product, lame choreography but now has changed and the right word to replace this is ‘vice-versa’. SNSD even buy or deal maybe with unfamous Kesha song of Run Devil Run (but SNSD did it another way out by making the hit song successfully and take the song all out! Including “Genie” by Natalie Makoma. Yeah! I have to admit Korean version sounds better than the original one! haha). And because of SNSD also they raise the named of the original song owner and their song too! Why don’t SBS, MBC, KBS ban regarding that matters. Nevertheless, SBS Gayo Daejun even gives them an award, yeah I kown SNSD deserve that, but sometimes the game just ain’t fair! Again, it is something gender or the precise one is sexual particular aspect of female idol.

  14. DIA says:

    Good job SK government. Squash the faggot plagerizer! I’m just sorry TOP had to touch this shitty song

  15. KawaiiGarden says:

    Why it doesn’t surprise me.
    They always have something against the YG Family. But it’s not a problem, YG artists are the most powerful and the most amazing, they’ll fight back and succeed as always. Go Go YG and G-TOP. You’re the best. The fans love you, even in FRANCE !!!!!!

  16. […] Fans are disappointed that they won’t see “ knockout ” being performed, but GD and T.O.P is going to be promoting 6 songs off their album so fans will still get to see upcoming performances! The boys have leveled up and will beat 2NE1′s triple song promotion by doubling their promotions. Not poor, correct? [Via source] […]

  17. Lesley says:

    Never mind.GD&TOP,we support you!!!

  18. koko says:

    well i thinj their doing fine .. 🙂 well i think gd and top did nth wrong tho. And plus their fans are nt only from korea . Its like the entire world . And we fans usually listen to the song and finding what the pure meaning of the song is instead of looking out for bad words. Girls wld normally admire their good looks instead of searching for bad words. And see when everyone is angry they will feel frustrated and a few bad words comes out of their moutht, in g top’s case they are just trying to express their feeling and writd a good song Plus this was the first song they promoted, they promoted it at the MAMA MNET AWARDS last year during taeyang’s performance. Well that is my opinion. I support bigbang always .

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