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Move over girls…

… the boys are back!

2011 is kicking off with the comeback of many male idol groups. Competition is expected to be fierce.

DBSK, Big Bang (GD & TOP‘s duo & Seung-ri‘s solo album), MBLAQ, Infinite, Teen Top, and various other groups are all releasing and promoting new albums. The music scene that was dominated by girl groups for the past few months is expected to be overturned.

DBSK is promoting their new song, “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” while Big Bang‘s new unit, GD & TOP, are promoting various songs  like “HIGH HIGH” and “OH YEAH“. Seung-ri of Big Bang will also promote his solo album this January. MBLAQ has also jumped into the competition with the release of their official first album. They started promoting one of their two title tracks, “Cry“.

After months of domination by female idol groups and solo artists, many music fans are taking a greater interest in the popular male idol groups that are back.

Which male idol group are you excited to see on stage? Who will come out on top?


12 Comments on “Move over girls…”

  1. woaini says:

    big bang!!!!!! i love them so much!!!!

  2. rosegarden says:

    why do they have so much make up on?? O.O

  3. jacie says:

    cross dressing ladyboys.. nothing to see here.

  4. Kttn says:

    Well, duh, I like them all, but no doubt DBSK is going to blow them off as if they are feathers. (:

  5. Deana says:

    Watch out guys The Rising Gods Of the East are BACK!!! DBSK FIGHITNG!!!

  6. black_purple says:

    haha…it’s boy turns! The head line seems biased but I like this version by far more ’cause I found men idol mostly in there proper attire so far except Junsu of JYJ regarding his until-now current issue on liking to wore attire ‘like a women clothing’ and being condemn hardly by the westerners with their english hit song music video reaching the west market. The major reason why I support the headline that much ’cause I am an Asian girl too, but just can’t stand the way these day girl group idol outfit (yeah I know it’s a fashion trend which is something that is nothing to be blame for) all the mini short skirt and panties. But the fact is that the next sexual harassment matters towards female idol are gonna repeat just by itself like the one that hit our Jessica of SNSD (poor our Jessica) by unknown old rude man that touch and rub her butt during her photograph session after the performances end at China. Poor them, they’ll just a young idol who just wanna be our entertainers.

  7. sweetgirl1990 says:

    I’m so disappointed with MBLAQ’s makeup I mean WTF!! I don’t even where half as much the makeup they have on! I don’t care about the other groups since I’m not a fan.

  8. Aiashine says:

    OMG~ MBLAQ ❤ Thunder ❤
    DBSK. MBLAQ and GDTOP Will blow off the other groups to their awesomeness!

  9. yangnero says:

    I will support my love, SeungHo..MBLAQ..

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