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“My Princess” releases new posters!

Was this steamy photo one of them? Meet Kim Lee Seul’s instructor Hae Young!

The photo above is not an official drama poster,but this scene may pop-up somewhere in “My Princess“. MBC released new drama promotional posters on January 4th.  Below are just a few of the upbeat,sweet,and fantasy driven posters for “My Princess“:

The college student turned Princess(Kim Tae-hee) will have many surprises awaiting her in the drama kingdom.

Do you like the posters above? Or, do you think the production company should have chosen chocolate ab Seung-hun as their main focus?

MBC’s My Princess will air every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55pm (KST) starting January 5th.

Source: Nate


18 Comments on ““My Princess” releases new posters!”

  1. maggie says:

    cnt wait!!!

  2. Miley says:

    Why are they showing a man taking show with his brief?

  3. blush says:

    eeeeks!!!!! SSH is soooo hot!!!!!

  4. WHOA!! Dang it!! He’s hot body man.. HAHAHAHA!! ALL WOMEN GOES FOR HIS BODY!!!
    I need put the air condition on.. smile!!!

  5. missy says:

    DAAANNGGG!! that is one hotness im talking about. look at that muscles and 6 pack he got there, i’d say that ain’t photoshop.

  6. sma says:

    why taking a shower with underwear on?

  7. Steffi says:

    I havent seen ssh in a shower scene in a longgg time dang still looks goood!

  8. mrs moon says:

    upper body = hot
    a peek of the lower one = puke

  9. Maggie says:

    Girls dressing and dancing all hoochie in kpop and nearly naked guys in showers in dramas…dun dun dun! What has conservative Korea come down to lol

  10. Eunice says:

    People, what if he just came out of the swimming pool?! Then of course he would take a shower in the locker room with his Speedos on. Sheesh.

  11. rahma says:

    kyaaaaa….SSH so HOT !!!!

  12. KawaiiGarden says:

    I think I’m going to be crazy. Song Seun Hun is more and more handsome with the year.
    I’m a big fan since “He was cool” and besides to be really hot, he’s a very good actor and a nice guy.

    Can’t wait to watch this new drama with Kim Tae Hee, who is a great actress and a beauty.

  13. Lorni says:

    Wow! Finally a new drama to watch! Yeah!

  14. Darken Angel says:

    A hot, sexy couple, hope it’ll shown here in the phils very soon

  15. […] After watching episode one, you will fall completely in love with the characters. If you are a Song Seung-heon/Kim Tae-hee fan, you were probably in love anyway. Are you preparing your proposals? “This show is […]

  16. Happy says:

    He is just like a dream…
    So hot man!!! do you know that????

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