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Suzy is under fire for her acting in “Dream High”

Episode one of KBS‘s new drama “Dream High” gained 10.7% of viewers,but the MissA member is the new center of attention.

MissA was one of the most popular new girl groups of 2010. Their debut single “Bad Girl Good Girl” even gave SHINee’s Lucifer a run for its money! However, Suzy‘s acting in “Dream High“is making viewers very angry.

“It was to the point where I couldn’t even continue watching”

“She’s the queen of horrible acting”

The comments above are just a couple of the many negative responses she received for her debut. Suzy landed her first leading role in “Dream High” and the audience claims that her facial expressions and dialogue make it appear that she is just reading words.

2pm’s Woo-young couldn’t escape criticism either. Many stated that his uncomfortable facial expressions were out-of-place.

I haven’t seen episode one,so I can’t tell you if their statements are too harsh. This is Suzy and Woo-young’s first drama production, so they should be a little understanding. On the other hand, what is the point of auditioning if the very best actors are not chosen?

What do you think?

Sources:Nate,MDToday,and Osen (photo)



129 Comments on “Suzy is under fire for her acting in “Dream High””

  1. rizky''k-poppers cjathe says:

    dream high
    i love you
    i miss you
    i heart you
    knvha hroez brhnti sich
    khan filmx bgoes bgetz
    kalau perlu jgan tamat tamat nvha

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