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What do you think of Kim Hyun-joong’s acting?

On January 3rd,the SS501 leader/actor was featured in episode one of “Dream High“. Now, the question is…Has his acting improved since his “Boys Over Flowers” days?

Kim Hyun-joong was criticized for his beginner acting ability in the hit 2009 drama “Boys Over Flowers“. In 2010, viewers were still very critical of his Seung-jo role on “Mischievous Kiss“.

With his recent cameo appearance, do you believe he succeeded in his newest acting skit?

I loved his over-acting! Honestly, Little Yonsama may not be 100%,but he is trying. I’m a Hyun-joong fan and I think with hard work (and Bae Yong-joon’s help) he will be at the top of his game in no time.

Sources: Hyunderella, SS501UFO1(Youtube),and OSEN


77 Comments on “What do you think of Kim Hyun-joong’s acting?”

  1. jin says:

    i loved him in Mischievous Kiss

  2. zhia_aala says:

    his acting is good…the problem is….the producer/director/script writer didn’t expose/expand his talent…..they keep going giving him the same role as previous drama….if this going on, hyun joong ssi will never go anywhere!!!!
    try him on other role/part….I believe his definitely can do it!!!!
    hyun joong ssi…jiayok..jiayok!!!!

    • honeybunbun says:

      hahaha i love how is everybody else’s fault!! but i thought the same thing. They should give him another role, just to see if he’s that bad. But I’m totaly in lurve with him, no mattter what he does. even a cf!! fightttttiinnggg!!

    • Winter says:

      You’re completely right. The story will take place in the near future. He should play a sensitive boy after numerous plastic surgeries , who falls in love with a male android (performed by Bae Yong-joon). The scenario will lead the viewers through doubts of our hero (it will be double, because he’s not only in love with a man, but also an android), obstacles made by his family (obligatory in romance dramas), tears (oil) to an approval and happy “wedding” end.

      It will be a big something and they’re both made to that roles.

      • Kitty says:

        In addition to that, you will also take part in as a ugly old man who is trying to have relationship with Bae Yong-Jun. Bae Yong-Jun will tell you that you are so ugly. So you cried your eyes out for whole month and then you try plastic surgery. But sadly you dies of complications and then go straight to the HELL!!!

        That’s the end of story^^

        • Winter says:

          Your additional story is very similar to his alleged relationship with Bae Yong-joon. We don’t want to make it too much autobiographic.

          • Kitty says:

            No, my additional story is just for you Winter^^ I added it, so don’t try to change it.
            In my script, you are an ugly old man and you always wanted to have special relationship with Bae Yong Joon.
            Then you find out that Kim Hyun Joong and Bae Yong Joon are very good friends. Because you are gay, you think they are more than good friends which is not true.
            Anyways, you are so jealous, so you stalk and face Bae Yong Joon. Bae Yong Joon tells you that you are ugly. He means your mind, not your appearence.
            But you think you are ugly phisically, so you try plastic surgery and dies of complications and go straight to the HELL.

            Epilogue: Bae Yong Joon leaves a bunch of wild flowers and a bible in front of your grave and quietly sobs…saying that it means your mind, not your look…

            • Winter says:

              It seems that you’re talking about a different movie based on your original scenario. Thank you for offering me a role, but I won’t make it. Maybe you’ll act by yourself. Great opportunity to perform next to your idol, don’t you think?

              • Kitty says:

                I thought you are just right for a role in my script.
                I have an image of you just like I describe in my script after I read your malicious original scenario.
                I am not an actor, so I don’t think I can’t act like a person who is very nasty with twisted mind.
                My lovely Hyun Joong is not fit for a role you offered in your scenario.

                So NO THANK YOU from both of us^^

                Maybe you can offer a role in your scenario to your favorite entertainer^^

              • Summer says:

                I believe Bae Yong Joon is a very good actor, who is not only talented, but also very creative and very rich. Have you read the reviews about his restaurant? People who are not as gifted as he is, should not be wasting their time making comments like the ones you have made Winter. If you don’t like the man as an artist, try doing something that is more constructive and stop your useless criticism. I’m sure you will find something more rewarding to do. Remember that as human beings , we all deserve respect. Life is short. Enjoy yours without insulting other people.

  3. pat says:

    he and BYJ are both wooden so it was fine.

  4. dsas says:

    hes still akward………… with that akward smile… :3

  5. theZEUSluv says:

    omg they both look alike! i love Bae Yong Jun in Winter Sonata!!! havent seen him since that drama!!!

  6. jamie says:

    I think KhJ’s acting is good. He seems to take plenty of effort. I was very very impressed at BOF. but but but director and script writer at playful kiss were the worst. so he seem to be underestimated. Nevertheless platful kiss at Youtub succeeded. At that time again I knew how important director and script writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!As you know If drama or movie doesn’t succeed, main actor are blamed!!!!! I think his acting is good.

  7. chov says:

    even if Hyun Joong appear as a guest star on this drama ver short time,
    that’s an impressive scene
    i love Kim Hyun Joong forever~~~~~~!!!!!!

  8. Nana says:

    He is so hot. Who cares if he can act or not. I just like to look at him 24/7.!!!!!!

    • k-popfollower says:

      I understand how you feel, me too. But you shouldn’t say that here because people are very harsh and mean and say how all the fans are wrong for supporting their idols. 😦
      But Kim Hyun Jonog Fightiinnngg!!~ 😀

  9. hottestjen says:

    um, he looks drained and tired and his eyes are baggy and dark!!!
    what happened? did the make up artist did not see that at all!!!!????
    what have they done to him???

    i think his acting is still the same, maybe he’s more confident about himself but I still see the awkward Hyun Joong. 😦

    • Susan says:

      WOW!! Within 1min you catched so much… I am impressed^^
      What acting??? He appeared as himself and he looked and acted like him. What did you expect from this guest role???? Also, he didn’t look tired. Are you sure you watched the first episode of Dream High?

  10. Yuyu says:

    He’s definitely improved a lot. People just can’t get over their prejudice judgment; not saying that most of those with heavy criticism are antis.

  11. chelsySF says:

    What kinda silly question is this?????????
    HJ simply appeared on Dream High as a guest. You know guest role or should I kindly explain to you what the quest role is??????

    He showed up for 1minute as HyunJoong himself!
    It DOES NOT require an acting skill to be who you are. okie dokie?

    Honestly, I think you are some alleged fan on Hyun Joong who is NOTHING but the nature of ANTI-fan.

    I know HJ is the hottest star all throughout Asia these days and people simply can’t get enough of him but this qustion is too silly and unreasonable.

    Just delete this silly posting! It ain’t worth a plum nickle.

  12. olivia says:

    He was terrible in BOF. Had 2 expressions- awkward veneer smile, and angry face which also passed off for frustration and sadness.) He also had the no expression look which doesn’t count since no expression isn’t an expression. In MK he didn’t improve much. Props to Joe Cheng. When watching ISWAK I didn’t really find his character that hard to play, but seeing the way HJ’s done it… o.O

    • CJ says:

      That’s too bad you feel that way. Well, that’s just your personal opinion anyways^^ I think his acting was pretty good in BBF^^ He was very popular among young people because he was a leader of SS501. After he played JiHoo sunbae in BBF, lots of people including older people became his fans. Of course, his good look helped, but most of them loved his acting^^

      • CJ says:

        Correction: BBF => BOF

      • ChuChu says:

        Hmmmm….actually that opnion is the opinion of lots of people. He was not that great in BOF and he was so so in MK. The problem is he keeps doing dramas that have already been perfected by fantastic actors in other countries (Oguri Shun in BOF and Joe Cheng in ISWAK). People keep comparing him to those guys and both of those guys are strickly actors. They are not people who started their careers as idols. Oguri Shun is one of the best actors in Japan and Joe Cheng is one of the best actors in Tawian. KHJ must star in a movie that hasn’t been played by such great actors where folks can compare him. He needs a fresh new drama that hasn’t been done before.

  13. Candy says:

    He has no issue with his acting skill. Of course, I am not saying he is perfect right now. But, he works very hard and I am sure he will become an excellent actor. Only problem we have here is a group of anti-fans of his. They are the only ones constantly questioning his acting ability^^

  14. kpopobsess says:

    I love his acting, there’s nothing wrong with it. Some of the people are just hating. and to the comment above (olivia). I think he has the cutest smile ever! I really think he has talents.

    • atweeg says:

      totally agreed with you, I like his acting because he just acted as his role in the drama, sad to say that Hyun Joong has many antis but to me he is the only star I like to watch on stage / screem.

  15. LilyShu says:

    What a silly posting it is!

    Hyun Joong appeared on Dream High as guest for a sec.

    Do you honestly expect people tor rate his acting ability based on the one second
    guest apperance as Hyun Joong himself on the show???

    Gal, you gotta be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!

    You know what?
    HJ is too hot and too good to be true and people are simply too jeaous of him.

    HJ has absolutely no problem with acting skill!!!!!!
    He is doing such a perfect job as an actor!!

    However, though I do have problem with people who put out such ridiculous postings like this one!!!!!!

  16. geez says:

    Wait, so if we don’t like his acting we must be anti-fans? I mean I don’t like his acting therefore I must be his anti?- that can’t be right because for the most part I am indifferent to him. And what if I don’t find him hot, or good looking? Am still jealous of him? Furthermore I’m a girl- why am I jealous of a man for his male attributes. Not unless I secretly have a gender identity crisis. The harsh remarks towards him are mean, but not all that untrue with regards to him acting. To put it nicely: HIS ACTING IS VERY WEAK. But the defenses in favor of him are so immature and laughable.

  17. LOVEY DOVEY says:

    No need to blame any directors or any scripts for this man’s unsuccessful acting stints. He only managed to get a popularity award recently because his fan girls voted on internet for him due to his looks, not his skills. To be a good actor, one needs to train and work hard to reach a certain standard. He did not even manage to get a rookie award, despite appearing in 2 dramas and with lots of help and money spent on him to boost his popularity supported by his very good friend at Key East Company. The Korean TV stations reward their stars based more on their talents and acting skills, not so much on looks. This is only my frank personal opinion and I apologise if any of his fans are offended.

    • Kitty says:

      The Korean TV stations won’t give awards to the stars who are not attending the award shows even this actor/actress is deserved to win. Also, there is always deals made between stars’ agents and TV stations behind scenes. Sometimes it’s very political process selecting candidates and winners. It’s not always decided by star’s talents and acting skills. That’s the reality of Korean entertainment business.

      Hyun Joong was already very popular before he signed with Key East. In 2009 and 2010, he’s been declared as winner in many voting events. Do you think Kim Hyun Joong’s fans only like him because of his look? That is a big insult for his fans. We are not shallow like that. Most Hyun Joong’s fans recognize his talents and huge potential becoming a great actor. And also his wonderful and charming personality attract them as well. He’s been also working very hard last 7-8 years to reach where he is now. Please do not underestimate his talents and efforts because of his good look.

      • khj60614 says:

        I agree with Kitty.That’s a huge insult to us,khj’s fans.We love him Not only for his looks.Why people are constantly blaming for his good looks? If he is not talented,Why is he becoming so popular?Only for his looks? One can’t survive in his carrier without talents.Even If khj become famous only for his looks,That’s his talent.Not anyone can be like him as now he is.

  18. lara says:

    My goodness. Such awkward acting.

    • Kim Hyun Joong fan says:

      Really?? awkward acting… awkward acting… Sounds very familiar to me^^
      I thought you guys only reside in MBC Drama Gallery (DC Inside portal) and attack Hyun Joong all day long with bad postings and comments. Shoud I congratulate you guys showing up in different websites and displaying exactly same unhealthy behavior?

  19. Maggie says:

    He is NOT a good actor nor singer…he’s all about looks, but thats what korea is all about anyway so….

    • PP says:

      I don’t think he is all about looks. He hasn’t shown his potential to the max. yet^^
      I am looking forward listening his first solo album and next acting role. It would be nice if he can appear some of variety shows as well^^

    • tammy says:

      I’ll admit his acting range is rather narrow but I wouldn’t consider it bad. Plus, he is a singer foremost and so I don’t expect him to be some acting prodigy. When i first knew about KHJ I thought he was good looking but nothing different from other korean stars. But I fell in love with his personality through shows and such and that is why he is one of my favourite stars today. I don’t support and love the guy because he has an orgasmic face, there are plenty of other celebrities with that too, I do because of who he is. And it is saddening how harsh some people can be to others especially in the light of their successes. Pathetic even. If you don’t like him than fair enough but don’t be so naive as to attribute everything he has achieved through his looks.

  20. dee;) says:

    although i totally adore him to bits, JiHoo in BOF was a good role for him because JiHoo was quiet and don’t need much show of emotion. Playful kiss however, is not that good. KHJ still need to work a bit on his acting. But it’s okay, he is still daebak!Fighting and all the best!i will continue to support you what ever happens as long as you do your best!!saranghae…

  21. janne says:

    we all know.. honestly, his acting is not so great. but hes just TOO CUTE! so you can help but still adore him ^^

  22. jean says:

    I have no idea your intention about this question.
    A few people already have written anit-remark.
    if you are khj’s fan, it is impossible to ask this question.

  23. jean says:

    because recenly khy’s fans are hurt by anti-writing or groundless facts.
    i’m sad because his effot and popularity etc. are underestimated.

  24. meteor says:

    wow until now, some people judge his acting from BOF and keep on telling that no improvement

    KHJ improve a lot, he act so natural in PK, try to watch the drama and read the characterics of Naoki in the manga, i do not want to compare his acting to Joe Cheng but honestly Seung Jo’s character is more realistic and closer to the manga than JC character in ISWAK

    im not telling that he is now a great actor but im more fair to say, he improve as an actor

  25. Kasey says:

    For someone who has just started out in the role of an actor, he has done quite well. In time he will be a great actor. Give him a break people, judging someone early in the game is such a downer. Look on how many bad movies most of the famous actors had to go through before they finally hit the jackpot. Personally his acting in BOF and PK was really good. He played it well. He has definitely grown from a singer into an actor.

  26. Kttn says:

    wohh, long time no see Bae Yong Joon. He looks nice. 😀

  27. heera says:

    i think he’s acting is .. yeah .. sorry to say but not really incredible ^^a.. he needs to explore more of his role ..

    of course, i like her role in playful kiss, but still Hyun Joong is a kind of expressionless actor, so the different role or image maybe can help him to be very good actor .. ^^d

  28. Sue says:


  29. ajstew says:

    Just as stiff and fake as he was in his other roles.

  30. Iluvkimchi says:

    KHJ’s acting is ok at BOF coz not much dialogue needed but Playful Kiss is really disappointing ! Taiwan’s version though unrealistic and corny but Joe Chang’s is a good actor.

    KHJ need to try different role ; I’m sure he’ll get better.

    His singing is not that great either… need SS501 to pull the act togther.

    Honest opinion though i am his fan too…

    • Kim Hyun Joong fan says:

      Someday SS501 might release album together and do concert. Until that time I think we support their individual activities as a fan…

      Well, I really like his role in PK more than his role in BOF. Yesterday, I met a bunch of new fans in his official website and they were crazy about Seung-Jo (Hyun Joong’s role). Obviously they liked his acting in PK… I think Kim Hyun Joong is a good singer and he does not need SS501’s help^^ I am really looking forward his new solo album in May^^

  31. mamae says:

    Lets face it, if not for his good looks he wouldn’t be as popular as he is now, his acting is improving but there are a lot more korean actors better than him and his singing voice and dancing skills are ok but the other members of ss501 sings way much better than he does.

    • Kim Hyun Joong fan says:

      Sure. There are many experience actors in Korea and some of them are better actors than Kim Hyun Joong right now. BUT Hyun Joong is now starting out as an actor and many people see his potential to become an outstanding actor in the future. Of course it requires Hyun Joong ‘s determination and efforts and also good luck as well. I think SS501 is a good group, but I disagree with you that the rest of member are much better singers than Hyun Joong^^ I think Yong Saeng is an excellent singer, but the rest of members are almost same level…

  32. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Really, i think his acting is horrible… But i can’t help loving him cuz he’s so AWESOME!

  33. conie says:

    I don’t understand about this controversy.
    I really watched BOF and PlayfulKiss pleasantly.
    KHJ’s acting is good. I It seems that his act is underestimated due to nice face. haha…

    • PARTY GIRL says:

      im also just realise bout Kim Hyun Joong acting skill after read it in AKP & here. before that, i just really adore him & nothing wrong with his acting. well, its a little bit frustrated with other ppl bad opinion but the reality is i love Kim Hyun Joong more, more & more. i just support him & love his style.

  34. PARTY GIRL says:

    err.. why is Kim Hyun Joong? before this, In BOF & PK , its all about Kim Hyun Joong especially the ratings. PS, are u trying to insult him with this question? Kim Hyun Joong only appeared as a special cameo. and yes he appear as himself ; the famous artist who got interviewed in the airport. why still need to judge him. pshh~ this is so funny.
    its suppose to be Taec Yeon, Suzy, Eun Jung & Woo Young here.
    but thanks for love him. 🙂
    just give him some time. he will do the best for sure. cause he promise it.
    Kim HYun Joong fighting!!

  35. Little Prince says:

    Please someone explain to me how come JiHoo Sunbae FEVER went on even after broadcasting of BOF was over if his acting was so bad. Many people enjoyed watching BOF and also fell in love with JiHoo character. Also, I heard that people who wasn’t interested in JiHoo from BOF became attracted to SeungJo (Hyun Joong’s role in Playful Kiss). I think Hyun Joong did a very good job as a rookie in BOF and his acting was improved a lot in Playful Kiss!!! Lots of people are waiting for his next drama even though
    he just finished his second drama PK^^ Kim Hyun Joong rocks!! Fighting!!

  36. ChuChu says:

    Pat, I agree that both BYJ and KHJ are stiff when it comes to acting. While BYJ is 38-39 yrs old with no hopes of improving, I’m hoping with each drama KHJ will improve. I hope he takes acting classes and takes this acting career seriously. Eitherwise, he will be an overpaid actor who gets by on his looks rather than his skills. When the looks fade, no one will want to see him in dramas anymore. I really hope instead of doing all these commercials, KHJ invest time in acting classes and get better at acting. With his honest and direct personality, he is one of my favorite people in the Korean entertainment industry. I really want him to be known as a good actor and not just a guy with a pretty face.

  37. anti.kut3 says:

    so dramatic! kim huyn joong ‘s acting so good. OMG! like shit dog! i’ve ever seen …ha ha ha

  38. Bisi says:

    I thought his acting was very good……I think its just because if the characters he has to play. Like in Playful Kiss I thought he portrayed the character very well also in BOF. I think think if he gets a different role to play he will be great!

  39. Tamara says:

    I loved him the the series boys over flowers it mad me so mad that he didn’t get the girl though. I thought they were cuter together.

  40. tammy says:

    I’ll admit his acting range is rather narrow but I wouldn’t consider it bad. Plus, he is a singer foremost and so I don’t expect him to be some acting prodigy. When i first knew about KHJ I thought he was good looking but nothing different from other korean stars. But I fell in love with his personality through shows and such and that is why he is one of my favourite stars today. I don’t support and love the guy because he has an orgasmic face, there are plenty of other celebrities with that too, I do because of who he is. And it is saddening how harsh some people can be to others especially in the light of their successes. Pathetic even. If you don’t like him than fair enough but don’t be so naive as to attribute everything he has achieved through his looks.

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