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B2ST turns sweet and romantic for…

… the OST of the new MBC drama “My Princess“.

B2ST, 4Minute, and various other idol stars got together to record the OST of the MBC drama “My Princess“, which premiered on January 5, 2010.

They worked under the guidance of music director Moon Sung-nam, who was a member of the indie group Every Single Day (known for their songs for the OST of the 2010 MBC drama “Pasta“). For the OST of “My Princess“, B2ST recorded a song titled “Because of You“, which is more of a sweet and melodic song, different from the powerful performance songs they have performed in the past.

In addition, Lee Gi-kwang of B2ST also will play the role of a chef in the drama.

Below is B2ST‘s song “Because of You“.


8 Comments on “B2ST turns sweet and romantic for…”

  1. Jeannie says:

    It’s good to hear a different type genre from B2ST. I’m excited to watch gi-kwang in the drama!

  2. rukia1335 says:

    i love it
    i love it
    I LOVE IT!!!!
    it’s so cute!!! I LOVE BEAST!

  3. Nikko says:

    I absolutely loveeeeeeee beast and this song is different and i love it! 🙂
    B2ST foreverrr ❤

  4. Lesley says:

    I wanna watch this drama.Seems good…

  5. xingyzheng says:

    this is on my list of dramas to watch this yr.

  6. yumi says:

    When does this drama start? I wanna watch it and this ost is really good!

  7. pemzey says:

    hmmm…..must watch this…..the ost is amazing btw…^^….love b2st 4eva…!!

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