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CNN: South Korea is the Eastern Hollywood

Welcome to Hallyu-Wood!

CNN Asia loves to talk about Korea Culture. They featured many of K-entertianment’s most popular in 2010 like Kim Hyun-joong, Daniel Henney, Lee Hyo-ri, Super Junior members, etc..

This year, they are focusing on the popularity of South Korean movies and dramas.

Below is an excerpt of their recent discovery of the popularity of Korean entertainment:

Koreans use the term “hallyu” to describe the phenomenon. It refers to the “Korean Wave” of entertainment that has swept across the shores of almost every single country in the region, even increasingly beyond. Some are now even referring to the trend as “hallyu-wood…..”

A senior manager at KBS explains,

“…part of the reason why the country’s culture industry is so successful abroad stems from the fact that the content is high quality and also cheap, at least compared to entertainment that could be bought from other, particularly Western, markets. Culture also plays a role. Korean content, especially dramas, is as, if not more, popular than Western series because, simply put, Asians relate to it more.”

I enjoy the dramas because of the quailty of the production. Of course, the superb acting is the key.

What attracted you to Hallyu-wood?

Sources: MTVK,Sunny Kim, CNN Asia, and SM Entertainment (Photo)


41 Comments on “CNN: South Korea is the Eastern Hollywood”

  1. Jeannie says:

    For me, I think Goong started it. Even now, I wouldn’t mind watching it again~ 😀

  2. jacie says:

    Korean content, especially dramas, is as, if not more, popular than Western series because, simply put, Asians relate to it more.

    You mean they relate to seeing a grown man beating his wife with his fists because it makes him look like a real man, and another man wearing ladies clothing beating another man with a stick? I can see why asians relate to that more.

    • nerdiklown says:

      then westerners could relate so much about s#x?, coz that’s whats western program all about.

      • jacie says:

        Do you mean the acceptance of mistresses in family life? Do you mean like the relentless crotch shots which make up K-pop? or do you mean the Korean CEO ajhussis who run the casting couch/sexy waitressing which causes lots of suicides in Korea?

        Are these the s#x you’re talking about?

        • bd says:

          Not to excuse it, but mistresses, going to prostitutes, the casting couch, etc. is everywhere.

          As for “crotch shots”, Korean TV is still a lot less sexualized than in the US and Europe.

          Also, Asian women are portrayed much more positively in Korean films/TV.

          In the US, Asian-American women are still predominantly protrayed/treated as some exotic sex toy w/ Asian-American males portrayed as a geek/loser.

          • jacie says:

            Korean TV isn’t a lot less sexualised than USA and Europe. It just claims to be.

            Typical lyrics >> “we’re so conservative, oppa i’m so young, do you want to play games?” *crotch shot* “how do you like the games oppa? I’m so inexperienced and conservative” *crotch shot*

            If you think some woman sitting at home on her knees passing food into the room full of men is a positive image then you’re wrong. Asian women are just portrayed as sex objects in korea, which is why they all have to have ridiculous amounts of plastic surgery and cannot act.

            Your rose tinted spectacles are quite extraordinary.

            • mags says:

              my liking to kdrama is actually because when i first started watching them…they had less sexual stuff… It was like time away from all that stuff that western culture shows. you know all the sex stuff. BUT now, korea is just as bad if not worse. Korea is two face about it actually IMO. In the media they portray their country as “conservative” proper..etc but in hind sight Korea is like a row of ‘drinky drinky bars’ ..nasty!

              There are still some kdramas that i do enjoy watching…but I no longer have the bag pulled over my eyes. I KNOW the TRUTH LOL

              Korea always gets big headed with articles like these LOL am I the only one to notice? they make it such a big deal about the most littlest mentions

        • nerdiklown says:

          funny thing is all this crap you are talking about, you patronize also, coz if not, you wouldn’t be here replying to my message or to this article. or even reading this blog.

      • Eru says:

        As to the sex-discussion, i’m not really interested. But stating that koreans can relate to being violent beacause they’ve got violent movies there, that’s just plain naive. The point ain’t that koreans watch oldboy and think “hey, this guy is violent. I am violent. I can relate to this!”. Point is, that themes like sex and violence, or say dressing up as a woman and beating people with a stick, reflects problems or development in society that those living in the society in question thus naturally will be more interested in. say, your example seems to reflect how the relationship between man and woman in korea is changing, and how this might lead to pressure, frustraion, stress and agression. It does obviously not reflect that most koreans would like to dress up as gals and beat people with a stick.

    • justmega says:

      Assholes exist of every color & culture. As if spousal abuse doesn’t happen in the West. Cops & military have extremely high rates of spousal abuse. Let’s not forget the morons who kill their families and themselves or just as bad the idiot boyfriend who gets dumped then kills the ex and himself.

      Let’s not forget illegal invasions of other countries killing & raping 100s of 1000s of civilians all in the name of what? National security. You’re a moron for believing that Hollywood is not complicit in the decline of the U.S. with its culture of sex, violence, & substance abuse. MSM, a propaganda vehicle for brainwashing simple-minded, fat sheeple, er, Americans.

      Worry about the plank in your own eye and not the splinter in mine.

      • jacie says:

        You think I believe Hollypropagandawood? Where aliens fly quadrillions of light years to uphold the American values of Democracy-for-sale, Total Environmental-destruction, and Haliburton enriching wars? Notice how aliens are scared of the american weapons high tech weapons! woooowoow

        Let’s be fair Americans couldn’t block an oily leak in the bottom of a pond, so I doubt they could even save the world from an intergalactic shoe.

        • justmega says:

          Jacie/Baumgartner, et al. Obviously, you are trying find some meaning to your life. Your lackluster aspirations are not being acheived trolling here flauting your delusional superiority complex. You’ve outlived your usefulness. Maybe they should have dumped you into that oil leak.

          Oh, you’ve figured out Hollywood’s propaganda machine. Nothing gets by you. You’re a regular Encylopedia Brown. My hero.

          • jacie says:

            I think if you leave now, they have Armageddon in 3D at your local goebellian pay-per-view propaganda theatre. You can see all the maverick Americans saving the day. They’re showing ‘Deep Impact’ straight after, full of maverick Americans saving the world.

            Remember to take your government issued prozac before you go.

      • Winter says:

        For you Western culture amounts to Hollywood crap. Take a map, put your finger on South Korea and move it to the left (where the West should lies). Do you see how many countries (cultures) you’re passing before you get to America?

        If not, maybe you’re reading the map upside down?

        • jacie says:

          Don’t even bother. They struggle with geography, they only know places in Korea. The world outside Korea is not important to them

      • laura says:

        assholes do exist in every color and culture. But it just happens that Korean men have the third worst domestic violence rates in Asia. first being Japan followed by India. Sucks to be a woman living in these countries when we talk about equality.

    • bd says:

      And I guess Americans can relate to the drug beaters, alcoholic/drug addicts, promiscuous sluts, superficial/materialistic narcissists, bigamists, etc. on American TV, esp. reality TV.

      Only in America does a sex tape make one a celebrity (or a bigger celebrity).

      • jacie says:

        ..and only in Korea can young girls being whored out to do ‘sexy waitressing’ for CEO ajhussis make you a better and bigger celebrity.

        By superficial materialistic narcissists do you mean like in korea where men are rated by what they earn and women on how much plastic surgery they have? By bigamy do you mean like in Korea where guys go the Phils and Vietnam for affairs?

  3. nerdiklown says:

    mine, was coffee prince then anything bout yoon eun hye( goong), followed by korean dramas, of course, sandara and big bang so k-pop was next. hehehe

  4. blush says:

    my VERY first k-drama watched and attractation to Hallyu-wood was Song Hye Kyo, Won Bin, Song Seung Hun- Autumn in My Heart….

  5. international says:

    4 my it started with full house

  6. mnt says:

    i got really really into korean stuff like dramas, music and etc. because of MY GIRL and i love watching the drama. After junior year in high school was where it begun during my boring winter break. I didn’t like watching k-dramas after my girl and got addicted, LMAO. then it went on to music and stalking j/k.

  7. Jing says:

    My Girl with Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook started my love for Korean Dramas… Followed by Hello Miss… Then Goong…. and now SECRET GARDEN…I’m totally an addict now!

  8. daracanela says:

    The first drama I watched was Boys Before Flowers and I completly fall for Hyun Joong but was impressed by the production, the sets, the acting and of course the clothes, that’s why I think korean dramas are the best of asia cause I watched the begining of a taiwanese one and some japanese and the production, acting and quality were very disapointing.

    • k-popfollower says:

      Same with me~ Boys Before flowers was my first K-Drama. That drama was very high quality and I could relate to some of the characters. The storyline was also something very imaginative and interesting. 😀

      • vivian says:

        really? I heard critics complain about the bad acting (Hyunjoong), lack of chemistry between the characters and the badly written plot that focused more on superficial looks and brands than actually develop a proper story from the original manga.

  9. johyn says:

    kim sam soon was the first ever drama…asian anything i saw…..been hooked ever since!

  10. Juniestar says:

    Did CNN use the word Eastern Hollywood-that ‘s wrong.The East was a geographical term used during the colonial era which was by itself misleading . Definitely, we are no longer in that historical period .They should use the word Asia -so Asian Hollywood is the appropriate one .

    • jacie says:

      USA still has operational control of the ROK military (OPCON) so I don’t think that era is quite gone yet. Also, I doubt other Asian nations who don’t watch Korean cinema would agree to Hallyuwood being called the Asian hollywood, because it’s not. Korean cinema doesn’t have the same reach or audience as Chinese cinema or even Japanese cinema so it’s probably 3 or 4 on the list.

  11. mamae says:

    i started watching kdramas after boys over flowers, i guess k pop and kdramas are a hit coz a lot of people can relate to them, be it asian or western, plus, the plots are simple but quite can relate to real life. As for the assholes, wifebeaters/whores, mistresses, i guess these traits appear in every color, race, and country, though if we are to compare crime rates among countries in asia and the west, South Korea has one of the lowest crime rate.

    • Jacie says:

      I don’t know where you’re getting this from, but according to semi-reputable source ‘nationmaster’, the crime rates in South Korea are similar to those in Poland and Zimbabwe. Japan, China, Malaysia et al all have lower crime rates than South Korea.

      Also, wife beating is expected in Korean culture, because of filial peity, it isn’t in other countries. The police see it as an internal family issue and will do nothing. That’s why Filipino and Vietnamese wives often have to escape from the farms there.

  12. dee;) says:

    for me, i like the because they are good drama that dont stretch for too long
    some have seaso 1 then season 2 then a lot more..
    it just don’t end..
    but kdrama is a bit easier and not that long……….that why i like it..
    we dont have to wait too long to see the ending….

  13. meteor says:

    well may Kdrama at Kpop addiction is all because of the flower boy named Kim Hyun Joong

  14. Chicken says:

    For me, Eugene, Kim Tae-hee and Lee Da-hae did the job.

  15. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


  16. jayj says:

    My 1st Korean movie was oldboy and since then I’ve watched the chaser,I saw the devil,memories of murder, sympathy for mr vengance, lady vengance, a bittersweet life, a man from nowhere and many more and not just from korea. I’m never looking for or get excited with any of the hollywood releases and many of my friends are following suite, hollywood is churning out rubbish especially the 3d craze which is trying too hard but fails to cover the cracks.

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