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SNSD’s “Beautiful Girls” music video is revealed

Did they include someone besides themselves?

Yoo Young-jin joins the girls for their live album release of “Into the New World”. Young-jin is featured in the bonus track entitled “Beautiful Girls”.

Love them or not, SNSD was the top girl band of 2010…even Choi Si-won supported their Hoot Hoot by appearing in their MV. Personally,I don’t see the point of all the super short skirts and shorts.

However, if SONES love them…..who am I to judge?

Enjoy the Rockettes….I mean SNSD‘s “Beautiful Girls” here:

Sources: Nate ,SME, andTonyKpopMV (Youtube)


83 Comments on “SNSD’s “Beautiful Girls” music video is revealed”

  1. jnyarcalas says:

    Looks very intresting. 😀

  2. jacie says:

    Wow, another catwalk video … that’s so original … seriously, it’s not like every other fricking k-pop video hasn’t got another bland catwalk video full of korean women thinking they look awesome when they just look a bit average, even after plastic surgery.

  3. henry says:

    Lovely! Another reason why haters and envious people would be freaking out again!

  4. laura says:

    that second picture made me want to barf for some reason.

  5. On the top picture, they look like the Broadway Musicals.. they are all beautiful ladies!

  6. ally says:

    Beautiful MV and song! Love it!

  7. jupitermaiden says:

    I couldn’t get past 20 seconds. Half of that was spent in dumbfounded silence.
    I think this MV is begging for a ‘WTF?’…..

  8. MJY says:

    I thought they SNSD was the one singing. GAWD! Yoo Young Jin’s voice reminds me of SM the Ballad. HAhahaaha. The girls are just in the MV. I’m so stupid. But it’s good to know that they didn’t die down yet. Keep rising up girls. WE LOVE YOU! SOSHI-FAN….

  9. black_purple says:

    This man voice sounds a bit like one of the member in Super Junior, if you reheard Sorry Sorry Answer Music Video then you’ll notice that.

    • riki says:

      lol. no. he was featured on that song so you heard his voice. in fact he wrote it. yoo youngjin is one of the principle writers/composers for sm and he has trained a lot of their stars vocally (boa, kangta, super junior, etc). chances are if its a hit from an sm artist, he wrote it. he is one of my favorite idols but unfortunately he doesnt really get to see the light of day. love yoo youngjin!!

    • sone says:

      did you mean Yesung from super junior ????
      yeah, yoo youngjins voice is quite the same as yesung voice….

  10. watie says:

    Snsd success not only cause us as fans but also the haters for they focus at snsd. They also make snsd be attention. Thanks… Love your hardtime… B-) saranghare snsd!

    • jjannngggg says:

      agree with you
      snsd jjanngg
      and all the haters only an ugly person with an ugly heart…
      that i only found in popseoul….

      wonder why always a lot of negative comment here in popseoul…

      • Gordon says:

        Maybe the critical comments are because this particular video is terrible and the song isn’t much better. It’s called a balanced viewpoint, which is something you appear to be unaccustomed to.

        I know you like Korea-is-Asia award ceremonies where every act which ever existed gets an award for just being korean, but this is not ideal. It’s also for this reason that not every movie gets 100% on IMDB.

  11. rukia1335 says:

    the video was quite unique, but who’s singing it?
    is it Yoo Young-jin?
    it sounds like shinee…super junior? i still can’t tell! anyone want to tell me?

  12. HappyLyn says:

    Wow! I’m speechless. I was mesmerized again. Daebak!!! Love you SNSD & thanks to Yoo Young-jin for the beautiful song!!!

  13. nikki says:

    in general, kpop idols recycles each of their songs 100 different ways but always sounding the same as the original release. Just add extra pics, extra sound effects here n there…exaggerate the vocals here n there…lol

    KPOP ….Its all in the packaging.

  14. nikki says:

    its like a voyeurism’s fanmade weird.

  15. wondergirl says:

    copying wonder girl cloth at MAMA Award performance….another copy come from plastic girl…boring

  16. Miley says:

    Totally annoy with their leg performance again… change another concept…

  17. Chicken says:

    I wish they change their sound to sound like Blood Stain Child, Crash or DragonForce. I wish they are metal!! Along with f(x)!!

  18. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Hyoyeon is the only one different looking

    • rusydina says:

      SNSD is the best

      • Jacie says:

        They are the best what? They are definitely the best 1920’s Caribbean cruise ship dance troupe i’ve seen. But I’d hardly say they are the best singers or dancers. They’re just failed catwalk models put on a catwalk in short-shorts.

  19. theZEUSluv13 says:

    Wow SNSD looks pretty! jealous!!!

    • henry says:

      It may be out of topic but since this is a free forum I would like to share my thoughts about jealousy. It is a normal thing to all humans. But even animals (mammals) experience this. Like for example when you have a pet you give more attention to the other one would behave like wild fuming with anger. The only difference with us humans is that we know how to control our behavior because we are rational beings and knows what is right from wrong.

  20. kaoie says:

    WTF is this shit?! Way to fuel their already over-inflated egos the size of Canada. These girls are this young and to have people constantly fuel them about how great and beautiful they are when 1) they have no superior singing or dancing skills 2) none of them are that drop dead gorgeous is just flat out RIDICULOUS.

    • Johnson says:

      how dare you say that! you’re hurting their feelings and the delusional fans who believe they have a relationship with these SNSD folk will tell you this. Their talking posters and altars to SNSD have given them the signs. Also, if you’re South East Asian it is ILLEGAL for you to say ALL Koreans aren’t Beautiful, Talented Singers and Dancers, and more intelligent.

      • kaoie says:

        1. Sorry Johnson, I did not sign out of my account and an anonymous user left a terrible comment. Pleases refract your anger towards that unknown person. In all honesty, I don’t even know what SNSD is, and could care less. ALL ASIANS are beautiful, as well everyone else in the world.

        2. That girl that left me comments, ( you name will be left unsaid to protect your sad personality), you need some help. Seriously. But thanks for being so interested in my life 🙂 And for the record, I have amazing and diverse people in my life 😉

        • Johnson says:

          Don’t you worry, people always leave comments pretending to me. Normally they make out that I want to kiss other men or something. Quite funny really.

  21. henry says:

    I’m quite new to this site. I honestly say that I was quite a bit annoyed about by the negative comments people throw on each other and the celebrities featured in each topic.

    But now I come to realize the situation that some of the people commenting here might have undergone a lot of stress. I figure out that they are simply venting their anger on something else because they couldn’t or it is not possible to do so to the original source. I understand that. In fact I have experience the same situation with a very annoying boss.

    Don’t get me wrong also. I’m not tolerating this kind of deed also. On the contrary I just want to share some thoughts if anyone might even care.

    It is about hatred. Hatred is a poison that consumes both the persons body (and spirit for that matter if you believe). You might notice a person full of hatred is less animated than the one who has more positive views in life. That is because this persons energy is being used up by the hatred.

    On the contrary love is the counterpart. A person experiencing love is nourished by it. The person who loves and being loved by someone is more animated and more cheerful. And looks more healthy compared to the one who hates.

    I also want others to know that after a days work I focused all my anger into the sand bag. This way I could release all my angers to my boss without offending others plus it is a good work out also. It works for me. All my angers gone. You might want to look for other alternative. It’s not necessary always be the punching bag. You can think of others ways.

    I would like to apologize to all the people I have offended in this site. If you have any hard feelings on me you can go back to all my comments and say what you have to say. I give my word that I won’t take it personally.

    • Johnson says:

      What you’re alluding to is called psychological displacement, a coping strategy that people use in order to place the blame of something to something other than the root cause. There seem to be a lot of things at work on this site psychological fantasies seem to commonplace with people projecting relationships they have with Idols and actions which idols have, or emotions. These are all coping strategies which people use in order to deal with reality. Like you use a punch-bag to use exercise to create endorphins, that allow you to manage your anger.

      The fact is, popular culture just sells fantasies and these fantasies stop people engaging with reality, because reality involves ‘doing jobs you don’t really want to do for 60 years’ while your owner gets all the profit.

    • noi says:

      nice opinion (and long, too). i feel sorry for your sand bag. personally, i think sleep is enough to kill my anger. if it’s not enough, i’ll try watching k-drama. lol xD
      anyway, i don’t think the person you mention here will take this seriously because i don’t think he/she expressing hatred here. 1) he/she just want to make this site fun or 2) he/she want to enlighten biased people with his/her own way, which is not my favorite way.
      and i presume we talk about the same person here, aren’t we? :rolled eyes:

      if you’re talking about trolls then they’re definitely do that for fun.

      • Johnson says:

        Or they’re here to observe the psychological effects of idealisation, which is where you attribute unrealistic or exaggerated positive attributes to people. This is combined with distortion to allow them to feel they have a relationship with the person to which they have applied the positive attributes. Then you have the aggression caused when people question the adherence to extremes about these individuals.

        It’s quite interesting when you look at these people trying to represent a talentless person as having multifaceted talents within their own psychological representation. Such is the interest of those of us who study the members of the ‘cult of celebrity’.

    • I am applause you ! I am very proud of you and stand up before my eyes.. I am glad you say something to all these peoples on comments.. it is pretty shocks here from all over popseaol.. I was tired reading all those negetive about USA AND JAPAN AND Alll others Countries.. I love all of them no matter what, That what God attended to do! God said NO enemy to anyone! Must love all over the world. Yeah i didn’t want Offended either and it does feel like want to punch them for their behavior.. I love watch all koreans dramas they are wonderful actor and actress, doesn’t matter they speak different language or their looks. I think they are ALL Beautiful peoples..I watch and reall all those coments gives me headache and it is annoy.. it isn’t your fault.. you did right thing show them how do you really feels so much like me.. I am christain woman.. I love them no matter what.. But IF anyone who has smart mouth talk back us, this is not good sign for them because GOD watching them.. Gonna be careful Girls or some guys! I just pray forall of you who read your comments and mine too.. God blessed you and all of you!! thank you!

      • Johnson says:

        So basically you’re saying that God is protecting USA and Korea (and presumably the Philippines where you and henry are from) and if anyone says anything bad about USA or Korea then God is watching them and will give them some divine retribution?

        As a Christian Woman you surely read about the cleansing of the temple where Jesus described it as a den of thieves. This is a temple to Korean Idols, who you worship as gods, and that makes you guilty of idolatry which is against the first commandment. Surely going into a den of thieves full of idolaters such as yourself is exactly what Jesus would do.

        You clearly never read the bible, or just act like another hypocritical American who never does what the bible says. War in Iraq for Haliburton anyone? Sponsor terrorism in Ireland anyone?

  22. cookie says:

    i havent heard the song yet but i lik it already

  23. Taylor says:

    hahaha wtf. Is this forreal?

  24. socheata says:

    I love this song so much.they are so beautifull like the song talk.

  25. socheata says:

    I did like this song and did love they.

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