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The countdown to Hyori’s comeback is on!

Lee Hyori, the queen of pop is ready to dominate the K-pop world again come this June!

After the plagiarism controversy last year, Lee Hyori stopped all activities earlier than scheduled and now is ready to be back with a vengeance.

The CEO of her agency stated, “She was a victim of the plagiarism controversy and was extremely shocked over it.  She took the time to work with charities to overcome the hardship.  Although she hasn’t completely overcome it yet, we feel that it is best to come back before it’s too late to regain her honor.

Are you looking forward to Hyori’s comeback?


34 Comments on “The countdown to Hyori’s comeback is on!”

  1. k-popfollower says:

    1st~ Yeah Yeah! Ms. Hyori is coming back~
    Oh I can’t wait >///<

  2. Pops says:

    Lee Hyori hwaiting! Do your best!

  3. AKAn says:

    Do not plagiarize this time or it’s over for you!

  4. ShesBack... says:

    Conservative Korea’s very own glorified hoochie disguised as a singer….IS BACK! Hmm who will ‘influence’ her music this time around??

  5. Shyne says:

    Nothing great about her only the body.Her music sucks! She dress and dance like a stripper!

    • Orangekitty says:

      Her personality is nice =/

    • fuck youu says:

      you are very wrong, you bitchh
      her vocals may suck, and whatever but she’s known and respected for her personality, who she is, not cause of her “dancing like a stripper”
      have you seen other girl groups? some of them just SUCK at dancing and have horrible vocals
      dont be so arrogant, you dickk

  6. maggie says:

    her body isnt all that special either…she’s thin yeah, but she’s not as fit as everyone thinks she is. no curves at all, and when u do see them…its either photoshopped in or padded n pushed up. Heck, she’s not even well proportioned(she has a long torso with short legs)
    Music wise?…she is crappy, nasally too. Dance wise?…she totally sucks at it, and what she does..I wouldn’t call dancing either. Its more stripper like just without the curves.. All she is known for is her provocative ways at least by Korean standards, but she has a more trashy, cheap stripper image in my opinion, but Korea seems to call it sexy.

    Just goes to show what little it takes to make it in Korea..not much talent is needed lol

    • Miley says:

      100% totally agree with u. Call that sexy? Oh my? Call her a good singer? Way too bad… one year old kid sing better than her.
      Good personality? Who know? Are u close enough to know her personality?….

      Plagarize of others song or not… I don’t care…. Just don’t want to c the stripping dance…cos i really want to vomit everytime i c on Arirang and TVN…

      • Lively says:

        Oh yeah she’s talentless, unattractive, and has a horrible media personality. That’s why she’s argubaly Korea’s top female solo singer (the only competition being BoA) and scoring lucrative CF deals everywhere.

        • Grongo says:

          “talentless, unattractive, and has a horrible media personality” << that's pretty much the whole of K-pop and that seems to flourish within certain third-world geographies.

          Calling her korea's top singer says a lot about singers within this region. I.e. pretty talentless. But the contradiction is they still make money, what does this tell you? (it's not about the talent)

  7. xingyzheng says:

    wow you peeps. it’s only beginning of the year and you’re already bashing on her…bunch of shameless fools.
    she’s charismatic and has her charms, more so than other, that’s why she’s at where’s she at. it’s either going to be really bad or really good but nevertheless, im excited to see her comeback.

  8. ally says:

    Haters to the left, cause this queen always dominates! Hyori has been sorely missed and this is the greatest news yet this year!

    • jacie says:

      haters to the left, who to the right?

      and she dominates what? the ‘Asia loves Korea’ awards?

      • fuck youu says:

        are you an idiot? the fans to the right you bitchass
        you assholes have no respecttt

        • Jacie says:

          I only respect people who have earned my respect.

          So you break up people into the extremes of fans and haters… haters are idiots who have no respect.. and fans are what? Do you feel like you’re protecting your ‘idol’ in some way by behaving like this? Do you know she doesn’t really exist in the manner to which you think and this is just a representation of a brand which is presented by the entertainment company?

          People of limited cognition are quite funny to chat to.

  9. blanznist says:

    If you saw her show or ever met her, she is pretty nice, hardly heard any complaints of rudeness to other people and she always gives a helping hand, she acts human unlike some celebrities and singers who think they are to good to come back to normal life land and give back or talk to people on the streets. Hyori Lee does all that rather you like her music or not, and I like most of her music its danceable. =)

    • Maggie says:

      SO…are u saying you’ve met and know her?? Cause your comment points to that conclusion.
      Most comments about her always says they love her personality, this n that…but from show interviews that I’ve seen of her, she always comes off kinda arrogant, cocky(…along those lines). Not humble nor modest at all. OHH, and everyone always defends her with “watch her OTR show…she’s real”. Yeah watch that, it shows there about her personality’ it comes out here and there in that show. Bitchy and sorta dingy at the same time. Like she’s trying too hard to prove that she’s not plastic lol. uh huh.

      • For-The-Love-of -Peaches!! says:

        ^ Yeah she does come off as cocky and narcissistic doesn’t she? She seems nice in interviews but then all of a sudden turns 1/80 in an instant and says stuff such as “Yeah I think I’m hot…And Jessica Alba has nothing against me..” ANd then as soon as she changes 1/80 she goes back to her “sweet and nice” act within a blink of an eye…And the hole time I’m thinking “what they hell did she just do?”

        • Johnson says:

          Did we find out if blaznist has actually met Lee Hyori in order to make these statements or just talking arse like everyone else on the site?

        • jhang says:

          yeah…she’s just too horrible to think of…she look’s so kind but she had a bad attitude that is hiding behind her back. and even she don’t want her fans and other people know that it just show unnoticed without her knowing…

  10. Eunice says:

    This woman has like three comebacks a year.

    • nikki says:

      thats because she’s an idiot who keeps rippin’ off someone elses hardwork and saying its her own. but thats what korean fans like they keep buying the crap she dishes out.

  11. cookie says:

    omg lmaooo after her last comeback ha i was impressed or nething

  12. cookie says:

    i meant to say i wasnt impressed

  13. Darken Angel says:

    I miss you Hyori, I wish you’ll be pair with Bi Rain in a tv series someday, its not her fault if some of her songs are plagrism, its the composers You go girl . Wish you all the best .

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