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Who is that good-looking guy in the picture below?

He is no one other than Park Yu-chun‘s brother, Park Yu-hwan!

Park Yu-hwan has been cast in the new MBC weekend drama “Twinkle Twinkle“. He will play the role of Jang Yong‘s half-brother Lee Seo-woo. After quitting high school at the age of 18, he leads life with his half-brother and Go Doo-sim. The producers thought that he had potential after auditions and camera tests. Park Yu-hwan is currently receiving acting lessons and working hard.

On December 25, 2010, Yu-chun posted a picture of his brother with a post stating “Lovely Yu-hwan!!!^^ Work hard from now on.”

Will Yu-hwan be as good as Yu-chun in the KBS drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal“? Let’s hope Park Yu-hwan suceeds in his first acting role alongside veteran actors like Kim Hyun-joo, Kim Suk-hoon, Lee Yu-ri, Jang Yong, Go Doo-sim, etc.


19 Comments on “Who is that good-looking guy in the picture below?”

  1. kelly says:

    he is cute but yuchun is cuter

  2. MJY says:

    OMG! YooHwan got manly. Last time i saw him he was just a kid like our Changminnie in DBSK and now he’s all grown up. And he’s just a year older than me! I like yoochun though. Yoohwan might be younger but he sure can beat Yoochun’s manly side although both of them are scare of bugs!! Especially SPIDERS!! Pwaahhhahahahahaha! ❤ the PARKs!

  3. KawaiiGarden says:

    Oh My God, I thought it was a picture of micky when he was younger. They really look alike. Amazing. I’ll follow his career.

  4. Nara says:

    I was like W00t when I saw this :DDDDDD Hope he’s good.

  5. berry says:

    damn, i can’t get enough for this Park brother
    love yoochun!!!

  6. dee;) says:

    wow,,they look alike,,
    i thought that is was yuchun at first..

  7. KhunPamanee_92-lover says:

    I thought he was the guy that played in that one Korean drama … I forgot his name and the movie but the one that had a wizard in there. I’m guessing … “WOOCHI”? Yeah… but I’m surprised that this guy is YooChun’s little brother. ahhaha.

  8. Elisa says:

    he looks like a little boy to me…

  9. queenbqty says:

    He’s good looking, but Mickey is hotter! Good luck, Little Mickey!

  10. chisoso says:

    wait!!!aint he marry?

  11. […] Will Yu-hwan be as very good as Yu-chun within the KBS drama “ Sungkyunkwan Scandal “? Let’s hope Park Yu-hwan suceeds in his initial acting role alongside veteran actors like Kim Hyun-joo , Kim Suk-hoon , Lee Yu-ri , Jang Yong , Go Doo-sim , etc. [Via source] […]

  12. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    He’s cute~

  13. unachicaloca says:

    thought it was a photoshopped mix of yoochun and hangeng (SJ) at first.
    did not make any sense in my mind though…LOL

  14. anjenet says:

    hes handsome””””””’^_^

  15. pemzey says:

    ricky will act…..yay……can’t wait..^___^

  16. CeceliaS69 says:

    He got so much skinnier! Haha he does remind me of Yoo Chun humm a drama now this is something else haha

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