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Can Korea handle an overweight girl group?

Piggy Dolls is a new girl group who recently debuted with the song “Trend,” on various music sites and they are gaining a lot of attention for their weight more than anything else…

All three members (Lee Ji-yeon, Kim Min-sun, and Park Ji-eun) collectively weight over 200kg (approximately 441 lbs).

Their song “Trend,” sends a message of self confidence with lyrics such as “‘Without worry, I say proudly,’ ‘What’s wrong with my body? You know my face, personality,’” showing how comfortable they are with their image.

When asked why they decided to debut, Jiyeon answered, “People tend to think skinny people are pretty these days. We want to show that we can be as confident and pretty with this weight. We would like to break the stereotype that only skinny people are pretty.”

Considering how well Big Mama was embraced by the K-pop industry, I’m sure Piggy Dolls will be successful as well. If only their group name wasn’t Piggy Dolls… what do you think?


168 Comments on “Can Korea handle an overweight girl group?”

  1. CeceliaS69 says:

    I’m glad they have such high self-esteem and confidence but more importantly they should suggest “not only skinny girls can be singers and idols but anyone can regardless of weight and looks!!” that would be A WHOLE LOT BETTER. This is something else though a change from anorexic girl groups who are only plastic and doesn’t have much talent but are still so popular. Piggy Dolls doesn’t sound too great as a name for singers but oh well let’s give them a chance and listen to what they got. Besides it’s not like SNSD, 2ne1, Wonder girls, After School…popular girl groups these days have names that makes that much sense either. WELCOME PIGGY DOLLS WITH OPEN ARMS. YOU GO GIRLS!!

  2. BUbbles says:

    Finally there is a group that can have big people! (whew) This will become a great inspiration in the K-pop industry and to the people to show the being skinny is not the only ideal body image but having confidence with your body is.

  3. lizzy says:

    I don’t really like the name, its probably to give the group attention but this is Awesome!! You Go Girls!!

  4. ChuuChuu says:


  5. TO SuperJuniorLover 6666666666,
    Did you Know Black people love Korean peoples, eve n they married to each other and had babies, make it half and half korean black in the family? you can’t tell Black peoples visit Korea.. that isn’t your job, If the governments says they aren’t allowed they diid let them know.. you have no control for that.. and Please stop that! God loves all differrents people’s skin of color, that means YOU TOO!!

    • Johnson says:

      This makes exactly no sense. Koreans love black people because their cultures are very similar and anyone who marries one is typically treated very well like Hines Ward’s mother. Tiger JK (american) and Yoomi Rae (Tasha Reid) is american and they enjoy black culture because it’s so similar to Korean culture, Crystal Kay (american) sings in Japan and Amerie (american) once went to Korea and Korean love her because she’s black. Basically none of these people are Korean, they’re all american, but koreans love them anyways because of their colour. Even in itaewon you can see lots of korean women with tans chasing black guys around showing how much they love black people.

      Koreans everywhere are acting like black people, they dance like black people, they marry black people (wesley snipes, tomika skane’s parents..) and all of this is because Korean culture is very close to black culture. They have very similar music (2ne1) and they have similar food, and cultural values.

      I think it’s nice that koreans and black people get along so well.

      • Muchacha says:

        Asians nad black people shouldn’t mix. The Chinese companies establishing their interests in Africa have strict rules about that matter. The Chinese workers are forbidden to have any romantic relationships with the natives.

        • queenbqty says:

          You know what, Muchacha, you and SuperJuniorLover666666 etc. need to join hands and skip merrily off the edge of the nearest cliff! Maybe in the Underworld, there is this haven full of skinny asians and you two can deify them and live unhappily with them in your one race paradise.
          Since the both of you seem like the product of Asian inbreeding, I’m sure there will be many pinhead Asian racists there, so you will feel at home. Bon Voyage!!!

          • Johnson says:

            I’m pretty good at weeding out racial intolerance. You have to give me that.

          • Muchacha says:

            I don’t like escapist attitude. Do you believe in the Upperworld where you can marry your favourite Korean?
            Besides you misunderstand me. I don’t consider any race inferior to others. My point is that some shouldn’t mix. You sound a bit autoironical when you mention “deifying skinny Asians” since we are on Korean pop concentrated site. You also have one skinny Asian in your avatar.

            • Johnson says:

              So, you’re saying that Black, White, S.E. Asian, Chinese and Japanese people should not mix genetically with Korean people. Can you explain why they shouldn’t? What is the main reason for this segregation and what benefit does it deliver to all the parties involved?

            • queenbqty says:

              Technically, there is only one race, the human race and the different factions of this race have been mixing since creation, so you need to refine you way of thinking because it’s terribly skewed.
              As for deification, there is a difference between assigning godhood and simply being a fan. I find my skinny asian avatar very attractive and talented, but I have no dreams of marriage or personal interaction, you have a childish mindset. Also since you single out Blacks and Asian, you are either prejudiced against Blacks or Asians, so you must find something wrong with one or the other. You may not be a racist, but you are certainly irrational and kind retarded! It takes all kinds to make the world, Live Long and Prosper, anyway.

              • Muchacha says:

                What you consider as “childish mindset” was only a spite response relating to your jump-off comment. You have to admit that you were also a bit malice and childish. Therefore I replied in the same manner.
                “One human race” is a pharse that sounds better with the world lyrical/poetical than technical.

              • Johnson says:

                This is an awesome thread. We suddenly find out that the commenters are massive racist bigots. haha glorious.

                I personally think blacks and asians marrying is fine. I don’t see the big issue.

              • Muchacha says:

                @ Johnson
                January 12, 2011 at 1:56 am

                I don’t mind the Koreans to marry the people from China, Philippines, Malaysia along with the rest of the S.E. Asia. Please change your insinuation towards me. I’m not so obsessed with Koreans like you.

              • Muchacha says:

                @Johnson January 12, 2011 at 1:58 am

                I’m also fine with “blacks and asians marrying”. The offsping is the big issue and the reason why they shouldn’t mix.

              • Muchacha says:

                @Johnson January 12, 2011 at 1:58 am

                Also check the meaning of “racism” and “bigotry” in the dictionary. It’ll be easier to discuss.

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      ur point is…?

  6. noi says:

    let’s stop talking about their appearance for a while. have you all listen to their music? i like it, the whole tracks are bearable to hear. in fact, i even want to put some tracks in my playlist. they really sound like 2ne1 for me! only with stronger vocal. not really something new or fresh and it has autotune here and there. but well, it’s k-pop after all.

    however, considering the facts that i’m not really picky when it came to music (yes, i love SM cutesy nonsense music), you should not take this opinion and listen them for yourself. and don’t even ask me about lyrics, as if i understand korean. but sure they’re saying “brand new star” quiet often.

    my favorite track: darling. yeah, blame me and my love to SM cutesy nonsense music. it sounds pretty cute the whole song but fierce at the start, and allowed us to hear their vocals even more.

  7. cookie says:

    im sorry idc if they r fat skinny as long as they promote being healthy

  8. Coco says:

    Fat is unhealty and skinny too!!! No good,their concept just like americans eating pizzas,soda and watching tv all day!!!

  9. KhunPamanee_92-lover says:

    Whoaaaaaa. I’m laughing my butt off. Anyways… I’m glad that Piggy dolls are debuting OR debutED. How they achieve more like the skinny ones except better. I’m rooting for you girls!!!! Hwaiting!

  10. um says:

    this is refreshing. and the idea behind it is good. however, being so big can also not be healthy

  11. Indeed says:

    Agree with just about everyone else. It’s good that kpop is breaking the perfect, skinny stereotype most idols tend to have.
    Honestly, I think the girl on the far right is beautiful. Can’t wait for their debut!

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