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The OST song for the SBS drama “Secret Garden” sung by Hyun-bin…

… has been revealed.

On January 7, 2011, a song titled “That Man” for the OST Part 5 of “Secret Garden” has been released online. This is a male version of the popular OST song “That Woman” by Baek Ji-young.

In the song, Hyun-bin expresses Ju-won‘s feelings for Gil Ra-im (Ha Ji-won). “That Man” has been sweeping the charts with its release. Fans have responded positively, with many wondering how he could be so talented in acting and singing. Hyun-bin has not been in the best condition lately due to his busy schedule, but people in his surroundings stated that he tried his best for the recording of this song.

Please feel better soon, Hyun-bin!

Below is “That Man” by Hyun-bin from the OST Part 5 of “Secret Garden“.


34 Comments on “The OST song for the SBS drama “Secret Garden” sung by Hyun-bin…”

  1. poheijo says:

    wow…he can act and can sing…that’s fantastic…

  2. jnyarcalas says:

    That was him?!

  3. heejin says:

    wiii love it >.< , he did a great job at singing just like the drama hehe ❤ ;D
    Oppa keep up the good work !!!

  4. miley says:

    love it

  5. bashful says:

    HJW should sing a song in the next OST for SG . I hear her sing before.

  6. annie says:

    I love this song, what more sung by Hyun Bin.

  7. GraceHJ says:

    woah! Hyun Bin can sing!!! omg! im melting….man, this song will always make me smile…*shriek* im bursting with joy!!!! aaaaahhh! how much more hotter can you get?!?!?! i think my heart just expanded…XDD Hyun Bin!! I’m going to miss you when you go to the military!! Don’t you know how much I will miss you! I hope you come back as an even hotter man! And get married already! If you had gotten married sooner, I would be able to marry your son by now! Why do I have to be stuck in the middle (you’re too old for me and he would be too young for me :/)! XDD Hyun Bin HWAITING! this is your biggest comeback!!! woot!

  8. secretgardenlove100 says:

    hes so good at singing!!! i didnt expect him his singing to be as excellent as his acting!

  9. xcb says:

    oh ppl… it’s digital recording… if he sings live… i’m sure he’s bound to falter his pitch..

    funny .. they should have him singing lower key since he sounded like he was struggling.
    and sounded like he used more of the nasal voice.. also i’m detecting some flu symptoms through his singing.

  10. JaneHng says:

    Great song…..Love all the sound tracks of Secret Carden.

  11. maroua says:

    xcb fuck you asshole

  12. ifat3 says:

    amazing sons, hyun bin has a great voice

  13. Peter Wolf says:

    He’s amazing!!

  14. :)Always says:

    Oh myyy he sounds sexyy.
    & You can definitely tell its him singing!
    Gooo Hyun-Bin!

  15. iperera30 says:

    Wow! I felt in love with this song when I heard the female version. But after listening to this I’m speechless. Hyun bin have such a beautiful voice! Specially at the start of chorus its just too beautiful……

  16. chaimoon says:

    Sooo good looking and sooo talented!

  17. Ayana says:

    wow! I like him as an actor but I didn’t know he could actually sing pretty well! he is so cute =)

  18. hazifah says:

    owh….he can sing~~~~~!!!!!!
    I love his voice~~~!!!

    awesome amazing
    and I specially love this song~♥

  19. julie says:

    he is definitely a genius! an outstanding cum handsome actor & singer! what more can we expect from him? yah a beautiful wife to match him. cheers!

  20. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Hanguk News, Mai A. and others. Mai A. said: The OST song for the SBS drama "Secret Garden" sung by Hyun-bin…: OMG!!!!love it^^<3 […]

  21. IvY says:

    wow!!! didn’t expect this from Hyun Bin..but thumbs up to the singing!!! =D
    ❤ his acting skills toooo!!!

  22. Dhanaa says:

    i love thiss ! nothing more to say …

  23. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    pretty good.

  24. KhunPamanee_92-lover says:

    The song or melody sounds sooo familiar…… oh yeah… from thid one chinese song that my lilo sister played almost everyday for the pass THREE years ago. But then… I love HyunBin in My Lovely Samsoon and I think I”ll like him better in this drama. Also his voice is just making me laugh because he can sing… and oh so beautifully. Maybe HJW should sing with him??? That’ll be more lovely.

  25. SuNsEt says:

    after the drama i thought he was awesome and fell in love, but now i found out he can sing, not just sing, but sing with affection and vibration. i just simply love it. he has talents of handsome face, drama, singing…and probably heaps more….i love the song…..i’m listning to it for the 28th time…>.<

  26. pili says:


  27. Shin says:

    weh?! hyun bin sung that song? AMAZING!

    I really love this song and to think that he’s the one who sings it, I just cant believe (well, I didn’t know that we can sing too..^^) O.O wow!!

  28. Shin says:

    * he can sing too.. (I made a typo- error) =.=”

  29. prency demecillo says:

    i love the song of that man of korea i love hyu bin in owen the best of movie in korea secret garden i love this movie no. 1 from me……………. love u hyu bin

  30. Jens says:

    Loved the crazy clothes of Ju-won‘s [Hyun-bin] and his expressions. Wonderful K-drama and equally lovely the heartfelt qualities of Hyun-bin’s voice in this song. Very tempting to watch the series again! Great acting! 🙂

  31. Rawr.SG says:

    omg HYUN BIN, Why so talented, and handsome, … And everything??? I already fell in love with him due to SG, and now that I found out about his singing talents O; — IM GONNA DIE— ps. Ma fav song atm ;D

  32. Sophie says:

    I loved watching Secret Garden. I was just sad that it ended. All the actors acted beautifully and so real. This is the best Korean show! Sahranghae!

  33. Fista says:

    i really love you hyun bin oppa 🙂

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