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The segment of the SBS show “Good Morning” starring JYJ…

… will air on January 19, 2011.

JYJ‘s first appearance on this morning talk show has been filmed last year, but the air date had been delayed several times, to the disappointment of many fans. It finally has a secured air date that has been confirmed with a representative from SBS.

This is the second time since the 2010 KBS Drama Awards that JYJ gets to appear on one of the three major networks (the non-cable ones), so many fans are excited.

Aren’t you curious to see what JYJ had to say about the split from DBSK?


23 Comments on “The segment of the SBS show “Good Morning” starring JYJ…”

  1. lolsmileyface =) says:

    second!!!!!!! hell yeah im so freakin curious about wat they have to say about the split of dbsk!!! go jyjy!!!!!!!

  2. Love says:

    i just realized Junsu hasn’t been smiling lately T_T…Why..?

    • Boo says:

      Maybe it’s because he’s so stress out with the fact of everything. I think it’s best if JYJ go independent and stop thinking of rejoining with DBSK. It’s been clearly shown that they’re not wanted.. I will support JYJ all the way regardless of their decisions. They deserve better treatment and not be dogged.

  3. anita cahya says:

    anyway dbsk/jyj..i love u both

  4. Dovey says:

    I’m most definitely curious, but he’s probably gonna water it down and say things like “it just didn’t work out and though we have split, we are still a part of DBSK” …yada, yada. Stuff like that.

    • noi says:

      agree. just like how “hangeng’s really close with us” “we don’t know why he left the group” “i hope we can reunite again” or whatever sweet-warm-fuzzy comments that blow fangirl’s hope high.

      i always thought that sm artists are sbs’s baby. i don’t know if this show’ll do something good for those three, but i hope jyj’ll be okay. hwaiting!

  5. jezz says:

    i wonder if they one of the freemasoon victim.lately their picture show the symbol of freemasoon just like the picture above.sorry i’m not good in english

  6. hay says:

    Yes, cover one of your eyes. Give praise to us freemasons.

  7. hajae says:

    oh my god…so very excited jyj is the best but i will be more happy if they were not split…. even though there is so many new groups in korea dbsk is the best for me.. no one can change that… saranghae OPPAH’s… love you all

  8. dee;) says:

    jaejong looks cute!!

  9. K says:

    Junsu does look sad. It’s like he doesn’t even have the energy to look happy.

  10. […] Aren’t you curious to see what JYJ had to say about the split from DBSK ? [Via source] […]

  11. Taylor says:

    …Dammit Kanye! I knew this would happen. aish. I hope this isn’t real. all-seeing eye much? Damn Illuminati.

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