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DBSK brings “How Can I” and “Keep Your Head Down” to the stage!

Do you want to see their performances?

The remaining members of one of Asia’s most popular boy bands is keeping the DBSK name alive…and their heads down!

Chang-min and Yun-ho performed their newest singles’ “How Can I” and “Keep Your Head Down on the January 7th episode of KBS’s Music Bank.

You have waited and the big moment has arrived. Watch DBSK return to the stage in duo form here:

Do you like the new DBSK? Or, do you miss the original five member band?


37 Comments on “DBSK brings “How Can I” and “Keep Your Head Down” to the stage!”

  1. huilin says:


    OMG!! their performance rocks!!!
    even though i like the orginal five memebers, but yunho and changmin totally rocks!

  2. Angelina says:

    i still love them but i wish theyd change their name :[

  3. maroua says:

    why should they change their name it s jyj who left so it s not their fault

  4. cynicalmind says:

    i think its just sad seeing them alone. they seem so alone.

  5. pru says:

    this was good…… i wish i know more about DBSK to say if 5 members were good or not!

  6. lala says:

    i miss the original band member

  7. eve says:

    Life is easier for Yunho and Changmin then JYJ. The big influence of SME over Korean chanels to ban JYJ to perform certainly gives Yunho and Changmin the big edge.
    It’s sad that politics play a sad part in Korean entertainment industry. I wish JYJ will be given FAIR play to show their talents, it is a shame. For whatever happened, nobody can deny that JYJ helped adjust the “contracts” of other artists. Let’s keep the faith.

  8. sweetgirl1990 says:

    They sure can dance but I haven’t liked any of their songs!

  9. seoyuri says:

    2 of my favorite guys, love them:)
    No matter what.

  10. Eva says:

    I just can’t… how can they even? T____T Change your fucking group name at least holy shit. Once JYJ left it’s not TVXQ anymore. How can they even pretend? I support ALL the boys of course, but that doesn’t mean I’m not distraught by their separation.

    • Luli says:

      I agree. How can they stand on stage as two and still worthy of being called DBSK if they’re not gonna think of JYJ at least think for the fans

    • Won~ says:

      Using the name “DBSK” might not be their decision.
      SME was the one who make the announcement so stop blaming it all on HoMin.
      Since if they’re still in SME,whatever the boss decides,they goes along with it.

      Besides the TVXQ now is officially 2 members,not 5 anymore.
      but whatever names they want to use,JYJ or DBSK,i still regard all 5 of them as DBSK’s members.

  11. panda78 says:

    i still pefer the original 5 of them and yes is sad that they remain 2 of them now. I hope one day they will be back together as 5 of them again as for now makne changmin and leader uknow yunho look so lonely without the family . Always Keep the faith and hopefully they will be back as 1 ..

  12. Kergy says:

    They’re the only two guys I ever cared about in TVXQ so I ain’t even mad 🙂

  13. oN1jigty says:

    Ahhh meee tooo!!! Always loved changminiee!!!! Nd now I’m lovin both!!!!! Eeeeeee!<3

  14. Reyna says:

    Yunho and changmin has great talent in dancing. they’re lucky that sm can bring out their real talent on their mv. I feel bad for jyj for not having a great mv like yunho an changmin. have you seen jyj-ayy girl mv? it’s sooo awfull. jyj has a very very very beautiful and strong voice.,, they’re great in dancing too, but the mv couldn’t bring out their special talent :(. well, i love all of them. JYJ and DBSK, i still love them…

  15. […] Do you like the new DBSK ? Or, do you miss the original five member band? [Via source] […]

  16. apple says:

    dbsk (new and old) is very talented.
    unlike other ‘singers’, they actually know how to sing & dance. real talent.
    not to mention theyre really good looking 😉

  17. yuppppp says:

    love Keep You Head Down!!

  18. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


  19. riki says:

    love them. i guess they really are over…oh well. i cant believe they kept the name the same. the album sounds good and and i wish both groups much success

  20. jezz says:

    just pray for the both group.Wishing them luck and happy.Thats their job to earn money for living just like us so stop fighting.They know what the best for them.We can just talk and comment but don’t know the truth.

  21. suigintou says:

    JYJ and HoMin !! i love them!!! love dbsk!! especially HoMin <33 but i'll miss them in one group named TVXQ :((((

  22. Lorni says:

    Nice! Love the song Keep your Head Down!

  23. noi says:

    btw, i watched bonjour paris again and realized that they’re most times (if not always) stand (and even play around each order) in that order: jyj-homin…

  24. TVXQ Always says:

    I ❤ them both (bands and members) but it will never be the same without all 5 member if u know what I mean. So 🙂 and 😦

  25. miyu says:

    this is simply heartbreaking .. 😦
    can’t describe it .. I and my friends can’t believe this is happening ..

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