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JOO performs “Bad Man” on Music Bank

You have seen the comeback photos,MV teaser,and the complete music video featuring Chan-sung,now the time has come for her to sing to the invisible “Bad Man” live!

JYPE‘s trainee turned artist turned trainee again and then artist once more…finally returns to the K-pop stage! She has been through quite a bit,but the time has come for her to shine on stage after two years out of the limelight.

JOO performed her latest single “Bad Man” from her “Heartmade” album release on KBS’s Music Bank,on January 7th.

How was her performance? Check out JOO belting it out here:

Sources: @JOOJYPE and BigBangSHINeeWorld7 (Youtube)


3 Comments on “JOO performs “Bad Man” on Music Bank”

  1. Jeannie says:

    She did amazing!! I hope her songs does well in the charts! 😀

  2. […] Sources: @JOOJYPE and BigBangSHINeeWorld7 (Youtube) [Via source] […]

  3. Dhanaa says:

    She has an amazing voice …
    but i swear it seemed like her voice was shivering ..
    or was she meant to be doing that ?

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