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DBSK: “It’s just a song about….”

The band explains the true meaing behind their comeback single “Keep Your Head Down”. Was JYJ mentioned?

On January 8th, DBSK revealed the meaning behind their latest controversial (Twittersphere) track on KBS’s “Entertainment Relay“. Below is an excerpt from their interview:

 “The lyrics contain one man’s powerful message to overcome the hardships of breakup.  We chose the title ‘Why’ in order to arouse curiosities.”It’s just a song about a man’s anger towards the woman that threw him away.  That’s all.

That is a relief. I thought for a moment the Twittersphere would become a battlefield of the SMTown! I’m glad the JYP Nation didn’t make a remark, then it may have become a tweeting war.

Do you think the SMTown tweets between JYJ will cool down now?

Source: Daum


22 Comments on “DBSK: “It’s just a song about….””

  1. crazyMAL says:

    I hope the war (but not totally war let say just a misunderstanding) would end sooner or later. There’s no good thing to do at all .. They must stop that .

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  3. jezz says:

    i love you yunho…forget about jyj..fokus on ur singing and acting career…

  4. addikan says:

    this is just getting rediculous. first of all, why would Junsu write something like that? i love him but im going to express my opinion. if he had gotten over the fact that he was so called “enslaved” by SME (because he’s free now and shouldn’t care about it) then none of this would happen. instead of supporting his fellow EX members he’s tweeting nonsense. Has Fame really gotten to his head that much? i’m sure Yunho and Changmin are upset over the whole break up but i’m pretty sure they would NEVER take their anger out on the other members in such a way.
    Kim Junsu i love you to piceses but Honestly, GROW UP!!! get over it! it is JUST A SONG! and how could you say they are working for the enemy?! Yunho and Changmin just simply chose to NOT BITE THE HAND THAT FED THEM!
    i know you have the rights to be angry at SME but dont take this out on your fellow ex members. YOUR BETTER THAN THIS! don’t let your grdge against SME blind you from the love and support you should be giving to Changmin and Yunho. They might have been and are probably still angry and sad that you three chose to leave but we are all sure they are supporting you guys and have love for you still.
    and i’m sad to say that i no longer want to support both groups if such rediculous things like venting on twitter is going to be the reason why both sides are going to end up hating each other. As a CASSIE since day one i am going on STRIKE! i will no longer support both groups or individuals any longer till all five members come to an understanding and are all on good terms again!

    • yui says:

      here is the reason why:

      • addikan says:

        it still doesn’t explain why he chose to be on the immature side. if it had hurt him and i’m sure it did, i dont understand why he couldn’t have talked to the HoMin about it instead of plastering his anger out at the world like that and making both sides look rediculous. i Love Junsu i do. but i just think all this taking sides and getting back at each thing is plain rediculous and immature and didn’t need to go on this long. they’ve been together for so long, i dont understand why he just didn’t directly go and ask the other two members. i apreciate the song he wrote for both CASSIES and HoMin but really, did he have to take his anger out the immature way?

        • eve says:

          Please addikan, let us not add more lines that are not substantiated. Let’s all have peace in our hearts, let’s not be judgmental. Let’s be honest and calm down. The members of JYJ had mentioned in one interview that they tried several times calling Homin and Yunho but were not successful. No response from the ex-members. This happened even before the infamous song was revealed.

          Nothing to do with any of the DBSK ex or not.
          just my point of view, who would sing a song with very angry, dagger, fiery mindset to an ex who left him? it is pretty scary, the madness had its undertones. Thanks.

          • noi says:

            do you expect SM to let homin answer when jyj contacted them? probably they scared to death one day homin try to sue them too. (off topic: we barely even see eunhyuk-junsu moment again, even though they’re best friends since they’re children. i think they’re still contacting each other, but after this… who knows. SM might make junsu as everyone’s enemy)
            though i think junsu is immature, i also think the song is a bit scary… jyj didn’t presume that alone, their fans predict about that too.
            i hope you all well, jyj! especially junsu! i miss his dorky and innocent past~ :hugs junsu:

  5. Miley says:

    Next time JYJ ,choose a title name with SM Puppets… fuck off…

  6. WingedVoice says:

    “That is a relief. I thought for a moment the Twittersphere would become a battlefield of the SMTown! I’m glad the JYP Nation didn’t make a remark, then it may have become a tweeting war.”

    why would JYP Nation make a remark about something that is SM’s business?

    • addikan says:

      AMEN! that’s what i thought too!

      • ashley says:

        me too

        • noi says:

          i think they talk about jyp-sidus’s ceo battle regarding jaebum before. if jyp-sidus start their war again, then it’ll be sm town and jyp nation war (not war between sm town and jyp nation). well, that’s what i think. but really, popseoul, you really wrote something ambiguous… well, you never clear about a news to begin with. =,=’

  7. Flyhigh says:

    It’s a song about a angry man that hate his girl,and want to tell her: “I HATE YOU B**** GET OUT OF MY LIFE”.You are nothing keep you head down stupid b*****!!!

  8. Dovey says:

    People are too quick to jump onto the bandwagon of saying SM is trying to take a jab at JYJ… Chill. Folks.

  9. babes says:

    DBSK get a life !!! Just move on !!! Leave JYJ alone !!! Let every one fly.

  10. Luli says:

    Those two r fucking ugly as hell and what’s up with the fuck up Elvis hairdo.

  11. jezz says:

    HOMIN i love you.Babes JYJ should leave dbsk alone.I hate jyj.selfish

    • tvxqfangirl says:

      no, selfish is asking jyj to stay in a place that treats their artists like crap for a profit.
      jyj are not robots like the boa and the rest…they have their own minds.
      but haters will hate:)

  12. love_yunjae says:

    Please remember… what Junsu said was NOT about the song. It was about the “Thanks To” message by Yunho to ??Lee So Min?? who is NOT a current SM CEO.
    Well… who knows what promise they (5 of them) made before JYJ sued SM. I remember HoMin said they will support what JYJ would do before. But, after that, it is obvious that SM completely control HoMin not to say a word about JYJ. Not even on the stage like JYJ did when they accepted award at 2009 MAMA Award.
    I feel sorry for HoMin as they can’t express their own feeling FREELY.

  13. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    Ok, before i like DBSK. Now i think its better not to buy any of their albums since I hate seeing quarreling. SM needs to stop being selfish. Since they first do it to Shinhwa.

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