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How high will heels go?

Well, for Seo In-young, up to 30 cm.

On the MBC show “Three Wheels” aired on January 8, 2010, the MCs asked Seo In-young if she wore heels inside the house. To which, she answered, “I pick out my shoes first when I wake up and pick out my outfit for the day. The highest heels I own are the custom made shoes that are 30 cm high.”

Seo In-young revealed the shoes at the studio, and Cho Hye-ryun tried them on. After Cho Hye-ryun wore the shoes, she was tall enough to be on eye level with Kim Gu-ra.

Heels are pretty and make you appear taller, but would you ever wear these 30 cm heels?


29 Comments on “How high will heels go?”

  1. asianmusiclover101 says:

    …..I would never wear heels that high! I’d be around 6′ with those on!!!!

  2. okay says:

    haha i don’t want that!

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  4. that’s pretty dumb idea!

  5. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i wonder how it feels like to walk in them

  6. Those are platforms, aren’t they? Heels (to me, at least), implies a spike or raised heels…

  7. gonenuts says:

    like stepping on pile of telephone books ehh??

    they are ugly btw…..why???

  8. missy says:

    i wonder how long a person would recover from sprain bone after wearing those.
    she really is obsess with shoes.

  9. Jacie says:

    Obvious attempt to avoid people staring at stubby legs is obvious.

  10. Bubu says:

    Just like Spice Girls and Lady Gaga.She’s going to fall down with those blocks!!! Jajaja!!!

  11. […] Heels are fairly and make you appear taller, but would you ever wear these 30 cm heels? [Via source] […]

  12. yumi says:

    SIY is just crazy!

  13. Dovey says:

    Haha, those soles look like they were glued on to a regular pair of shoes. Pretty ugly, in my opinion.

  14. chuckthegirl says:

    I couldn’t! When I wear heels I fall. 🙂 Even though I’m short I stick to flats, sometimes the occasional wedge since they give more surface area to work with.

  15. loomz says:

    will u all know that was just for the show ><
    why asking ??

    but for lady gaga wearing the 1m heel is ordinary right ?? IDGI

  16. Samantha says:

    Pretty shoes…..NOT…lol… looks so funny…haha…

  17. ... says:

    Wow… so high and not very pretty.

  18. kitty says:

    how is she gonna walk down the stairs?

  19. Eunice says:

    Ok, so let’s stop with the shoes for a moment and talk about her hair.
    NO NO NO, SIY, NO! DDDD; You cannot pull of the partiall shaved look because you’re not a hipster. smh

  20. chaimoon says:

    Can you walk with them? That’s the question! I think it is just for foto shoots!

  21. didie says:

    lol…. i saw korean singer naomi wore like 30cm heels too… but that shoes are…. UGLY!

  22. Boo says:

    How in the world do you walk in it? It’s like a platform, flat on the bottom straight up. I wouldn’t be able to make a movement if I wore them. Well I guess she could since her heels are her babies. =P

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