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[POP Quiz] Who is this lovely actress…

… who is covering her eyes with an onion and a pepper?

It is none other than Kim Tae-hee. The actress, who plays the role of Lee Sul in the MBC drama “My Princess“, covered her eyes with vegetables to stop herself from staring at Song Seung-hun‘s body. Below is the sequence of events.

Kim Tae-hee, once again, unconsciously proves that her face is very small and tiny. She makes the poor onion and pepper appear to be bigger than they are.


10 Comments on “[POP Quiz] Who is this lovely actress…”

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  2. too funny idea with food and naked altogether

  3. myzs says:

    kim tae hee… so cute!!

  4. gonenuts says:

    Now she is what u call beautiful and cute. Loving her and her new rom-com

  5. Kasey says:

    Dang with a body like Song Seung-Hun’s body, I am sorry to say, I wouldn’t have blocked my eyes to delicious to not look..:) Anyway yeah she was cute for doing that I have to agree. See onions and peppers comes handy @ times like this, it goes to show they are not only for cooking but also a show stopper as well..hehehee

    • Mina says:

      Me too!!! OMG!!! I’ll say “Wow,you are so Yummy” “Can i hold you?”HOT GUY!!! HOT GUY!!! HOT GUY!!! 😀 😀 😀

  6. […] quite little and tiny. She makes the poor onion and pepper appear to be bigger than they're. [Via source] Related […]

  7. CrazyYelrihs says:

    she is soooo cute and i love watching this drama ;)

  8. zarahi says:

    put someting that’s scary funny or somthing that isn’t stupid

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