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There’s a bone…

… in G-dragon‘s hair.

G-dragon showed off his adventurous and free soul through both his style and performance during GD&TOP‘s performance MBC “Music Core“.

The duo performed “HIGH HIGH“. G-dragon sported a bone hair piece and did an acrobatic performance with the dancers. TOP‘s hair was completely white.

What do you think of the bone in G-dragon‘s hair?


21 Comments on “There’s a bone…”

  1. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    hahaha I thought it said boner….

  2. okay says:

    i’m a great fan but i don’t really like his hairstyle right now 😉
    he’s still charming, though;)

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  4. werw says:

    Cute! reminds me of Pebbles from the flintstones lol

  5. WingedVoice says:

    GD could do so much better than the bone style.

  6. Spring says:

    lol. it feels like you just added TOP in your article, just fo the hell of it =)) i love them ❤

  7. Mike says:

    OMG!!! Looks like a boiler explode in his head!!! Jejeje!!!

  8. pisey says:

    I really the way they are, Especially, TOP he is so handsome, but how high G-D is, he seen so thin and a little bit short .

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  10. maybs says:

    so creative. I dont thnk anyone else could pull off a bone in their hair except gd, and the flintstones 😛

  11. walkingfree says:

    the bone matches his shirt.

  12. gbomfan4u21 says:

    LOL. Bone on the hair? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. It’s the new hot style now, Babbeh!

  13. Eunice says:

    Oh dear God.

  14. Julie Mason says:

    haha true the hair matches with his hair
    Julie from Mobile Hairdresser

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