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Who is the most sought after CF star these days?

It’s no one other than IU!

In 2010, the teen sensation rose to popularity in different parts of the entertainment business, including music, television, etc. With er rising popularity, she is currently wanted by many advertisers. IU has been receiving offers for various CFs and endorsements. The advertisers are offering her twice the amount of money from before (now at around US $356601) to model their products.

IU has been more on the quiet side as a talented teen singer in the music world dominated by girl groups, but with her new song “Good Day“, she rose to top on the music charts. She made her name known.

In late 2010, she signed contracts with three different clothing brands and is currently in negotiations for advertisement of other products such as chicken, ramen, etc.


30 Comments on “Who is the most sought after CF star these days?”

  1. Johnson says:

    Is it me in hanbok?

  2. she look like 12 yrs old and had pretty face

  3. […] is presently in negotiations for advertisement of other products like chicken, ramen, etc. [Via source] Related […]

  4. Nadia says:

    I really don’t understand the hype but I’m not a ajhussis. She doesn’t sing any better than the other ones out their now. I will say she was on popular music and she hit her high note it was Terrible!. She looks plain but maybe they want to appeal to the younger people.

    • Jacie says:

      No, she appeals to the CEO-ajhussis who would give their left arm or a bottle of soju to have sleep with these girls. Young people probably find her as talentless as you do.

      Korea has nothing to do with talent, and everything to do with the ajhussis.

    • Random says:

      If you actually took the time to educate yourself of her performances and guest appearances for Sketch Book or Chocolate, then maybe you’ll see why Korea is raving so much about her.

      Ignorance is bliss isn’t it? Sigh.

      • Johnson says:

        If you took the time to compare the level of talent within korea to the levels of talent outside of korea, then maybe you’ll see why we’re not raving about her at all.

        S.E. Asian-ignorance is bliss, isn’t it? *sigh* Get back to stroking your Korean gods will you.

        • Hm? says:

          What levels of talent outside of Korea, hm? Wait let me look up .. Oh what? It says PopSeoul… A blog dedicated to Korean music…isn’t that right? I temporarily forgot that this was a KOREAN music-related blog…

          You obviously have all the time in the world.. I can see that you’re the official troll of PopSeoul. Why don’t you take a little bit of that time, read some Korean 연예 news. Also stop the e-tough act bro.. I’m sure you have it tough in the real world but that doesn’t give you the excuse to be a douchebag ya know? I feel for ya.. I truly do but sitting on your ass and being a troll won’t make things any better.. ; […

  5. mjkrocks says:

    Everyone who was talking bad about her and Korea, why don’t you screw off? I mean if you had any friends you wouldn’t have time to look at this stuff

    • Johnson says:

      Having friends is in some way related to opinion on Korea and K-pop Idols? So the more I like Korea the more friends I have? Does this determine the quality of the friend also?

      … or are you just talking utter sh!te and a bit angry because you have a delusion that you know these K-pop Idols and you’re somehow protecting them?

  6. babes says:

    Iu what happen to your knees? it’s awful !!! Make something to cover up that knees of yours it looks so rough.

  7. DIA says:

    That’s a shame. Good thing I don’t have to see that ugly whore’s face here in MN or buy anything that she endorses. Stupid cunt, get that untalented singer out of the music industry for good!

  8. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Did you know that IU goes to my cousin’s school?
    My cousin and her friends saw her and they she told that she looks like an average student when she doesn’t have any makeup on…

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      saw her and she told me*

      • Johnson says:

        Don’t be stupid, you and your family abandoned Korea to become Americans because you clearly disliked Korean culture. Now your continuous stream of attempts to persuade us that you still have ties in Korea or you are still Korean in some way is tiresome.

        That’s all I have to say on the matter. Anyone else have a view?

  9. kpopjpop says:

    what’s with her knees?

  10. noi says:

    well she has talent at least.

  11. Zimty says:

    If any of you that spend time talking that much sh!t about IU’s voice you must have time to look up her on acoustics and singing you world know that her voice is amazing! At least she actually plays an instrument un-like other talentlesss pretty faces that are bunched into groups with one pretty face singer.

    Does anyone see any other singer singing a three octave note? No. Can you reach three octaves with one note? No. She’s famous for a reason you illiterate fools.

    • CadburysCreamEgg says:

      Fact is, a lot of singers can do that. I guess you’re talking about within the confines of the closed Korean music market where, let’s be frank, very few singers can even hit a note and end up sounding like park sandara.

      • Zimty says:

        Yes, I guess I am talking about the Korean music market. I’m also talking a bit about mainstream music with all the audio tuning you really wonder if a person is under there, but it is a bit of a necessary evil.

  12. IU REAL says:


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