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Hye-rim eats at BOA’s resturant

Did the SME singer open a new business?

The Wonder Girls member Woo Hye-rim posted the following message to her twitter to accompany the photo above:

“I had dinner at BOA w/ Yubin+Sohee&Jane yesterday!The food was really good & it totally reminded me of my fav singer! :)”

We know the restaurant above is not BOA Kwon’s new business venture…but let’s imagine it still is.

If so, I would love to eat at SHINee,Kim Hyun Joong, Chan-sung’s and [insert your celebrity’s name here] restaurants too! There is nothing like a building that can make you feel closer to your favorite stars.

Did Hye-rim get the owner’s autograph? I sense a subway surprise coming.

 Source: @WG_Lim


9 Comments on “Hye-rim eats at BOA’s resturant”

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  2. For-The-Love-of -Peaches!! says:

    Pffft lol…The BOA restaurant in Las Vegas has been opened since 2006…But perchance to dream right?

  3. Johnson says:

    This article is totally ruined by the fact that you didn’t put what they ate at the pub. How can you expect those k-strokers to live without being able to recreate the exact scenario and food that the ‘lacklustergirls’ ate at this restaurant. There will be uproar in the Manila and Penang.

  4. So where is excatly the location Boa restaurant is?

  5. Samantha says:

    Eatting with a celebrity is a little werid for me. Sitting right in front of them staring at each other eatting….lol…..oh well, the place looks cool….lol…..

    • Johnson says:

      I don’t think society expects you to stare at them eating. But that’s probably what delusional fans want to do…stare at them eating.

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