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Lee Hyo-ri and TOP look the best in…

… eyeliner.

A cosmetics brand, CLEO, conducted a survey in December of last year asking 2,888 people, “Which star (male & female) looks the best in eyeliner?”

For the female stars, Lee Hyo-ri came on top with 74% of the votes. Jang Yoon-joo (9.6%%), Ji-yeon of T-ara (7.2%), CL of 2NE1 (5.4%), and Chae Jung-an (3.8%) also were on the list. For the male stars, TOP came on top with 45.6% of the votes. Lee Gi-Kwang (26.6%), Kang Seung-yoon (16.7%), Jokwon (6%), and Park Jae-bum (5.1%) also made the list.

Do you agree with the results? Does anyone else find it odd that Ga-in of Brown Eyed Girls did not make the list?

source: Newsen


22 Comments on “Lee Hyo-ri and TOP look the best in…”

  1. Kao says:

    Hey Pop Seoul u adding any news or hot pics of Korean American actress Celeste Thorson?

  2. if you ‘re talk about eyeliner make-up then it should be for womens only not for mens, it make them look like girl.. I vote for ladies’s only!

    • k-popfollower says:

      Ok many men wear eyeliner these days. Even in America or Japan or Europe and in Korea. Like 2PM or JYJ or 2AM or MBLAQ and even T.O.P; they all wear eyeliner sometimes! Some look good in it others don’t. Plus a lot of male celebrities wear makeup because they may be celebrities but they go through normal stuff like acne and skin problems.

  3. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Really? Jokwon? No….

  4. moonylove says:

    No, really, where is Ga In??? !!!!!!

  5. Kttn says:

    I could agree about the people on the list, but Jokwon? I think he looks the best without anything. :/… The first thing I thought as soon as I read the question for the survey was Ga In, indeed. Very strange she didn’t get voted… And I’m happy even Jay Park made it on there, yay. He looks cool with eyeliner. Hohohoho. (:

  6. Jacie says:

    I think that all the men should keep wearing eyeliner and ladies clothing and continue to have emaciated forms .. then I can keep laughing and laughing!

    So.. keep wearing make-up people!

  7. nikki says:

    Yet another stupid survey…and whats more stupid is people actually vote!

    Korea is all about stupid surveys and polls…they live off of that stuff.

  8. nina says:

    Cause Ga In looks better without eyeliner 😀
    Looks cute

  9. lava says:

    absolutely agree!!!! esp wid my beloved TOP…

  10. iceprincess says:

    how about the very handsome Jang Keun Suk? I think he looks best and very manly with eyeliner. I also like him without eyeliner because he has the most beautiful eyes.

    • Johnson says:

      “He looks very manly in eyeliner?” << do you even read what you say? men don't wear eyeliner.. they don't wear thongs, or skirts.. they don't wear bras…You people seem to have a weird view of what men are.

      Jang Keun Suk does look very manly in a bra though.

      • k-popfollower says:

        Go burn in somewhere! I bet your clearly lacking in a lot of areas when it comes to “being a man”.

        I personally think Jang Kuen Suk should stay away from eyeliner because he has one double eyelid and eyeliner would draw attention to it. But he’s still really cute~

  11. lalalala says:

    men wearing eyeliner?? seriously a no-go!! they look more girly :S And i live in europe and men don’t use eyeliner!!

  12. iceprincess says:

    to johnson – of course I have read what I typed… And I mean – what I TYPE, not what I SAY. Read the dictionary if you do not know English. Have you really seen JKS wearing a bra ? Please don’t be sarcastic, this is not funny !!
    to k-popfollower – please suggest a place where you can GO BURN YOURSELF FIRST !! This is not a place to curse people. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    to lalalala – Have you heard of the very popular band Duran Duran in UK? Look at their earlier photos if you don’t know men in Europe also wear eyeliner. These are artists and they put on makeup for the show. I live in Rome by the way and I am Italian.

    • alrighta, we have italian person here.. nice meeting you!! I won’t judge you that where your coming from.. Just beware from others calms where you or others don”t belong in korea .. I say it doesn’t matter!! welocome to new world

  13. mbdd14 says:’s quite odd that Ga In isn’t there. first i read the title, i suddenly thought Ga In will make a list. disappointed 😦

  14. jicks says:

    Hyori+eyeliner = HOT fo’ sho’
    I mean, doesn’t she practically have an eyeliner named after her?

    But I’m pretty sure Jang Geun Suk was born to wear eyeliner.

  15. Addy says:

    At last! Someone who unrdestndas! Thanks for posting!

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