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Is “Dream High” making Taec-yeon suffer from insomnia?

K-dramas are known for their long filming hours and Taec-yeon….

just tweeted his frustration. On January 11th, 2pm‘s Beastly Rapper tweeted the following message to a friend:

“….. its been 3dayz since I had a good night sleep… And thx to ur monsters I’m alive right now><“

Poor Taec is working on a drama about dreams and he can’t even dream at night.

Do you think his new drama is worth the sacrifice?

Sources: @Taeccool and Nate,and Hanooki (photo)


9 Comments on “Is “Dream High” making Taec-yeon suffer from insomnia?”

  1. bummiie says:

    taecyeon ssi..! fighting!

  2. Johnson says:

    surely the question should be ‘is Dream High making everyone think that Koreans are that insistent on getting money out of gullible SE Asians who’d watch any sh!t they produce?’

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  4. He’s overdo himself

  5. herafdh says:


  6. nikita says:

    he is fing dumb…fing idiot…i hope he dies…all this fame has gotten into his head…

    i wanna kiss a girl….like a fing dog….he always annoyed me…but now he even annoys me more…i guess he was the happiest when jay left….now he acts like the group leader…

    • JJ07 says:

      sounds like your real issue comes from 2PM’s problems. you shouldn’t talk like that if you don’t know what is really going on. please don’t bash on people who have a job to do and can barely have any sleep because of it. it makes you sound evil.

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