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SS502 is coming….

On January 7th…..

DSP Entertainment chose the final members to replace their popular boy band, SS501,on their roster. The new band will be made up of five males. The company wants to continue the Double S success through them. According to DSP, information about the members will be released at the end of January and they will debut within the first 6 months of this year.

Entertainment representatives have already nicknamed them SS502. Relax, SS501 will be making a comeback this year,but DSP is no longer their company. So, their former agency (apparently misses them like crazy) and they had to find replacements. Honestly, who doesn’t miss them!

Bae Yong-joon and Lee Hyo-ri are having all the Double S fun since they signed Kim Hyun-joong (KeyEast), Kim Kyu-jong, and Heo Young-saeng (B2M).

What do you think the new band’s official name will be?

Sources: Newsen and Nate


173 Comments on “SS502 is coming….”

  1. navisa says:

    just ss501 for ever

    no ss502

    iam a triples

  2. mitra says:

    kim hung jun just MANIA

  3. mitra says:

    just ss501 for ever no ss502

  4. sara says:

    Severe Shmadyvnh? Vaqakh Azkmpanyh nasty like Shmabyshtrazaynm not expect, if you’re going to protest Byadma ss502

  5. Park Micha says:

    just SS501.we don’t love SS502 and wait for SS501.

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