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Eun-jung of T-ara seems very tired

Is the poor girl getting enough sleep?

Three pictures of Eun-jung sleeping have been revealed online. Eun-jung looks very tired in the pictures and seems to be catching up on sleep while moving in a car or resting in between shoots of the KBS drama “Dream High“.

Eun-jung stated, “My manager and stylists have been taking and publishing pictures online saying that I look cute when I’m sleeping. But I only want to show my fans my pretty side as a member of T-ara. I will try not to sleep.”

Eun-jung, you do look cute when you’re sleeping. Please try to get some sleep in between shoots!



24 Comments on “Eun-jung of T-ara seems very tired”

  1. aww, poor girl! she must be worn out.. she need real bed to sleep in

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Hanguk News. Hanguk News said: Eun-jung of T-ara seems very tired […]

  3. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    she looks so cute haha

  4. pinky says:

    so poor my little girl..but u r very cute when u r sleeping…

  5. pat says:

    They make them work thru sickness and exhaustion. Only in K ,do actors wind up on IV regularly at the end of shoots .It should be illegal. K has a long way to go when it comes to looking after talent which is why JYJ exists! Screw looking cute. she is overworked.

  6. Johnson says:

    Entertainment company shows a stimulus consisting of photos of an employee looking tired…. emotional response is that you all get angry about them being overworked.

    You’re all like Pavlov’s dogs… you’ve been trained very well.

  7. boshintang says:

    dog soup is better than and IV…

  8. Paul Atredis says:

    She’s probably just really really lazy… hanging around sleeping all day. Just take a few pictures, wrap it in some ‘spin’, make a twitter about how hard she works and now all the mind-slaves are saying she’s overworked. Great planned response there entertainment company propaganda folks!

  9. RyanHan says:

    a person who is sleeping on a bus/cab/, any place that is not bed . . is overworked

    a person who’s getting enough sleep. . .cant sleep anywhere other than his/her bed

    if ur getting enough sleep . . try sleeping on a car or sleep while sitting . .

    She is Overworked . .

    well if its just a propaganda like the comment above mines . . dunno =p

  10. sma says:

    sleepin with her mouth open

  11. namja says:

    It’s soooo cute that she sleeps with her mouth opened..haha

  12. myzs says:

    she must be really tired…

  13. Dovey says:

    If she sleeps with her mouth open, can that be an indication that she probably snores? Just saying…so no flames please.

  14. EunJung seems xoo tired 😦
    Like she didnt even sleep at night cos of the works… oh oh..poor little Girl…

    Btw,,Ur sleeping style is xoo cute… 🙂

  15. Unknown says:

    the pictures made me laugh… haha!

  16. Ei Thu says:

    I don’t know why some of you guys have pessimistic view for her…..For me…I think she looks cute & she is good at acting…I really like her in Coffee House & I wander why she can’t be main role in Dream High….coz of audition????
    If you guys know,plz tell me…

  17. mumzy says:

    haaaaa….. even though she look funny… but she still sooooo cute..

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