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G.NA & Wheesung make a lovely duo

For a duet! G.NA and Wheesung have released “I’m meeting you for the first time,” and the song is now available for download!

Both voices blend incredibly well and there’s no doubt you’ll have this on repeat:

What do you think?


6 Comments on “G.NA & Wheesung make a lovely duo”

  1. taeyangswifey says:

    I love wheesung!! never go away OPPA!

  2. Paul Atredis says:

    Please can none of you delusional folks suggest they have a relationship of some kind. Can you go for one post without suggesting this? Just one frikking post.


  3. senpai says:

    I agree with Atredis. The rookie reporter who wrote this article must be still studying in high school and harboring typical fantasies that when singers of opposite sex collaborate, they look good.

    What about just saying they sound good, or their song rocks? To be honest I would say neither. G Na looks hot and sexy without anybody beside her. Period.

    • addikan says:

      i dont get why u guys are capping on the writer of the article. They just said these make a great duo FOR A DUET! reread the article before you go bashing on someone else’s work!

  4. addikan says:

    the song is great! and these two really DO make a a great duo FOR THE SONG! love them both!

  5. kazanti3 says:

    Ommo…This song so funny…Nice…I like this…

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