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Goodbye Bae Yong-joon…

… for now.

Bae Yong-joon, who plays the role of Jung Ha-myung, president of the Kirin Arts School in the KBS drama “Dream High, will be leaving the drama temporarily. On the episode of “Dream High” which aired on January 11, 2011, Jung Ha-myung left the school to another place, leaving Si Bum-soo (Lee Byung-joon) in charge.

From the beginning, Bae Yong-joon wasn’t part of an official cast, so he is going back to his initial role as the creative producer of the drama. A representative of Bae Yong-joon stated that the actor will not be starring in “Dream High” for a while. However, he will reappear towards the second half of the series. Until that time, Bae Yong-joon will be carefully looking for his next project.

Will you miss Bae Yong-joon in “Dream High“?


27 Comments on “Goodbye Bae Yong-joon…”

  1. polaris says:

    yes!!! absolutely i will miss him…

  2. R1k6_chan says:

    We will really miss him a lot…

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  4. hanna says:

    he just continues to cash in on his glasses/scarf wearing image doesn’t he?

  5. H Asma says:

    Yessss……We gonna miss him..:(

  6. Rai says:

    The first man who started letting Korean dramas be known. Though there are many K-pop bands these days, we shall never forget who was the pioneer of Korea: Bae Yong-jun.

  7. WHY! Ive been waiting for a long time to watch your drama! I’ve been you’re avid fan’s ever since i watch you’re drama WINTER SONATA,WHen will i see you portraying arole again?,,………

  8. carrie says:

    will miss him…. definitely!!!! I’m watching Dream High because of BYJ!

  9. taipomi says:

    he always has this same serenity look throughout the whole show…

  10. justmega says:

    Ah. Winter Sonata man, er, ajumma. WS, the most tedious Kdrama ever. The progenitor of all tedious Kdramas. We need an anti-hero. Someone who will star in a Kdrama that will not milk the audience with unnecessary episodes used as filler under the guise of love lost or indecision. Do I lover him/her? Can I find him/her? Is he/she still alive? All Kdramas should come with a warning if it is to drag in this manner. Ahole producers/execs…please stop making dramas in this mold. No more Ji Roo Han dramas!

  11. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    Gonna miss you!!! lets see how this goes.

  12. cdnpoint says:

    OK, I have seen episodes 1-4. While I like some of BYJ’s scenes, I’m not enjoying the mostly black wardrobe most of the “teachers” and staff seem to favour. Like a major case of gloom, probably to emphasize that the art school cannot afford central heating (what is with the constant cold air that everyone’s breath is visible?).

    Since it seems that the director was responsible for choosing the last three students, he will have to check in on their progress and grill staff as to why they allow the bullying to continue. The female dance teacher seems to be encouraging spiteful situations-what’s HER agenda?

  13. SSBSMS says:

    no matter where he is or what he’s doing, he always has a certain air about him. i love the dramas he’s in. i can’t wait for him to reappear in dream high :]

  14. watie says:

    The drama not intersting me to see… But long time not see BYJ. When can I see he act as hero? New drama? New movie?

  15. miley says:

    i will certainly miss him.hope to see him back in the drama.

  16. devin says:

    Reading the headline, I thought he was dead. Damn that injury from 3 years ago. You have
    no idea how worried I am. Of course I will miss seeing you in that drama. I watched it because you’re there although I had never known you before Dream High. Foolish little one, get well soon. I love your acting. Waiting patiently for your come back in Dream High.

  17. Seoulganda says:

    i became a fan of byj after i saw him act in the winter sonata tv series. i am looking forward to seeing him visit the philippines one of these days. always praying for his success in everything he puts his mind on.

  18. WENG MORALES says:

    His short appearance was meaningful to the story. He will be greatly missed , but as far as I am concerned, BYJ’S health is more important.

  19. Love Bae YOng Joon says:

    You will be missed. R.I.P

  20. avelina says:

    why does yong joon look so ill…?

  21. winterspy says:

    a prince witha handsome face and smile…….that was before…..look at him now he look so ill and fainted……he look so sad, …his money cant give him happiness….

  22. keroan says:

    …why dont you give a chance to live yong joon….i mean you can go out for a vacation a little rest why dont you come and visit palawan particularly in puerto princesa….have time to relax…..

  23. rosy says:

    hi byj how are today i hope you are fine since i watch winter sonata i like it very much in the future i hope again you make a heavy drama like winter sonata. i hope to meet someday ti voglio bene figliolo.

  24. Tiya says:

    I miss U Bae yoong joon
    I never Forget You because you are my paforite artis & i like u

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