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Isak disappears…

from Pops in Seoul!

After 4 years of being a VJ, Isak finally said goodbye to her television show.

Read her following tweets from January 9th:

“off to get ready for my last taping of pops in seoul….4yrs of hosting comes to an end today…:( very sad to have to leave…done with my last taping of popsinseoul…i wanna thank all of u for all the support and love for the past 4yrs…hank u for the #ThanksIsak trend guys~it means a lot….im still hosting midday break so dont forget to tune in everyday~!”

Wow, I will miss her. I have become a fan of the show over the past few months. Pops in Seoul will never be the same without her.

How do you feel about Isak’s exit from Pops in Seoul?



54 Comments on “Isak disappears…”

  1. Taravat says:

    I don’t like popsinseoul without her 😦 😦

  2. ~Myndless~ says:

    Aw, man! She made Pops in Seoul fun along with U-KISS.

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  4. Johnson says:

    obvious american on korean tv is obvious.

    • Johnson says:

      I’ll add that she did say that when she went to the Philippines that the Filipinos were ‘crying over something so simple as a k-pop poster’. Hahahaah

      Those folks have no dignity or love of their own culture.

      • apple says:

        that is harsh for a comment! how could you type-cast the whole nation for a few fangils overdoing it?

        i noticed that you are all-over popseoul to make all kinds of cruel, negative comments!


        NOTHING ELSE TO DO??????

        GET A LIFE!!!!!

  5. lara says:

    she seems like a nice person. But she sounded to awkward on the show. Her English on the show wasn’t made for presenting. She didn’t know when to take a breath.

    • Johnson says:

      She’s american so she’s always out of breath… and reaching for a burger.

    • hanna says:

      I agree, just because she was american she was put on the show but the way she spoke sounded so annoying and unprofessional.

      • Johnson says:

        Korean’s don’t care. They just like to interview her and hear her say how much americans love Korea. It’s just some ego stroking exercise to have their protectors say how much they love them, and then they can say proudly’ we koreans love USA too’.

        For the rest of us, it’s just like watching a circle-jerk. Did you ever see ‘let’s learn korean’ on arirang? it was unbearable. Just americans scripted to say ‘i love everything about korea’.

        • hanna says:

          you have to REALLY listen to her present to truly understand how annoying her mcing was. This whole Korea-ego-stroking thing you like to bring up all the time is one thing, but seriously her English MCing was like listening to a whinny Valley-girl with a slight Korean accent.

          • Johnson says:

            To most people americans all sound the same …

            ‘blah blah.. I chugged 7 lemonades ..blah blah .. i smell of burgers.. blah blah .. we saved the world from aliens’

            So it doesn’t matter which valley she came from, she was probably very irritating to listen to. She probably puts on the korean accent because her mother was left korea to live in USA and now she’s back in korea begging for heritage like most americans there.

            • ara says:

              are you an American too, Mr.Johnson? do you always speaks like the way you write here?

              • Johnson says:

                No, I’m not american. So if aliens come to your country and start fekking about, then don’t phone me. I’m a member of the non-american countries which have no clue what to do and stand around not being mavericks.

                • ara says:

                  not being mavericks? really? i wonder what your colleagues thinks about it. i do hope alien come here. i hope they’ll act (or write) better than you do. but anyway, thanks for the answer.

          • Eunice says:

            Wait, really? I’m going to have to go to Youtube to hear this for myself…

  6. dan says:

    she was hanging on by a thread to any sort of celebrity status.

  7. Searin says:

    ): She and Ukiss were the only reason why I watched the show. Given she wasn’t the best host but she was fun to watch regardless. I’m going to miss her~

    LOL what is up with all of the American based comments? Maybe some of you have forgotten that she is a mix of Korean AND American?

    • Paul Atredis says:

      You mean she’s an american citzen. Oh right, that would be why they’re talking about her being american and not your racial-centric stuff.

  8. queenbqty says:

    She should be singing anyway, she has a great voice, and shouldn’t be wasting away as some VJ!

    • Paul Atredis says:

      yes, she should be singing. Because there aren’t enough americans singing on korean tv… 2 of SNSD.. 1 of F(x) .. blah

    • dan says:

      you can’t be serious. why do you think her partner jiyeon was taken over her when the short lived girl group (can’t remember name) was made? That group actually had real singers.

      • queenbqty says:

        I don’t know what you have been listening too, but Isak is an awesome singer. Check you hearing.

      • Paul Atredis says:

        Was the group called ‘miguk girls’ and they hung around doing american things while all the koreans screamed hoping they could get to USA?

      • rach says:

        you mean csjh The Grace? Back when sm actually had a bit more consideration for vocal ability? Not to mention all of them could dance well. Too bad they debuted at a time when cutesy was in… hang on, it still is to a degree…
        Ans Isak<<<Jiyeon/Lina when it comes to vocal ability.

        • dan says:

          that’s the group. love every single girl in it b/c they could really sing. there were some really talented singers back in the day unlike now.

  9. hejjin says:

    omo aniiiii, shiroo , ;( i will miss her , she was so funny ;(

  10. blanznist says:

    I’ll miss her aw

  11. dan says:

    see ya.. won’t miss ya

  12. smoothscorpion says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO please dont gooooooo, i loved pops in Seoul before and i loved it even more since she join it i really going to miss her 😦

    • Paul Atredis says:

      Oh SHUT UP! Arirang TV is terrible terrible terrible.. it’s like watching a tv station devoted to “Korean people stroking Americans in a really creepy manner” with intermittent “this is what korean people love, so you must love it too, YOU MUST LOVE KOREAN CULTURE”.

      Losing an american off this station, just means they have less americans to stroke, which is surely a good thing.

  13. roxyisferox says:

    even if I no longer watch pops in seoul coz we no longer have cable, pops in seoul is nothing without isak. honestly, she’s the most amazing host I’ve seen and the bubbliest one!

    • Paul Atredis says:

      That’s probably because you’re an american and find it interesting to watch americans being gushed over by koreans.

  14. mbdd14 says:

    i think eonni will be back soon..
    i love pops in seoul bcoz of her. and pops in seoul won’t be same without her. gonna miss her..

  15. Maya Park says:

    i think Isak was a great host and i really don’t want her to leave but if shes living to pursue her music career then that’s fine

  16. chaimoon says:

    Now who takes over? They better be BETTER than her!

  17. Immm….i feel nth without her cos im not her fan.. But i think POP IN SEOUL will be silent for a moment….But it will ran normally with U-KISS :D..

  18. oh her contract are expired!

  19. smoothscorpion says:

    dear Paul Atredis
    if you dont like the channel it doesn’t mean every body have to hate it too,every body have their own opinion , its just a channel nothing more or less

  20. Unknown says:

    so who’s the new VJ in Pop in Seoul?

    • Johnson says:

      No one cares. It’s on Arirang which no one in their right mind watches, unless they want to see americans stroking koreans like pets.

  21. Naing Naing says:

    Isak left?
    I love U-KISS and ISAK so much
    I am so sad

  22. Yen says:

    It’s horrible, I watched Pops in seoul just because of her T-T

  23. […] newest television short show entitled “Kpopulous” will be featured on Isak‘s old stomping ground “Pops In Seoul“. In celebration of their launching, the show opened a twitter account, a YouTube Channel and […]

  24. Juan Perez says:

    Sorry to see her leave. I watch Arirang, I’m from Mexico (not Philipino), and stil love its programming. At least is is subbed in English, unlike SBS, MBC, etc that air non-subbed programs. It is a window into the culture of Korean, even if it is “taiilored” for american consumption.

  25. Jennifer says:

    looool wtf is up

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