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Jo-kwon: “I’m really dating Ga-In”

On a recent episode of MBC‘s comedy “First Time in My Life“,

2AM was among the featured guests. During the show, the hosts mentioned how great Jo Kwon and Ga-in were together on “We Got Married”. The singers seemed like a very compatible couple.They even inquired if the two wanted to date in real life.

Jo kwon responded:

“We are really dating, don’t you guys know”

Just in case anyone doubted the singer,his band,2AM, also confirmed:

“Jo Kwon and Ga-In are really dating”

Hurray for the Adam Couple! If this is true, it will only be a matter of time before Nic-toria goes to the altar reveals their dating too! This calls for a celebration, Kpop style!

What are the odds the Yongseo couple is hiding their secret relationship?

Source: Nate


181 Comments on “Jo-kwon: “I’m really dating Ga-In””

  1. Matthew says:

    Oh yea right, Jo Kwon you’re delusional if you think people think you’re straight

    • poheijo says:

      agree…he is obviously very gay…very, very, very obvious…and very obvious that he like nickhun….

      • fabulosity says:

        JoKwon is not gay. Sure he is little too kkap/or crazy, good at dancing with flexible body movement, and he uses that to his advantage to gain fame. If you think JoKwon is gay, then half of the idol males are gay too. Just because they wear super skinny tight pants, long or permed hairdos, acts cute, wears eyeliners….seriously….luckily they are not gay…its just the culture that eats up the aegyo/cuteness trend wayy to much.

        • Paul Atredis says:

          The Idols do dress and look like women and wear make-up. So you make your own mind up. If they’re not gay then they’re definitely transvestites.

          transvestite – someone who adopts the dress or manner or sexual role of the opposite sex

          and let’s be fair he’s wearing a nice fur boa with some black feather trim. how dainty.

          • forpeace4 says:

            That is the style for idols in Korea!!!! he is not a transvestite!!!! Wow, u are some homophopic person with huge closed mind!!!!

            • Paul Atredis says:

              Transvestism is nothing to do with homosexuality. Clearly you need to speak to some people.

              How is this closed minded if they like wearing ladies clothing?

              • eru says:

                Sorry, but that is a very narrow way of looking at a definition. i.e., women wearing mens suits are not thus transvestites. kpop idols do not dress womanly to look like women, but to pressure the boundaries of what is fashion. There is no reason to think that their “cross-dressing” is related to a desire to cross over or appear like the other sex. Anyways, call it whatever. It is what it is, and imo, lots of them look confident and fashionable with their clothing.

          • John says:

            y u troll?

          • Matthew says:

            What rock did you crawl out from? What those Korean idols wear, just like many other singers, is simply nothing but STAGE clothes and all it’s for is for glamor theatrics. Its meant to catch an eye and make you say wow. Fashion trends come from Europe and ASIA, that’s where they start majority of the time. The Idol Fashion industry is 20x ahead of Western fashion. You need to educate yourself in A. Asian History and B. Learn to differentiate cultures styles and C. talk to a tranny so you have a better undersatnding

        • Matthew says:

          I’m GAY! And Jokwon is gay. I’m not talking about his clothing, I’m not talking about any of that. The boy is in the closet and he is gay. And There aren’t many other idols out there who act just like him. There is a thin line between acting goofy and being gay. Jokwon uses acting “goofy” as a cover to express who he really is. The dude is gay. Get over it. He a friend of Dorothy!

          • Johnson says:

            Does your gaydar tell us if he’s a stooper or a stabber?

          • Aya says:

            ahahahah indeed..the radar is totally on for jo kwon…

            sorry jo kwon fans, i totally agree with Matthew…and addition to that…i still cant consider that as goofy, though..but yes he acts that gay..and if he’s not, he’s an excellent actor…and that came from me..a hag

        • Eunice says:

          Isn’t there a statistic that says at least 10% of every country’s population is gay? Celebrities are most definitely part of a country’s population, so it’s no surprise if there are several that are gay and 1) just don’t know it yet or 2) are hiding it.

        • OHCHAENI says:

          he is not gay, you just have to know, boys in korean are some off them just like this, it’s the culture you live in.. we aren’t thinking like, omg, why are you this, omg, what are you you gay guy or something, we are just like this, it’s more the fun if you have your own personality to laugh about.

          • makaela says:

            YEAH TOTALLY ;/ Jokwon’s just more feminine in manner. he’s not gay dumbfucks, matthew dude ur just trying to create some sorta war or feud or wtvr aren’t u =.=

            like some men who are gay but doesnt act like one, and jokwon who looks like he’s gay but really isn’t . idk if u get ths so wtvr

      • mq says:

        I’m almost sure that the “gay” image is just a persona. He’s not that goodlooking (after being a trainee for so many years, can’t just drop him if he didn’t grow into a beauty after puberty) so of course he needs to make up for it with a flamboyant personality to keep people watching. Would he be this popular if he acted manly like? That guy knows which side his bread is buttered.

        Anyways, love the Adam couple!

        • Paul Atredis says:

          His bread is buttered on the back-side?

        • um says:

          i don’t think he’s doing this persona on purpose. it’s who he naturally is. but i also don’t think he’s gay. it’s obvious how he cares for Ga-In in We Got Married. it’s just that his personality is young, joyful, comical, and out there.

          • Johnson says:

            Yes, all the youthful joyful comical people I know are wearing ginger-wigs and fur with feather trim. That’s how I can tell them apart.

          • Matthew says:

            It’s obvious I care for my best friend who is a female very deeply. I even take care of her as a boyfriend would, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am gay. Jokwon is gay. He’s a goofy funny guy, but the dude is a homo.

            • ashleey says:

              matthew I applaud you . I am sorry Kwon fans but face fact the the man is clearly gay. You can not judge that he is straight from a show that put singer and actors to play at being married. When I watch We Got Married Adams couple it just looked like to best friends a gay guy and a straight girl that is all. I love his goofy persona but that is where it ends at goofy. his movements and the way he carries himself with the confidence only a woman or a gay man can master. All this doesnt mean you all have to love him less.

  2. I don’t like his hair, he need redo his hair

    • Johnson says:

      Seriously.. this is the biggest bag of entertainment company inspired propaganderous shite that I’ve ever read.

      He couldn’t look more effeminate if he tried.

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  4. forpeace4 says:

    those are some very harsh words fem or not i believe he is straight and that they love each other and are dating.we can not judge other people. He said he is not gay, Nichkhun and him are close friends that went through very harsh training together simular to being in the Army..Khun knows him very well and are like brothers….i don’t think its a crime to admire ur brotherppl must understand brotherly love in Asia!

    • Johnson says:

      You’re talking nonsense. You don’t know Khun or this guy, you’re just saying things which appear in your head and have no factual basis.

      The likelihood of these people dating is zero. She’s probably dating some guy in line to inherit a chaebol and not some slave to an entertainment company.

      • forpeace4 says:

        On the same note you don’t know him or them either.u have no factual basis for your statements either you are also judging based on ur visual understanding, i am actually applying basic psy, i am looking at body language..have u actually watched “We Got Married” Have you ever watched ” Hot Bloods” a doutumenry on “Oneday” which 2PM and 2AM coe from Any body with a job is a slave to their company. Actual that “slave” makes good money and is saving. I am a fan of Mr. JoKwon, and because of him I love 2AM, 2PM . Okay a lot of men ACT fem but are not gay ” metro sexual” while some who ACT manly but are the gayest men i know! do some research on the fem male..

        • Peter says:

          You’re applying basic psychology to what? You’re applying basic body language to what? A staged TV show? Staged TV appearances? Rehearsed TV?

          Freud would laugh in your face if you think that’s in any way scientific or valid as psychoanalysis.

          Men who are masculine act feminine? None-gay men act masculine? Are you serious??

          i don’t know what sort of topsy-turvy universe you live in, but it seems you’re having a whole lot of fun making things up.

          • forpeace4 says:

            Men who are masculine act feminine? None-gay men act masculine? Are you serious??

            Ha!!!! I never used this contradition in terms.i said he might look fem but he is not and than many men of this type but are very heterosexual some call them metrosexual! Why are u so anti Jokwon?

            Freud might be the grand-daddy of psychanalysis but he has been discredited in the modern times, many therpists and psychogist its obvious u do not do any research!!!

            Jokwon has many fans because of his ssanti dances and kkap behavior

            • Paul Atredis says:

              Freud has not been discredited. He just belongs to a different school of research to some of the modern people. Besides it’s ‘psychoanalysis’ and it’s ‘therapists’ and ‘psychologists’ and yes it’s obvious I do do psychological research.

              it just appears that lots of korean male pop stars have repressed their urges because of the cultural dislike of homosexuality and transgenderism. And as such lots of the pops stars feel quite happy to have lady’s hair, wear lady’s clothing, lady’s make up and dance like ladies. That’s what you like, then that’s good for you.

              • forpeace4 says:

                Good !!! He has been discredited it a lot his methodogy but yes he is still studied I am in school with a minor in psy.

                Do u not understand the ASIAN pop world is not like ours in the west! Yes, i love Jokwons appearrence!!! he is manly , and sexy to me!!! Who says that ppl need to all fit the same cast to be accepted in society? Have u studied cultures that aren’t ur own?

                Ok, i make errors in spelling but i do wish these blog sites had spell check but u did understand what i was saying so what;s ur point in my spelling???

        • Cresenttlove12 says:

          Are you guys serious he is not gay he is completely straight he is dating gain he wouldn’t hoke about him dating her and he already stated he isn’t gay so it’s people like you who are going around the Internet statin o so and so are gay you guys need to stop because you obviously don’t realize it hurts the celebritys when you write false statements like that so just stop

  5. american girl says:

    yeah!!! i love it!!! ❤ GO Kwonnie & GaIn!!! love u both!!!

  6. Johnson says:

    The caption should be “hi everyone, I like to wear hand cream and sometimes i like to do flower arranging”

    • forpeace4 says:

      Know what??? just stay off this blog if you don;t like him ok?!

    • Paul Atredis says:

      Yes, stay off the blog if you don’t like his hand cream and flower arranging and tapestry. Making offensive statements about his nesting skills aren’t warranted here, m’lad.

      • forpeace4 says:

        what ever!!! u are using that to say he is fem, do u follow him home after a long day at work and know if he does those things??? if u do don;t then u have no facts and are using propaganda to spread hate and lies , therefore its ppl like u who needs to stop and stay off this blog, fter this comments i refuse to answer any more of ur negative comments

        • Paul Atredis says:

          I would never follow another gentleman home, that’s what gay people do. But in korea it’s probably quite common, aswell as wearing make-up and bras.

          • forpeace4 says:

            I do not live in Korea..but i happen to love KPop!! And i can not spell, but i do get my point across and any attempt to use my lack of spelling to defame my character is cheap and crass. It goes to show the type of person I am dealing with enough said!

            • Johnson says:

              I never said he was gay. I said he was dressed in women’s clothing and had a woman’s haircut.

              You people need to understand the difference between cross-dressing in korean popular culture and homosexuality. Besides i don’t know what the statistical link is.

  7. yuna says:

    i don’t know whether i should laugh at all the comments here or not coz u guys are taking it too seriously..we shouldn’t judge based on our ideas because none of us know the truth so just let time tell us..whatever it is still none of our business

    • asianmusiclover101 says:

      I totally agree. Who are we to say that he’s gay. I’m happy for him if he is dating Ga-In! And I’m not a huge fan of 2AM either, but I still support him.

      • Paul Atredis says:

        No one said he’s gay. Everyone said he looks like a ladyboy. Whether he’s gay or not is for him to find out, and then tell his parents.

    • forpeace4 says:

      true!!!! I do not know who this JOHNSON is but this character is the one making these crazy statements about someone he obviously does not know, based on appearence and it makes me angry knowing ppl like him still exists in this world I agree with Yuna!!! His personal life is none of our business, but those comments are very hurtful non the less!

  8. Orangekitty says:

    Cool :)))))))

  9. queenbqty says:

    I love Jo Kwon and if he is really dating Ga In, then good for them they make a cute couple. He is not gay, even though it’s my opinion based on my observation, and I don’t know him personally, those who are calling him gay, do not know him personally either, so stop trying to make others feel stupid! You homophobes who think every male idol is gay, should consider the fact that you are reading about and commenting on them also, so chill because your latent homosexuality is showing or if you are a female, you must be a disappointed wanna be fag hag.
    Anyway, You go, Jo Kwon and I hope Ga In is appreciating that Beastly body of yours.
    Jo Kwon is hot!!!

  10. C'est moi says:

    Calm down kids, calling Jo Kwon effeminate is not a put-down, it’s reality. He is ultra flamboyant and fruity and people love him for that. He is my favorite Korean celeb, I never knew about 2pm or any current Kpop groups until I started watching WGM and I am devastated the Adam couple is retiring (*cries*). But back to the point, yes Kwonnie is so obviously gay. Anyone who can’t see that is either naive or plain clueless. I mean cmon!

    • forpeace4 says:

      Have u watched “hotbloods” MNET did a documentry when 2am/2p first started..they were called ONEDAY, they were put through serious training. He was not acting fem then….he had some kkapness but not that fem, but after his time on the 500th ep pf music bank and he was apart of a paradoy of Wonder Girls ” tell me” called the Wonder Boys , they did ” tell me” and his performance caused a stir because of his kkapness they (fans) started to call him Kkap Kwon!!! He grew in popularity because of that and he and his group became famous because of this behavior he used it to his advntage. Now, true no one of us fans follow him home and can tell what he does, but i do have his twitter account and i follow him there, I think his femm is a act!!! U saying he is gay based on his behavior? What is acceptable in one culture is different for another! I am not clueless to his behavior but i am open minded to different cultures and personalities…i understand the femm male based on his body image and type. There have been articles written to which he says he is NOT gay and he has been trying to change his body since 3 yrs ago.

      Kwon has had it rough in life but he is a very hard worker and a loyal friend

      • Paul Atredis says:

        That would make you naive or plain clueless then.

      • ashley says:

        did you see his audition for JYP when he was younger he looked and dressed girly and No one was dressing him back then so he has to be at least Bisexual it is very common for males in korea to be bi because I have a few male friends and know other guys that admit to this

        • queenbqty says:

          I’m sorry Ashley, I usually agree with you, but you can not tell a person’s sexual preference by the way they dress. The majority of the time Jo Kwon is dressed like any other male, so I don’t know why everyone is ranting about him wearing girl’s clothes. When does all this cross dressing occur, cause I don’t see it.
          You believe the man is gay or Bi, based on his clothes. Well, you are entitled to your opinion, but unless you can show Jo Kwon being intimate with a man, I believe he is straight.
          There may indeed be repressed homosexuality in S. Korea but I truly doubt that it is common for men to be bisexual. Is it common for the women to be bisexual also, or are you just passing judgement on what you perceive to be bisexual males?

          • forpeace4 says:

            Thank you queen…i agree with you point to point!

          • Johnson says:

            I know that a proportion of transvestites believe they should have been born a woman. If this is true then a portion of korean males, who enjoy wearing lady’s clothing, believe they should have been born as women. The link between this and homosexuality is unknown because I know lots of transvestites are happily married.

            My point is, the fact he clearly enjoys wearing ladies clothing has no bearing on if he is or isn’t homosexual or bisexual.

          • ashley says:

            sorry, I really like Jokwon too but hey you never know? I’m not to sure myself if he bi of stright only he knows so yeah….

  11. boshintang says:

    he’s dating ga-in and i’m the king of england. he maybe a straight gay stereotype, but i think this is just some publicity stunt.

    • Paul Atredis says:

      It’s amazing how rattled these fans get when you start cutting questioning their ‘psychological idealisation’ and suggest that it’s just entertainment company planned communications.

      If i was ga-in i wouldn’t be dating this fella.

      • forpeace4 says:

        ur just anti fan, ok. i will not answer someone who is so educated but so closed mined too!!!

        • Paul Atredis says:

          I’ve not interest in K-pop, so I cannot be an anti, or a pro, or an anything. Don’t try to label me with your extremes of thought aligned with your deification of pop idols.

          • ashley says:

            you hate everything don’t cha? lol

          • ara says:

            you’re not interested, yet you write a lot.. keep coming back to this page just to do that?
            cmiiw, but i think that’s a contrary….

            • forpeace4 says:

              Just for the record, i do not think Jokwon is some God but I happen to enjoy him as an entertainer, he’s funny and at the same time his voice when singing is powerful!

              Through watching him on WGM i have laughed, cried and understood a lot of things about him and relationships as a whole. I have become a 2am fan and a oneday fan.

              I speak little to no korean, i can understand a few words, but its the culture and nationalism i enjoy about Koreans as a whole and it comes across in the Kdramas i love and the kpop No neither was filled with the glorifaction of sex but that ebb is changing thanks to the western influence ( i wish it wasn’t ) i liked the innocence of the music.

              but, i agree u only come back to write nonsese about someone u know nothing about using his clothes or style of dress to attack him. Then u attack anyone else who doesn’t share ur opinions. which is closed mined! pityful and plain sad that ur life is only filled by attacking others….do u have a life? I am not alone in my opinions ashley and ara also agree!!!

              • Johnson says:

                Yeh, western influence is making it full of sex. Bad west .. terrible west. It’s not the western influence you fool, it’s influence from within Korea. In the west it’s not acceptable to have a mistress, in Korea it’s expected to have one.

                Besides, you’re the one attacking everyone else.

  12. noi says:

    lol @ Nictoria goes to the altar~ xD

  13. boshintang says:

    LGBT people already have a hard time in Korea and they have to deal with this guy playing up just a small part of what makes up the whole community.

    I really love Korea. I love Korea so much that I got my undergraduate degree in Korean, went to Korea for school (Ewha), and got freakin tattoos of the flag and a kisaeng. I love the people and Korean nationalism but sometimes “uri minjok” or to put more simply the us vs. them mentality just plain sucks. It leads to discrimination of Koreans who are different and foreign laborers mostly.

    To me the flaming gay guy routine for gay people is like black face for African-Americans. Shame on him whether or not he is gay. Don’t think this will change though because I even heard a college educated Korean lady say there are no gay people in Korea and they are a pure race WTF.

    That’s why when people ask me, “When do you think North and South will reunite.” I tell them when they let people be openly gay in South Korea.

    This may not make sense, but it’s just a rant you guys can tear apart. Daehanminguk!!!

    • Muchacha says:

      “When do you think North and South will reunite?
      When they let people be openly gay in South Korea.”

      LOL. The best nonsense/abstract joke I’ve read/heard in a while. Is it yours? I can’t wait to tell it. I hope people will get that kind of humour.

      • boshintang says:

        you found that nugget of silliness so i think it’s yours… i’ve always had a weird sense of humor so to find someone that gets it is rare… single tear coming down my cheek… let’s be friends… LOL

    • queenbqty says:

      You’re right, everything you said made no sense at all. Plus, the fact that you are of like mind with Muchacha means you are in serious need of further education and/or psychiatric care, seek help!

      • Johnson says:

        I’m from Europe, we don’t have any Koreans here. Except for a few north Koreans and lots of Chinese Josunjuk. Europeans don’t even marry Koreans because of we have no cultural exchanges.

        This seems to keep us quite well separated from Korean nationalism, and all this excessive ladyboy stuff and gay hating.

      • Muchacha says:

        You are really prejudiced, queenbqty. A beautiful black lady with a huge biase hidden within.

        Have you educated yourself about the repercussions of an independence given to Africa. What have your African fellows done to themselves after? I doubt you’ll gain that knowledge at school. Nobody wants to spoil your Afro-american mood.

        And still you think I’m the one who is prejudiced. Why? Bercause you’re black?! Silly, you’re just projecting your own feeilngs on me.

        • queenbqty says:

          In what way am I prejudiced, my dear? Is it because I don’t agree with you and you think you know everything? Well, if that makes me prejudiced in your opinion, I’ll be that! But I happen to be the most open-minded person that you may ever communicate with. But you keep thinking the way you think and I will keep disagreeing with you and life will go on!

  14. comet says:

    Jo Kwon and Ga-in an item?? Who knew … and who’d believe? This is a publicity stunt!

  15. ChuuChuu says:

    I KNEW IT!!!! WOOOOO!!!!! ❤

    • forpeace4 says:

      lol me too!!! did u see in ep 13ish where they shared that bottle of water? not once but twice? U only do that with someone u r dating.

      • Johnson says:

        You have absolutely not idea of what people do or don’t do when they’re dating. You’re clearly single… FACT

        • Dona A. says:

          Or she’s just old school or maybe one of those sanitary freaks. Just because of her statement don’t just assume that she’s single. Lol.
          I’m having way too much fun now. xD

          • Paul Atredis says:

            I don’t think she’s old school, i think she’s single and has an idealised image of what dating is like.

            Ga-in doesn’t know where that guy’s mouth has been. Actually, she might have a few guesses.

      • Dona A. says:

        I shared a bottle of water with my boss and my friend before but it doesn’t mean I’m dating either one of them. LMAO!

        I enjoyed reading the comments. Call me weird but I always find humor when people shove their beliefs in each other’s throat. Thanks to that though I had a good laugh! =D
        I personally think that he could be gay but maybe it’s just his fun personality that kinda reminds me of my gay friend. Lol. in my opinion there is no such thing as bisexual men. If you are a man and if you are, in any way, attracted to another man you are definitely gay.

        Good luck to the couple and I hope they will forever shine! =)

        • Paul Atredis says:

          You must be dating! we’ve seen you share a bottle!! Oh my goodness, you must get married now!!

          I think it’s funny to see how far fans will go to protect their ‘idealised’ fantasy about their idol-god. This guy is clearly very very effeminate.

          You’re right though, but I have met some bisexual who seem to just be omnisexual and will date anyone. I didn’t interview them to see if they’re really just gay though.

  16. sticker says:

    Well if it’s true than I pity Ga-In for her sexless life.

  17. forpeace4 says:

    I love it!!!! If its true that they are dating!!!!

    • John says:

      Lol like the way your protecting him so much from this Paul guy…but u should retaliate since ur just making him feel good cuz he knows that he’s getting all the attention. Trolls b trolling ….they will only troll to people who care….paul guy was smart to pick this site since there was a lot of fans…….but still i’m just here to tell you that fighting back won’t solve anything as long as you believe about them dating then there you go! i also believe they are! Let jo kwon worry about his sexuality. An article or two may pop up saying his response to this or smth….well anyways Paul and everyone else who bashes on idols XD I think he’s more successful that you pieces of shits. If jo kwon loves to sing then i dont think he cares about being a slave….a person told me that “As long as you love the thing you do for a living, screw the money or everything else that goes with it” he shows his passion. i admire that.

      Last thing…..

      ❤ ADAM COUPLE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL

      • Johnson says:

        We don’t bash on or over you idols, don’t worry.

        • John says:

          You don’t? oh i c ….i guess some1 else wrote those comments up there XD Like i care less Idols…..are people i just listen to from my ipod….and watch over the interwebs XD but still….this is getting heated…XD when is this convo ending

      • forpeace4 says:

        Thank you JOHN, i realized what his goals are and i am not getting involved in it, but yes u protect those u love..i am not single but i am old school ..i am a romantic type of person, i love Jokwon and Gain together have given a lot of ppl a lot of love and hope. I don’t care about negative and closed minded ppl , i am still doing to be me and keep enjoying who i am and what i love!

        Jokwon is loved and respected within a lot of different fields, he is talented and smart!

        • Jordie says:

          Tell us one field in which he is respected?

          • John says:

            Passion. One word says it all

            If singers didn’t put any effort in their songs and don’t show their passion for the things they do….then all their gonna do is half ass their life to nothing.

            Look at Jo kwon XD sexual preference is up to him but the singing is great XD cuz if you’ve seen him perform he shows it XD sometimes goofy o-o but oh well lulz

          • forpeace4 says:

            singer and actor to name two!!! they just won something simular to 2 grammys! Dancer , he was trained by none other than JYP himself, so there i named three. if u knew about him, u would have known this,

            • Jordie says:

              Trained by JYP who cannot get an act any kind of fame in the USA and he won 2 of the ‘Asia loves Korea awards but only koreans are allowed’ awards.


  18. 바비 says:

    Kwon is not a gay ~~ okay?
    Hope he is really dating Ga-in ^_^
    All of their fans will be very happy~!
    including me =)

  19. shoe says:

    wow…ga-in is a lesbian.

  20. Izzul Cain says:

    hmm ~ I dont know . Maybe Ga-in is much more than you can deserve . x(
    But if she is happy with you than there is nothing else I can say .

  21. huh says:

    This is more for publicity than anything else! It’s obvious his true love is Nick Khun! lol

  22. Zero says:

    -sigh- these comments are so annoying =0= its just an article talking about his confession about jo kwon dating ga-in i mean cmon…..when did this article relate to his sexuality? just put that topic down dudes cuz even if you fight about something like this….nothings gonna happen….jo kwon won’t read this…….ga-in wont read this….and people are just trolling each other …..of course judging from the comments on this article….dude….for those people who just came to this article to bash on jo kwons sexuality. It’s not that i know the dude or smth but still it’s an article it doesnt matter….and that Paul Atredis dude…yeah he’s one mean sob ok exactly why are u searching up this site if ur not interested in k-pop or anything about korean culture and whatnot. if you just came here to bash on jo kwon then go ahead XD it’s your opinion….but i have to say IF PEOPLE KEEP GETTING AFFECTED ABOUT WHAT HE SAYS HE’LL JUST KEEP TALKING we’re just fueling up the fire…so my advice is…..once you see a comment that involves someone bashing on an idol….ignore it….of course im just saying that you should do this but if you wanna prove those trolls wrong then go ahead XD

    About Ga-in and jo kwon dating… seems true to me(my opinion, feel free to bash on it like i care o-o) I believe they actually are since they wouldn’t last 1 year and 5 months without having feelings for each other. and since the skinship becomes natural…..y’know….things can happen……lol im a fan of both so im hoping this is true….

    P.S. C’mon trolls bring it… like i give a shiat about what u say to us fans XD

    • Johnson says:

      My opinion is that she’s a semi-successful entertainer. The likelihood of her korean parents letting her date someone who isn’t an industrial heir, or someone within the same ‘entertainment’ industry as they are is very very very low.

      With regards to Sharing bottles, etc. You people only see whatever the entertainment company wants you to see, they have clear communication plans to make you people believe a story which they have laid out.

      in my opinion, you people are just delusional if you think they’re dating. But I think you already knew that you are.

    • boshintang says:

      obviously you don’t care…

      • Jordie says:

        I don’t really care either.

        • John says:

          welll in my opinion XD it doesnt really matter if you guys care or not. nothings gonna change a thing no matter how many things ppl say here. oh well im just saying im supporting them 😀 who cares if its for publicity or not ..i dont know them that well and you guys dont either so i think we should just see wat happens next o-o

  23. boshintang says:

    jokwon is tricking ga-in… he doesn’t like women and eats dogs… hahahahahaha

  24. Kai says:

    they should date already, their chemistry was just too real

  25. midori says:

    They are really dating! :)) hehe. I am not a fan of Jo Kwon but m students said that they really are dating. But when I asked about the other two couples, they think thos are just for show (Khuntoria and YongSeo couples).

    Ow! One of them said that in YongSeo couple, only Seohyun truly likes her partner but Yong hwa? she said no. So it is unrequited.

    Those are only opinions from koreans I know. ^^

  26. RyanHan says:

    Really? hes not gay? . . ok cool, nice

    but hes behavior, the way he speak, hes appearance, style, voice, how he move . . . uhhhgg

    ok hes not gay =p

  27. jenna says:

    He’s funny and seems like a nice guy no tv shows…but sorry he is SO GAY. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just a fact. Perhaps he’s in the closet about it since Korean society+gay=incompatible. He’s not going to be screaming “I’m gay” now is he? His “relationship” with Ga-in appears platonic genuine closeness but not in the romantic sense. It’s like watching “Will and Grace” when I watch an episode of wgm with them in it. Hilarious but not really a married couple.

    • Jordie says:

      Does he wear his ginger-wig on the tv show?

    • Dona A. says:

      Good example. I totally agree.
      Korean stars or their management tend to pull some crazy stunt to make a buzz and Korean Stars’ fangirls and fanboys take the bait so easily. It’s funny. xD

  28. RedMango says:

    Im gay. I can tell whos gay, It doesnt matter if they’re acting girly or not. I know all about cultural factors, but this dude is so gay!!!. I can tell you about others in kpop, but thats another topic.

  29. sads says:

    LOL He says he is dating Ga-In and everyone’s reaction is ‘But you’re gay!’ O____O Awh.
    I wonder if the admittance of their relationship is to squash any rumors/whispers of his sexuality. It seems like every time his name is mentioned people leave comments about ‘how gay’ he is. ..but they still ‘totally like him even if he is gay’. What? >>;
    NO! I don’t want Nic-toria to be real. I don’t really like her. all. Not even a little bit. So I wish for their HAPPY SEPARATE futures that are not even in the remotest form connected! Cause I’m an bitter jealous fangirrl. >83
    I’m all for YongSeo tho but I highly doubt they’re dating. They’re so beautiful and innocent together. O*3*O

  30. alex says:

    he is not really dating gain .. in the show after saying that he was dating her…he said he was joking and both are too busy to date 😦

  31. Johnson says:

    I’m bored of this thread, and the man wearing ladies clothing and a wig.. let’s move onto a new topic.

  32. theZEUSluv13 says:

    so what if Kwon is gay? he obviously likes GaIn! HURRAY!!!!

  33. mira says:

    adam couple 4ever!!

  34. chaimoon says:

    I think he is wearing a gender-neutral hair style cause definitely guys don’t wear hair like this one!

  35. Meg says:

    Everyone should know by now that in the k-pop industry the companies or I should say music lables control every aspect of the people who has signed to them. In other words, they will create an image or a story and leak it to the press. However, what I find amazing is how easy people believe these stories when they are obviously fabricated.

    Furthermore, I have to agree with Johnson when he says Kwon is gay. As an example, remember the song and video that 2PM and 2AM made something about Brown eyed boys. Anyway, in the video the guys were dressed feminine and acted girly. But, if anyone noticed the guys still came across as masculine except for Kwon. And I am not basing my observation on the way he was dressed but, I am basing it on his mannerisms.

    Kwon is gay and it is a shame that he has to live a lie because the Korean society will not except homosexuality. Korean society can deny homosexuality all they want too but, denying something does not mean that there are no gay Koreans.

    • Muchacha says:

      On the one hand they’re denying, on the other there are plenty of “boys look/act like girls groups”. No one is indignant and the feminization is considered as “cute” and “adorable”. I’d say it’s even slightly expected.
      Maybe the Korean society, tired of denying, has just put all the homosexuality into the Kpop. Just guessing.

  36. Cool…
    But im curious abt YongSeo Couple..:)

  37. Sypher says:

    Aish why can’t all of you just shut up I don’t get it…It’s his life whatever he wants to do with it just let him do it…There are THOUSANDS of other homosexuals out there why don’t the few of you go pick at them and see what happens…A whole raging homo squad will be up your ass…So just shut it…Read the news…Keep your opinions about his sexuality to yourself…NO ONE LIKES HATERS…I won’t deny the fact if he IS gay or not…but it’s his life and I have my own life to live…Don’t you all have gay friends??? Don’t you guys know any other gay celeb??? Elton John would probably crush you with his million dollar wallet if you picked on him…Though he’s openly gay…LET HIM BE…This new world does NOT need haters…Cut yourself you bleed…what colour blood do you bleed? Green? and I bleed purple? Are you mad? WE ALL BLEED RED BLOOD…Get what I mean? F***ing di**s…Go back to the witch hunt days if you’re mindset is of a 200 year old…

  38. Park says:

    He is abit girlish sometimes..not typical guys who tries to be cool and macho..
    but who say girlish guys are gay?? Please get it right yeah??
    Kwon is just being himself, and that makes me respect him so much! The hard work and everything he did dont deserve this sort of comments dude.
    And, WGM is not so stupid to ask a GAY to be in their show….

    • IanIsHere says:

      Why would they be stupid if they asked a ‘GAY’ to be in their show? Is it not stupid in your mind to not ask people to be in their show based upon sexual preferences?

      Who says girlish guys are gay? well, normally the girlish guys say this.

  39. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    This is actually a joke.
    Jo Kwon was just goofing around saying that he was dating ga in, but he actually isn’t.
    If u don’t believe me, here’s the proof:

    • Muchacha says:

      Read the discussion above. Everybody knew it was a joke. Someone has even used a GAYDAR to confirm that.
      Another conclusion from what have been written here is that she’ll marry a successful businessman’s son or somebody alike. Just wait.

  40. yeeying says:

    Oh yeah !!! This is what i hope. Yong hwa and seo hyun should become a real couple also. I’m waitting for good news.

  41. jenny says:

    no, its not certain if hes korean culture men are just feminine in that way, most of them are but it doesnt mean they are.

  42. Pearl says:

    I’m pretty sure Nichkhun and Victoria are going out for real! They seem to be very intimate with each other on the show.

    • Darth says:

      Yeh, they must be because everything that happens on shows is real. Because richard gere and julia roberts must be dating because they seemed very intimate in that film ‘pretty woman’.

      You’re doing something called psychological ‘Distortion’ to make your perceived reality fit with your own needs. You should probably stop using it because it makes you look like an imbecile.

      • Pearl says:

        We got married is a reality show like Jersey shore or the one that used to be on mtv you dickhead! Whereas Pretty Woman is a Hollywood scripted movie!

        • Darth says:

          Just so you know Reality TV is actually oxymoron. Anyone who knows anyone in tv knows reality TV is scripted otherwise it would just be filming people sitting around in their underpants, reading and having cups of coffee.

          So, basically hollywood movies, and notreality-tv, it’s all the same and you’re just a sucker who wants to believe any dream that an entertainment company can sell you, just like you believe you really have 400’000’000 friends on lonelyfacebook

          • Pearl says:

            WHATEVER! I will believe whoever and whatever i want to! Just so you know I do not have 400+ friends on fb and even if I did have it is NONE of your effing business!!!!

            If you don’t use facebook and if you have the so called LIFE why are you on this site and writing judgemental comments to people? GET REAL!

            • Darth says:

              Look, it’s not my fault that you like to spend your spare time filling in ‘lonelybook’, what is effectively an american company’s marketing database for free and indexing all your behavioural data and photos for them so that they can perform data mining on all that data, selling it to other companies and then use the data to manipulate you into buying stuff. All this is in exchange for them making you think you have 300’000 friends. Basically it’s data-for-ego-stroking and this is what you spend your hobby time doing.

              If you want to do that with your spare time that’s your issue, not mine.

            • marie kilbane says:

              I used to had 400 friends on fb but I delated them half of them because they don’t say anything on comments or say hello, never used them, so I delated most of them and some of mens are pervert and some are look for relationship which I am NOT interested, I delate them even through send me in box msg to beg me for forgiven, i ignore them.. I am happy what I have friends on my lists.. if you wanted to be friends that fine you can find me on fb.. don’t
              be stranger!!!

  43. jo kwon gay says:

    LOL at all the replies!

  44. JokwonFTW says:

    Jokwon aint gay -__-;; Jus cuz he dances alot more flexable then other guys dont mean shit, hes jus being funny -_-;; All the replies r all bs bout him being gay, if u aint gunna say sumthin nice dont say no shyt at all. Besides, all idols dress liek their gay n no one gives a damn, maybe it matters here in america n it seems pretty gay, in korea its normal. Lovin Jokwon Foevvbbaa ❤ ❤ ❤ ;))

  45. libby_junior says:

    i hate u jo kwon..u stole my ga in.. 😡

  46. stickyrice says:

    jeez, it’s kind of narrow minded to say that just because a person wears certain things or acts a certain way, that they are a certain way. sure jokwon is very feminine, and sometimes, he does look pretty gay, and wear girly clothes, and perms his hair, but that doesnt mean he thinks men are hot, and wants them in his backdoor xD it could juss be that he likes looking good, or likes different fashion from what we’re used to. and thats juss his attitude. i have lotsa guy friends who likes cutesy things, and loves fixing up their hair, but they chase after girls. its like saying juss cuz i like/dress in goth/punk fashion, it doesnt mean im emo and cut myself. every1 is juss basing their opinions of his “preference” on stereotypes, which aren’t always right. now im not saying that he CANT be gay, cuz there’s a possibility he could be, but to me he juss seems like a metrosexual, which is a hetero guy who juss acts a bit girly, likes to be stylin, has girlish charms, but still are interested in girls. he also seems to GENUINELY be in love with Ga-in, which how can anyone not?! she’s hot, and oh soo adorable xD

  47. Devie fibtaricadevie.fb says:

    what are u talking about guys?? wheter Jo Kwon is a gay or not?
    have u ever been able knowing what exactely gay men look like??
    i have a friend, a very close friend, the one act masculine and act like a man, the other act like woman, n he’s very playfull and fun,and you know what?? which one is gay? the one who act like man! dont judge a book by its cover!! and my friend who are playfull and talk like women,he’s trully a man who can love a woman! pleaseee…
    stop blaming Jo Kwon! who cares he’s a gay or not,the fact that he really loves n cares about ga in that is the most important! even,is that wrong if a gay men start loving a woman?
    you are trully childish and narrow minded if you continue judging someone like that…

  48. Camille says:

    Woaahhhh… I’ve read almost all the comments here and this kind of “war” between people on this frivolous subject is so entertaining. kekeke

  49. Adams says:

    Woah, reading the comments. You guys really, saying Jo Kwon is gay. If he is gay, why did he go on WGM in the first place? I’m curious, are you guys saying Kwonnie is gay just because his kkabness? That’s just one of his amazing talents. Can’t a guy be cute? Don’t judge people when you don’t really understand them yet. That is just called rude. Judging people like that is just low, you should know better than that. His hair and outfits are probably done by his stylists you know. And so, sure, he was kidding about dating Ga-in, so he’s gay now for not dating a girl? Get your facts right, if you want to say he’s gay, please show me some solid evidence.

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