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U-kiss debuts in the USA!

This year, NH Media band,U-kiss, plans to bring their affection to the United States.

Currently, the boys are preparing for their Korean comeback and international debut. The newest U-kiss album is scheduled to be released in February.

Below is what NH Media stated:

We’ve already listened to about 100 new songs for their new album.  The songs chosen will be group ballads, a genre which hasn’t been featured in U-KISS’s albums. Our production team in the States, ‘ PED’, has already prepared choreography videos. We’re currently discussing how we’ll be bringing the boys over, since they have various schedules to still complete in Korea.  We’ll be balancing it with the group’s Korean comeback.”

Will they hold a NH Media family show in Los Angeles like SMtown? Or, will the band begin a nationwide tour like the Wonder Girls last year?

Whatever they decide, you can be certain of one thing…there will be plenty of kisses to go around! Kisses if U provide them,that is.

Sources: Star News,Newsen,and TV Daily


104 Comments on “U-kiss debuts in the USA!”

  1. Johnson says:

    This whole US tour has ‘Fail’ written all over it. They should go to LA to K-town where the americans who think they’re korean will buy all the tickets and then tour all the hospitals where the filipinos will buy all the tickets. That’s the best way for them to make money as a K-pop boyband in USA.

    korea….. K-town LA… hospitals…. korea.

    • hatesracist SOBs says:

      yea…then Usher, Kanye West, Snoop Dog, etc can all go back to Africa right?? You’re such a racist SOB and you need to keep your f* mouth shut!! You American’s are just so damn close minded…if you don’t like it, don’t go!! They have the right to tour wherever they want in this world…

      • queenbqty says:

        I’m American, African American actually, and I love UKiss and quite a few other kpop groups, so my mind is not closed, its wide open. I welcome Ukiss and would love to see them perform. Don’t attack Americans behind what Johnson says, he’s not American, he’s some strange kind of European racist.

        American racists may be stupid, but they’re more fortunate than that Euro-racist Johnson, because they live in America.

        • Celery says:

          Nothing fortunate about living in ‘George Orwell’s Delight’ or the USA some people call it, unless you like to get forced to take prozac and coffee and then get shot in the street.

          Besides Usher, Kanye West, Snoop Dog aren’t from Africa, they’re from USA and when did anyone say anyone should go back anywhere?

          All that was said is the U-kiss would fail in USA so let’s all just watch and wait to see it when they do.

          • queenbqty says:

            Stop sounding like an idiot and acting like you know what everybody in the US or Korea or any other country other than whatever country you’re supposed to be from, does!

            I don’t take prozac or drink coffee and I haven’t been shot in the street for at least 2 weeks. Stop hating, America is the greatest country in the world. Deal with it!

  2. AKAN says:

    Another one that will be sent back home with their tail between their legs. Just like BoA, Seven, Wonger girls … lol

    • Johnson says:

      Seriously, when are they going to learn?

    • Kai says:

      I think Se7en would’ve done well if he hadn’t left prematurely…he was set to work with some hot producers, and his song was on BET, so i think all it takes is just a hot song and better promotion..

      • Paul Atredis says:

        se7en left prematurely because there was exactly zero interest in his artistic products.

        How would he have done well? how is this premature?

        ‘A hot song’? didn’t we already discuss how korean songs are absolutely cutlurally irrelevant to americans and how what is hot in korea (singing to your oppa about how you missed him, while the video camera zooms into your crotch area) isn’t hot in USA.

        You people are deluded.

  3. Congrats for going to amercia! many fans would be very happy hear your music

  4. Samantha says:

    They coming to US? I rather B2st come to the US…

    • nkaujliag says:

      true i ❤ beast

    • Kpoplover says:

      Shut up, asshole. No one cares about your damn B2ST atm. If you haven’t noticed this is for U-Kiss so shut up.

      Be happy Kpop artists are even bothering to debut here.
      And I doubt B2ST would do as good as U-Kiss.

      And before you go off saying I’m an Anti-B2st. I’m not. Because I love B2ST, but you honestly need to shut up.

  5. american girl says:

    Lets see how this goes. I love U-Kiss but hopefully they come with a bang because thats all it takes. congrats U-Kiss!!! ELI!!!

  6. queenbqty says:

    Good Luck, UKISS, you guys are a great band. As an American, I don’t hold out much hope because Americans are very narrow-minded and unwelcoming to other cultures, but I am still hoping for a breakthrough by some Korean band because there is a lot of talent in kpop! Maybe UKISS will do it, if they can hook the teenage girls they may make it, so just work hard and keep hope alive!

    • Paul Atredis says:

      It’s not that Americans are unwelcoming, it’s just this cultural vibe of men dancing like women and wearing women’s clothing and make-up isn’t aligned to their puritanical cultural roots.

      Going to USA and demanding that they love your culture is just very Korean, I think the fact they keep doing it shows how little respect they have for other cultures.

      • Matt says:

        well put, paul.

        as a new yorker, i can attest that not just koreans, but asian visitors tend to demand that americans adore their cultures. it’s cultural insensitivity in other ppl’s backyard. hey, no one put a gun to their heads to come here in the first place.

        • Johnson says:

          I concur. It just all seems to be 95% cultural an 5% talent and the only people who appear to be going to any of these concerts are overseas asians.

          .. also I daresay some of these these bands are like a throwback from the new romantic era of the early 80s. 2ne1 is a Spicegirls tribute act from 1990s, etc. They believe their own hype, rather than playing good music.

    • For-The-Love-of -Peaches!! says:

      Okay I don’t know where you get that most Americans are narrow-minded and unwelcoming from, but it has to do more with marketing than anything else…In America becoming a mainstream artist or musician has more to do with politics than actual talent.You need the right production team behind, a sponsor who can loan you the money to pay Payola and other marketing companies get your song on the radio and TV, and so on…Most of the past Kpop Idols failed because they can’t seem to figure out that it takes more than talent and looks to make ti here…It’s all semantics when it comes to the American Music Industry.

      • ashley says:

        So true lets hope they get it right this time

      • queenbqty says:

        I beg to differ, so you are saying that the popular artists in America are untalented, that is very untrue. Yes, marketing and production have a lot to do with it but if you have no talent, I don’t care how much marketing, production and payola you have behind you, you will fail. For your info, most Americans are narrow minded and unwelcoming, you are an excellent example and also ill informed. Talent will always eventually break through all barriers, that’s how African Americans finally broke through the Caucasian blockade and were able to become top stars. If you don’t know what you are talking about you should hush up, honey!

        • For-The-Love-of -Peaches!! says:

          When did I say that they are untalented? I’m saying that political ties and relations has more to do with breaking into the Industry than actual talent. Talent as much as in subjective, it is still in the back burner and it still has to do with who you know. Their are so many talented musicians and artists in America alone yet so many go unnoticed because of no semantical relations…I recommend taking some Entertainment business classes in college because you will learn all about this more. And of course they still might fail but at least they will fail in the public eye…Kpop artists like BoA, Se7en and Rain failed in another aspect because no one noticed them at all. They failed becasue they were invisible. At least with endorsers they will give you a spotlight and a chance to get your product and message out…The failing aspect all has to do with how the public will judge and accept you. If these boys failed at least in the public eye then it means they had more publicity than their other Kpop brethrens.

          Also the African American broke into the American Industry because of their own semantics…During the late 1950’s and 60’s they made their own branch and genre in music but not becasue of talent alone…Labels such as Motown and Atlantic records had loose ties to the mafia and used money laundry tactics to pay the radios and TV to play their music. Back then alot of shady business was going on just to break into the industry. If you are going to deny the political relations within the music industry might as well deny the history of how such grounds were broken to get where these people got.

          • queenbqty says:

            All you have stated is your idea of how the music industry works, I am sure there is lot of corruption and crime, but talent has a whole lot more to do with it than anything else. Based on your theories, any old person who wants to be an entertainer if they have the right connections or can pay the right people off can be a star, then why is that not happening. Based on your theories, Paris Hilton, should be bigger than Lady GaGa and she ain’t. Why, because despite connections, sponsors and tons of money, she has no talent.
            Kpop artists don’t make it because of narrow-minded, know nothings like you who unfortunately are too numerous in politics, the music industry and everywhere else. You go to college and study some history but even then you still won’t know what you are talking about!

            • For-The-Love-of -Peaches!! says:

              First of all what’s with the name calling? I never called you narrow minded nor dumb did I? If you can’t handle civil debate then don’t even reply back. And I have been in the music industry more then you can say. If you are gong to pull out the race card about America then might as well say that about Korea too…It’s more than narrow mindedness to hurdle in this industry. That’s only part of the huge obstacle they have to face…Sure their racist bigots America but so does every other country on this Earth. If you are only going to pint out one part of why they won’t make it then I will surely point out the other part….Of course BoA, Rain and Se7en didn’t make it here becasue of racism but they were also not exposed to the big corporate world of the Media. They never wnet on talk shows to talk about their album and new single…They never got corporate funding to launch their careers to get more sponsors…To get heard and and to be seen is to have as much funding by the higher ups..It’s not enough to have a celebrity artist collaborating a song on your album…You also need these celebrities to sponsor your name while they are promoting their own album at the same time…But that all costs money too. Don’t pick a fight with me if YOU don’t anything about the music industry either…At least I have knowledge and experience..What do you have? Yeah I thought so… nothing.

              • Johnson says:

                You people are faggots talking about what you dont’ even understand.

                korean pop groups aren’t culturally relevant to the USA. Black pop groups are culturally relevant to the USA, so is country music, so is R&B, so is hip hop. Dance music isn’t really.

                Going to the USA and shouting at Americans when you’re wearing ladies clothing is fine when you’re ‘Erasure’ during the 1990s because you’re singing to the gay audience, like Kylie has a huge Gay following in USA but very little in the mainstream.

                Cultural significance is hugely important and simply put, the huge amount of white, black and hispanic people in USA can see no cultural link to this music, they get no emotion from it, and they don’t buy it.

                “Eminem is a white guy ‘shouting’ about how he grew up in a poor city in USA in a trailer park from an abusive family home” – relevant

                “SNSD are singing about how they love their Oppa in a very weird way, dressed as children.” – not relevant

                You people seem to just have just no idea about why people buy artistic or cultural products.

                • For-The-Love-of -Peaches!! says:


                  I know that already…I just find it annoying that some people make an excuse that Kpop Idols can’t make it because of racism…Irrelevancy or not I’d rather see a Kpops tar failing with a huge spotliht and attnetion on them than failing with nobody noticing at all.

  7. blanznist says:

    They are gonna mistaken shut up for shut down here if that song was sanged here lol. Cause they aren’t gonna make it, BoA and Utada didn’t so whatever give up thinking they will.

  8. sonb says:

    I don’t really like U-KISS… but Kevin used to live here where I’m living now. 😀
    Go Kevin!

  9. Angel says:

    honestly, popseoul, most of your readers here are very opinionated, sarcastic and racist people… and most americans here really think that they are the only people in the world ! it’s one thing you leave a comment but stop the lambaste on other races and/or nationalities, so rude and illiterate!!!

    • Babiee says:

      Thank you so much Angel! I feel that alot the people here that say they arent being racist but yet they are judging on the make up and clothing they wear is soo stupid! cause i mean seriously thats someone’s culture and how they are in the music industry, cause if lets just say if america started the make up for guys and clothing trend first they would act like they started a new trend and be all cool about it but now its because koreans started that, they judge like no other… its like if you dont kpop then dont spend ur time on these websites that talk abouth kpop and all boy and girl band groups work hard and they dont know stupid people bashing on them!

      • Johnson says:

        If I recall from being locked in a room and made to watch the show but Joey in overplayed tv-show ‘friends’ wore make-up .. it was called ‘ichiban – make up for men’.

        It didn’t become a trend in USA.

    • sunnybelle says:

      the americans here are not deluding themselves and being honest. there is a 2% chance of U-kiss making it here, and the readers here are pointing that out. just because they’re saying that MOST americans will think that they’re gay transexuals, that doesn’t mean they themselves think they’re trannies.

      honestly, i agree with them. i love ukiss to death, but everyone will think theyre gay… especially kiseop and kevin. if you’ve seen kevin on pops in seoul, you’ll know what im talking about. he has a very effeminate personality, which translates to gay here. even if you arent gay but just effeminate, then the rest of the american public will think youre gay.

      i think that if they come out with bingeul bingeul or shut up, WITHOUT the makeup and hairspray, teen girls will develop a cult following. i mean look at justin bieber/the jonas brothers/big time rush. and eli and xander should go on ellen and they should all perform on good morning america or something lol thats the best way to promote yourself here. as long as they dont fall into the disney boyband trap, they should be successful here and someone might take them seriously who isnt asian/listens to kpop.

  10. USAgain... says:

    UKiss will never make it in mainstream USA.

    Kpop makes all this big hoopla about debuting their idols/ artists (whatever) in the USA, because they’ve been in training for it for years now, working with “big” producers …yadda yadda, but yet can’t or won’t even take the time to learn the damn language properly and yeah, they DO expect everyone else to learn THEIR freakin’ language and have the nerve to say, “Korea is going worldwide” (..or some crap like that) when all it is, is the otherside just trying to communicate better with their asses.

    • Johnson says:

      I know. It’s just more failure based on a vehicle of korea trying to ram itself down the american’s throats …. again.

  11. mikaela says:

    yay! kinda excited but then I have a feeling this might not go as well as it did in my head…lol >.< but if my friends get into them I mite not be willing to share lmao! i sound like a crazed obsessed fan.

  12. SoMuchHate says:

    In the US or other western countries, it’s very hard for an asians to succeed in the entertain industry. How many (asian foreign or native) make it in the biz. Not very many. Unless you’re showing a lot of skin, asians singers aren’t gonna make it. Heck look at all the Asian Youtubers. Most watched youtubers are freakin asian. Then you have bands/groups always have these American producers produce their albums. It’s such a big no no. Look at BoA and Utada. BoA’s album sucked and Utada’s was ok.

    There are reasons why Shikira and Ricky Martin were able to succeed. Not only was it due to the hispanic/latin community, but it was also their difference in their music. It was very latin/hispanic sounding, but it yet still mainstream. It was different.

    Heck, if BoA and Utada just englishfied lyrically their earilier songs, It would have done much better than what they had in. Plus who ever marketing people are they suck.

    • Jordie says:

      Most watched youtubers are asians sat at home watching other asians doing their make-up, while they sit at home not having a girlfriends.

      The thing is, asians like doing accounting and being a doctor, and by being an accountant or doctor in USA, you’re never going to be a good pop star. The second thing is asians spend all their time trying to be asian. Black and White americans spend all their time trying to be american. Until asians want to be american, they’re never going to be popular in USA.

      BoA’s songs aren’t very good lyrically, and Utada hikaru sings about how ‘japanesey’ she is or how she’s sitting in a ‘hotel lobby’. What is there in that for white or black or hispanic americans to listen to?

      “Korean-american … korean first, americans last”, pretty much proves my point.

      • blah says:

        You say that Asian-Americans spend all their time trying to be “Asian”, while African-Americans and white-Americans spend their time trying to be “American”. What does it mean to be “American” versus “Asian”? I’d like to hear ur clarification on that…

        • Celery says:

          I think he’s trying to say that sociology would suggest that from a tribal perspective, the ‘African’ and ‘White’ Americans are trying to become central to the mainstream American tribe thereby seeing the benefits of being mainstream, including social acceptance and ability to succeed within the ‘popular culture’. He or she appears to be saying that Asian Americans, I guess because of parental reasons, spend more time trying to be a part of a totally different tribe altogether, such as one to which they are geographically separated back in asia.

          Because they’re attempting to be a part of another tribe, they’re quite likely to be isolated and separated from the mainstream, as a comanche native-american tribe member would be isolated from the mainstream illini tribe if they sat around trying to be comanche and wearing comanche clothing.

          The suggestion is that to overcome this they make matters worse by claiming they are both asian and american (best of both world’s strategy) but this is upheld by no tribal, legal or geo-political entity and they ultimately end up orphaned by the main tribe and cut loose.

          This is in summary why people in this position find themselves unable to get into pop-music or onto tv, because they reject the mainstream culture and yet expect to be allowed into what they reject.

    • ILuvBunnies says:

      Boa did release an English version of Girls on Top. I used to love the song in Korean, but it sounded a little “off” in English because of the “ingrish.” I think America has too many stereotypes about Asians for Koreans to do well in the music scene here.

  13. sads says:

    I adore U-Kiss. I’m so in lust with Eli…
    ..however I have a better chance of making more money giving FREE(KEYWORD) SLEIGH RIDES in HELL than U-Kiss does hitting it big in the USA. BUT U-KISS FIGHTING cause I want to be an annoying fangirrl! :’D
    I wonder why American culture/music does better overseas than vice versa.. America’s big celebrities are able to make names for themselves in other countries but rarely does BIG in another country do well here.. .-.

    • Jordie says:

      Beatles.. def leopard.. Queen.. any number of new romantic groups.. coldplay… Spicegirls.

      Justin Beiber, Celine Dion, Brian adams, etc..

      Do you want me to stop?

    • ILuvBunnies says:

      Because the culture of the new world America, The Caribben, “Latin” America is a melange of European, African etc music. It rocks. Reggae, Rap, Rock etc. We have some of the best music and artists in the world. IMO, it’s partially because of the mix of cultures and the infusion of African music and dance. It makes our music scene unlike any other in the world and appealing to lots of people. Just saying. That and royalties.

  14. Annette says:

    Please come to the Boston ,Massachusetts or Manchester ,New Hampshire area i would to come to your concert here.I love KPOP and JPOP etc.The problem with Americans is we rather here gang banging murdering lyrics than really good ones that don”’t promote violence i use to watch MTV but now i only listen and watch KPOP and JPOP etc.I got tired of hearing about killing every five minutes and seeing half naked people.Americans treat Asians like crap.I am not Asian but had a friend in school that was Japanese and it was terrible what people called her yet she was the nicest person you could ever meet.I also think that Asian music is better because they seem to care more about lyrics and are excellent dancers.So please come to this area.Your music and KPOP and JPOP have actually helped me lose weight because it is great music and because they are good beats in the music,plus American artists are about the MONEY ,i do not see that in Asian bands.

    • Jordie says:

      Blah blah blah, they’re so horrid .. and I’m so nice, blah blah blah

    • Johnson says:

      Actually, K-pop bands are more about the money, that’s why these singers are just faceless facades to corporate machines which product bland formulaic pop, which you mind-slaves lap up and then they never actually do anything artistic.

      The fact that most of these bands have about 1/2 the number of americans in them than koreans just shows you how desperate they all are to get some recognition in the USA, but USA doesn’t like formulaic pop … so even rammed full of americans (who koreans love more than air) they’re fail… and fail hard.

      Just watch.

  15. […] Sources: Star News,Newsen,and TV Every day [Via source] […]

  16. theZEUSluv13 says:

    hopefully they put on a good show so they dont leave with their faces on the ground! come to wisconsin please!!

  17. chaimoon says:

    With 3 English speaking members, they can go anywhere to promote their music. It really helps to be able to converse with English. No matter what one thinks, English is the international language, so Kpop bands should learn how to speak English if they want to be known world wide!

    • Johnson says:

      You mean they have 3 Americans in the group…. like every Korean pop group. Even those in the USA which continually fail to make any interest outside of KOrea, Phils, Viet, Indo and Malaysia.

      Your logic is flawed. They’ll never be known worldwide, and they’re just the same formula as every k-pop group.

      • Katina says:

        U-Kiss actually only has 2 American members. The members are Eli Kim and Kevin Woo. If you are thinking of Alexander Lee Eusebio, he isn’t American. He was born in Hong Kong but grew up in Macau. He is half-Korean, quarter-Portuguese and quarter-Chinese. The only reason people think that he’s part American is because he speaks fluent English.. But he’s not. He is fluent in 7 different languages, English, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Portuguese, Japanese, and Spanish. And they can all speak English. The youngest member, DongHo, has the most troubles with speaking English. But they can all speak English. Kevin Woo and Eli Kim were born and raised in the United states. And they are pretty much known throughout the world. And just to let you all know, they aren’t the only ones Debuting in the US this year. You also have 2NE1 and BIGBANG. OH! And JYJ(they have already debuted here). But they are working with Kanye West. So they will make it. And after JYJ it will be TVXQ. And the 2 members from TVXQ and the 3 members from JYJ, make up DBSK.

        You all may think that S7VEN, BoA, The Wondergirl, and whoever else that has debuted in the US, hasn’t made it. Well that’s what you think. To me they have made it. I am American and Half Italian. I am not part Korean or anything. But in order to understand them, you have to appreciate the Korean Culture. To me, I’m happy that all these Korean K-pop bands are going international. To them it’s a big deal. And it’s a big deal to a lot of people in the US who loves them and can’t fly to Korea to see them. They are our Idols. We will love them no matter what.

        • queenbqty says:

          Kudos to you! Although I am not as classy or civil as you are, you said it very well. I am African American and I love kpop, there is so much talent and the idol singers word so hard, its a sin that they are constantly belittled and denigrated when they don’t deserve it. I hope UKiss does well in the States and I hope the kpop artists keep coming because there are many Americans who are into it and if others stop being narrow minded and insular they could probably come to appreciate the beauty of kpop and the interesting and admirable Korean culture. Thank you for saying what you said.

          • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

            You’re black and you know koreans dislike black people, which makes life even more difficult. LA riots and all that.

            • queenbqty says:

              My life is not difficult at all. Its quite pleasing, actually. At times, I don’t like Black people, Koreans, Causcasians, or whatever race you are supposed to be. I don’t live in L.A. and the Koreans I know are cool people. Your race card has no effect on me, try another game!

        • Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

          You’re not half italian, there is nothing italian about you, and let’s be fair, no one knows who any of these people are outside of malaysia, south korea and the philippines.

          JYJ will make it? HAHAHHAHAH let’s just see. But I know for a fact they will fail.

        • sunnybelle says:

          if you think jyj made it, you are a deluded fan girl. “they are working with Kanye West. So they will make it. ” no, they failed BECAUSE they worked with kanye west. i want to shoot whoever wrote the lyrics for ayy girl. it had the potential to be super big because it had a nice beat but…

          whoever wrote it must have been listening to american cliched pop songs and studied english for two weeks. i could tell how the next line would go after hearing the first two words of the verse:

          “we were so high
          we touched the sky
          you broke my heart
          tore me apart”

          HELL NO.

  18. they never fail in amercia and I beleive they enjoyed to learn to speak in english, it would be good for them in future

    • Johnson says:

      Failure in USA is a certainty, the only question is how hard they fail.

      • They can do what as they pleases

      • Muchacha says:

        How about 2ne1 or Spice girls tribute as you called them? The promotion with from the Black Eyed Peas will make it or be another fail in your opinion?

        • Johnson says:

          It will be a confused failure. People in USA will have no cultural bearing and just see it as gimmicky.

          To be fair, it is all very gimmicky. I’m surprised William would want to be involved in something this gimmicky unless he had a thing for asian girls, which I guess he must do.

          Either way, I predict gimmicky failure.

          • Muchacha says:

            Thank you for a view. I concur that the collaboration with William is a gimmick. I must admit a clever one. His participation in a production should make songs more understandable for the audience. Moreover a joint promotion won’t be unnoticed by the media. If YG pays for a solid advertisment, these girls will have a chance. The only weak spot of the sophisticated plan is 2ne1 itself. It’ll be difficult for them to sell a fierce image from Korea in America. Not to mention other 2ne1’s disabilities. Still I can’t predict the score. But I think that a victory or a failure of this venture may be crucial for Kpop attempts in breaking the American market.
            I guess money and opportunities is what convinced William.

            • Graham says:

              I’m guessing likes korean-poontang and so wants to do things with korean stars.

              Fierce-pop already exists in USA, Pink made a whole career out of shouting at Europeans for killing animals inhumanely (whilst closing her eyes to how USA kills arabs inhumanely or the Apartheid currently taking place in Israel) Like most Americans she then tries to sell these rants to the people she dislikes…

              I doubt 2ne1 are going to rant on and on about something Americans find intolerable, i.e. Europeans. 2ne1 will jump about saying how they love their oppa, will stand there thinking he wants some asian-poontang.. and it’ll be a failure.

  19. Serial KissMe says:

    I love U-Kiss a lot, but when I see this, like other people, all I can think about is how they’ll fail. I don’t mean to be down, but seriously, K-Pop artists come to make it big, and end up crushed. I wish them the best of luck.

    • Nara says:

      Somebody read my mind :/ When I see some asian artist/band/actor/whatever “having debut in the US” makes me only sad because I know they are going to fail.. unfortunately. 😦 But FIGHTING anyway 🙂

  20. Angie says:

    Why cant they just come to Canada. I’d welcome them. none of them even try coming here. It sucks. 😦 I mean there are lots of fans here.

    • Johnson says:

      It’s because Canada isn’t the spiritual home of Koreans. Koreans are taught from a young age to do anything to get to USA, Canada is close to USA, but only seen as a staging point for them getting to USA.

      I’d not hold your breath if you think K-pop groups are going to go to Canada anytime soon, you’d be better getting into Mandopop or listening to Edison Chen’s music.

    • marie kilbane says:

      Oh I love canada, I just to niagria falls between cananda and NY.. beautiful waterfalls.. I would welcome anyone all over world to canada and usa, EVEN KOREA!!!

  21. Serina says:

    *sigh…another fail..

  22. jenny says:

    nooo.. korean bands never make it trying to break out into the US scene…. it doesnt look like itll work T___T

  23. Tyranosaurus Rocks says:

    FAIL… fact

  24. F***Haterz says:

    it really annoys me were asses comment on things they really dont care about, why bother in the first place? i love ukiss and im routing for them idk if there gana make it big or not here but it doesnt mean you bastards can say shit about them. to me korean artist are 10 times better then american artists cuz they hav so much more to offer then music based on sex and drugs. lik do i really want to hear about people banging each other? thats for sick demented bastards that like to comment on shit they hav no clue wat there talking about. im amused that ur idols r people like Kanye West lik he couldnt mak a song better then basically saying f*** u to the world, shows alot of character it also shows that he couldnt think of anything else better to say and just wanted attention.

    • Celery says:

      So why are the korean groups copying the american groups, their music is basically identical, they have some rapper with a gun, they are ‘fierce’ to be like american groups, they go to USA to compete with american groups, they’re training with american singers, blah blah ad infinitum?

      Your logic appears to have no legs,

      • F***Haters says:

        shows how much u kno they train in there own country if they were competeing many would hav already come over yes they use american artists as refrences but they dont copy get ur facts straight before u start talking shit

        • Watermelon says:

          Well, I think you’ll find lots of them have already been to USA and failed, including BoAring, Se4en, Rainy, Wonderlessgrils, U-fail et al. They were mainly learning from Americans on how to do American things, and they were all basically begging americans to let them in, and then doing a concert for filipina nurses.

          The entire korean music industry is based upon sex, you can just ask Estrella Lin. This sex and pimping to CEOs in return for sponsorship is arguably why they all commit suicide. There was also a recent song by a Korean artist called “I want to f**k you” so get off your high horse.

          • F***Haters says:

            the only reason that they dont do well cuz they think americans can help them but in the end gives the opposite effect it just goes to proves were all out for ourselves the american sponsers dont even give foriegn singers a chance how can they try to come down here when people dont give them a chance america is suppose to be the biggest music industry it would b good to hav different sounds but no one gives anybody a chance to prove themselves i really think thats sad

            • Watermelon says:

              They sing in Korean. What are you expecting them to do? Sit there listening in Korean? Listening to men who are incredibly effeminate but not gay as you say?

              • F***Haters says:

                really XD when there about transition to america they make english songs yes there korean but they can also sing english well if they didnt i would understand were ur coming from but its the same thing as american listening to spanish music. some understand it and some dont even if they dont understand it they’ll still listen to it. music is music where ever it comes from but when it comes down to looking for talent our music industry is too closed minded to look into other countries to see what talents they have to offer

                • Watermelon says:

                  Tell that to coldplay or men at work.

                  • Piece of shit haters why even bother? says:

                    You guys seriously have no life if your just here bashing for the fun of it. If you hate Kpop so much why even bother wasting your time here? Your negative comments aren’t gonna change anything or anyone’s opinion on what artist they like or who’s trying to come over here to see if they can be successful. Yes many of them dont succed to become big enough like Lady Gaga or whatever but they’re trying for THEIR FANS and NOT YOU. So instead of worrying about things that don’t matter to you why don’t you worry about wiping your ass

                    • F***Haterz says:

                      Piece of shit haters why even bother thank u for agreeing with me i cant believe people get so bored that they google random shit to bash on if you dont see anything intresting about it dont waste your time trying to pick a fight you cant win cuz obviously you dont know shit about them

  25. ILuvBunnies says:

    Hajima NOOO. Pls leave Dongho here and the rest of teh group Pls Go Back To Korea. Esp Kevin, he gives me chills. Did I say leave Dongho? He can stay.

  26. MyxSarang says:

    Honestly I can’t look at an article on this site without seeing people argue with each other. Personally, I respect U-Kiss for doing this. It takes alot of guts and courage to do something like this. I think they know that it will be hard for them, but they are doing this for a good reason too. Believe it or not, U-Kiss DOES have American fans (I being one of them). The fact that they are willing to take the critcisms and blunt opinions of some people in the United States really says something about their character. They are very nice boys who love their fans. I wish them luck and I will try to the best of my abilities to go to one of their concerts.

    I’m not saying that it is wrong for you guys to have your opinions. I have my own opinions as well. The only thing I’m asking is that you would please be respectful to the other people who are on here and be respectful to U-Kiss as well. Thank you.

  27. Greggors44 says:

    If they want to even remotely succeed especially since they kicked out Alexander and Kibum who were two of the main personalities of the group (and Xander spoke English) they better promote the hell out of them. NH Media has issues promoting their groups in Korea (ex. Paran) So they are going to have to step it up if they come to the U.S.

    I also kind of wanted to see them in the US with the original seven… and ballads aren’t that big at the moment. Not unless you’re a mainstream artist already.

  28. Kelsey says:

    I am a white girl from Alabama and I LOVE U-kiss, and all of Kpop for that matter, I would love for them to come to the USA and come somewhere close to where I could see them :)) I think they would do well.

  29. Olivia says:

    U-Kiss is my absolute favorite K-Pop group! I cannot wait for them to come here.. I will travel wherever need be.. i’ve been waiting for this for soooo long. I hate seeing all these other hateful comments. I know that America doesn’t have nearly as many K-Pop fans as other Asian countries do, but I think U-Kiss knows that just as well. They are coming here because so many American fans requested it. I don’t care how far I have to travel. I will see this concert! U-Kiss hwaiting! :DD

  30. Clear Lee says:

    well, they should perform some where in the sac area because there’s a lot of fans in sac. we can’t afford to drive a long trip to LA. a lot of time will be wasted and money!

  31. U-Kiss luver says:

    Wow. super excited for U0Kiss love them soo much. and why is everybody commenting rude things cant we all just be happy for ukiss? they are talented just like a lot fo other artisits around the world. 🙂

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    I will make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful info.

    Thanks for the post. I’ll definitely return.

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