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Kim Hyun-joong is doing a “Hang Ten”

The Fashionable Way! On January 12th,

Hang Ten Korea announced that emerging Hallyu star Kim Hyun-joong would be the newest model for their casual clothing brand. While Hyun-joong is recording his new album (rumored to release in May), the singer/actor will begin his year-long contract with the brand. He will join a female model for the Spring line photo shoot, and participate in a green Save the Earth Campaign.

Why was he chosen?

According to the brand’s spokesperson:

His warm and trendy charms allow him to depict a variety of different styles and fashions. His worth as a global Hallyu star will greatly help the brand increase its popularity.”

I’m warm and trendy too! How come they didn’t pick me? I guess you must have Hallyu star status to Hang Ten on dry land.

Congratulations to Kim Hyun-joong

Sources: Hyunnies Pexers,@HangTenKorea, and STV


27 Comments on “Kim Hyun-joong is doing a “Hang Ten””

  1. Yuyu says:

    Ohh… so he’s replacing Won Bin for Hang Ten? What about Basic House and its I’m David brand in China? I guess he’s done with Basic House then.
    Looking good!

    • kevin says:

      i dont know about David..but Basic House, WOnbin replaced him to model along with Moon Geun Young….i think WOnbin will also do Im David too

  2. Mary says:

    I can’t stop staring.. Leader is soo handsome in a varsity jacket..

  3. amy says:

    It’s something to look forward to… Can’t wait..

  4. atweeg says:

    for sure i will get some casual clothes from Hang Ten because Hyun Joong is modeling for them now. good for both Hang Ten and Hyun Joong!!

  5. bianca san roman says:

    he really looks good for hang ten becoz he is really charming and cute…….. hoping for more endorsements for him……. haeng un hyun-joong oppa!!!!! 🙂

  6. mira says:

    he looks great!!

  7. nikki says:

    overrated person getting rich just for being a pretty boy.

    • Choo says:

      FYI, the whole freaking entertainment world is filled with beautiful ppl who makes a career out of their looks. So before you turn spiteful and spew malicious stuff, look around you missy.
      Having said that, also FYI, KHJ is vastly different because he is multi-talented – a fantastic singer + dancer + charismatic actor, who is also witty to boot.

      • Mia says:

        Well said!

      • Johnson says:

        How do you know he’s funny? or witty? Have you ever spent time alone with him? or are you just a bit weird and you have some weird delusion about you knowing him personally?

        You people crack me up with your idealisation and delusional behavioral traits, which you all talk to each other about.

  8. samjoong501 says:

    oUr handsome LEAder…..

    hYun jOong oppa….

  9. songsooin says:

    kim hyun joong is so handsome :DD

  10. Pinkiipink says:

    Still can’t get ova how big hang ten is in Korea, in aus it’s something you get in the cheap
    store and the style not so great!

  11. IvY says:

    oolala kim hyun-joong!!! always love to see him model!!! =D
    i especially like the one he did with yoon eun-hye!

  12. dee;) says:

    he totally rock the cloth……!
    love it!

  13. Juniestar says:

    Hangten is an old brand that originated in the US in 1960.Still owned by some American businesspeople but have outsourced its labor I’m sure from China .Since KHJ was voted hottest star in China- think of the million people who will buy just in China alone. Good business decision Hangten!

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