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Master Rain showers MBLAQ with new dance moves

The boss man shows MBLAQ how to Stay!

How many of you would want a supervisor like Rain? Who wouldn’t be the best employee of the month with the sexy Rain giving you instructions?

MBLAQ, however, seem less than thrilled. The J-tune band is all work (and no play) in the latest behind-the-scenes video of the choreography practice for “Stay“. The video was released by the J-tune Camp on Youtube on January 12th.

By their facial expressions, do you think they wanted Rain to “Stay” or leave?

Sources: Jtunecamp (Youtube) and My Daily (Photo)


18 Comments on “Master Rain showers MBLAQ with new dance moves”

  1. yvie says:

    mblaq is so talented. they get better and better. its really good that they’re in a way competing with rain because it’ll help them become #1. in some sense, i believe they’re a lot better than b2st but that’s just my joon bias & seungho bias speaking ❤

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  3. bummiie says:

    why can rain be soooo perfect? he is soo talented.. his acting skills are superb and his dancing and singing makes everyone freaking out! ^^

  4. pru says:

    lol,… that’s all i can say…..

    Hard working… i guess!

  5. mira says:

    keep it up the good work….
    aja aja fighting!!

  6. Shinha says:

    i love how Rain’s shirt says “RELAX” haha
    well: work hard, play hard

  7. judy says:

    i can do w/o those jazz fingers.

  8. […] Master Rain showers MBLAQ with new dance moves […]

  9. JOJO says:

    100% RAIN PERFECT he’s the ONE-BEST-GREAT for teaching Dance moves if Rain leave Mblaq will leave and if Rain stay Mblaq will stay it’s so stupid to discribe thier expressions from thier tired looks because they worked hard. of course Mblaq wants Rain to stay without him they are nothing the key for success is begin with the Hard Work.RAIN YOU’RE THE BEST no matter what they say about you,RAIN the more you Success the more they’re dying from Jealousy.

  10. Angel Rain says:

    keep the hard work Boys it’s better for you

  11. Angel Rain says:

    oopa Raaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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