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GD’s performance of “obsession” is worth obsessing over

GD & T.O.P have been busy making their rounds on music stages, and the latest performance on M! Countdown has people buzzing about GD’s solo performance of “Obsession.”

The duo performance of “Knockout” is good but GD knows how to rock a solo stage!

Amazing stage presence, don’t you agree?


19 Comments on “GD’s performance of “obsession” is worth obsessing over”

  1. Oh just like amercian rapper

  2. Choi MingYu says:




  3. IanIsHere says:

    who is the girl in the photo?

  4. sweetgirl1990 says:

    For some reason I think some companies choose korean songs that when translated into english example Obsession they will have the same name as popular american songs like obsession by mariah carey or lollipop by lilwayne. I guess this way when some american people search on youtube the korean videos come up and they get exposed to it. Is that their plan? I donno that’s how I think

  5. Tekwon says:

    I have seen G dragon do way better. I mean the it was a good solo and all. Just that GD has done better.

  6. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    that was pretty cool. like the jackets with their names on it.

  7. dsas says:

    ehh… didnt’ really like his song obsession. but he’s still hot

  8. aejashi says:

    Love the song! And “Oh Mom” is absolutely godly. Get chills everytime I listen to it. GD&TOP – simply best music ever.

  9. fuck u says:

    fuck this music Because the Korean shemales

  10. cdnpoint says:

    G-D’s white attire for Obsession is interesting. Song-not so much.
    I am getting used to G-D and TOP singing as a duo. They are having fun together but one day they too will tire of the hoodies and chunky jewellery look.

  11. jasmine says:

    i loveeeeee it ! double combo~ ! GD is totally cool !

  12. mabjor says:

    Applaud to GD for going out of his comfort zone by doing something totally different. Love the song !

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