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Hyun-bin, Song Seung-hun, and Kang Sung all live in the same house…

… in their respective dramas.

Hyun-bin‘s mom’s house in the SBS drama “Secret Garden“, Kang Sung‘s house in the SBS drama “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter“, and Song Seung-hun‘s grandfather’s house in the MBC drama “My Princess” were all confirmed to be the same house. The house looks huge even from the outside gate.

According to a representative from “Secret Garden“, the house is located in Seoul Jongrogu Pyeongchangdong. It belongs to a person who holds a high position in one of the leading corporations of South Korea. Because it is privately owned, not much information has been revealed. However, with the dramas revealing the front of the house, netizens were able to catch that the house is the same one in all three dramas.

Would you want to live in a house that big?


18 Comments on “Hyun-bin, Song Seung-hun, and Kang Sung all live in the same house…”

  1. SSBSMS says:

    i knew it! i was wondering if they were the same

  2. kdramafan says:

    it is also the same house in snow queen

  3. samjoong501 says:

    i would love to live in that house…:D

  4. namja says:

    Yeah..that’s the same house in Snow Queen.

  5. boonorbane says:

    i want to live in joowon’s house in secret garden more!

  6. Mr WordPress says:

    this house is even used in a KBS drama!! My Butler SeoSomething!! i don’t remember the names sorry!

  7. Claire says:

    I think it’s also from the Glass Castle.

  8. cool~ says:

    I think this too was Jin Ho’s house (personal taste/preference) when he was a kid :p

  9. fidda says:

    i noticed this house also in ‘A Man Called God’ drama!!! haha..

  10. black_swindler says:

    I think that’s also the same house Perfect Match. The house wherein little Lee Min Hoo was still a kid.

  11. michelle ecom says:

    nice. i like to live in that house also with Hyun Bin of course! hehehe., :))
    but i think it was the same house on My girlfriend is a nine tailed fox. or just the gate… looks kinda familiar when i saw that drama because i watched Secret garden. 🙂

  12. Garth Battle says:

    Do you people have a twitter fan page for Hyun-bin, Song Seung-hun, and Kang Sung all live in the same house… |? I looked for 1 online but could not see one, I would love to become your follower!

  13. Nigel Graham says:

    I believe one of your advertisements caused my web browser to resize, you probably want to put that on your blacklist. Hyun-bin, Song Seung-hun, and Kang Sung all live in the same house… | is a cool name for a blog BTW 😉

  14. Lauren Christine Manal says:

    I Love You Kim Tae always here for you..muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

  15. missapple says:

    my hubbies shared a house…oh my god….it’s like heaven for me…i love all of them so much…

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