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Kim Hee-sun looks even younger…

… after she had a kid.

Kim Hee-sun recently revealed a picture on her twitter with a caption stating, “Doesn’t something look different about me?”

She was referring to her newly cut bangs. But in the picture, Kim Hee-sun also shows off her never aging face. Because of her big pupils, some netizens have even asked whether she wears circle lens.

Kim Hee-sun then published another picture with a caption saying, “One more~ I think I gained some weight ㅠ I am very upset”. Fans have responded by saying that she looks no different from the way she did in her 20s. Some have even commented whether she put anti-aging preservatives on her face when she was younger.

Kim Hee-sun will be coming back to the television screen this year with a drama titled “Faith“. “Faith” is a fusion sageuk (historical drama) about a doctor in the ancient years of Korean history. Lee Philip will play the male lead alongside the actress.

Can you believe Kim Hee-sun is a mother of a little girl? Are you excited for her return to television?



22 Comments on “Kim Hee-sun looks even younger…”

  1. kelly says:

    no way i didnt even recognise her

  2. Maggie says:

    she needed to be praised so she posted stuff lol

  3. Johnson says:

    I have no feelings about whether she returns to dramas or not.

  4. namja says:

    wow… I don’t even recognize her. Is that really her in the photo? It could be a wrong photo.

  5. MNT says:

    OMG, is this really her? cuz it really does not look like her at all. unbelievable speechless! ^_^

  6. lay says:

    anti-aging preservatives?? LOL … is there such thing? even if there were such things, can they really defy nature?

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  8. Umm, she been hiding until baby born, I think she should taken a picture with her baby girl, gain weigh won’t harm her because the baby will make her lose weigh too much running around to take care of.. she look great! Good Luck Young Mom!

  9. rai says:

    i don’t care much about her…
    i’m more like, looking forward for lee philip..haha.just saw him in secret garden..

    • noi says:

      lol yeah so true~
      at first, i actually sense his character as 2nd lead man, someone who’s kinder towards ra-im and worth to be joowon’s rival. but oscar ruined everything lol. xp

  10. kitty says:

    pretty~~ but definately wearing circle lens

  11. Aya says:

    at first i thought park bom o_0

  12. sticker says:

    She’s definetely wearing circle lenses. And the picture is so overlighted it would even make my grandmother look young and fresh.
    But I will give her kudos if she wants/needs them.

  13. Abigale says:

    I thought she was Park Bom lol

  14. mk says:

    oh my god i couldnt recognise her until now i cant till if its really her or some one els ,she changed her face too much she . . .she . . . im speechless

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