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My Princess takes the crown

I’m hooked!

MBC”s newest drama “My Princess” won over viewers in Korea. The comedy/drama placed number one in viewer-ship ratings for this week. 20.9% was the highest rating the series received from the AGB. SBS’s “Signs” starring Kim Ah-joong placed second on the chart.

I recommend this new series. After watching episode one, you will fall completely in love with the characters. If you are a Song Seung-heon/Kim Tae-hee fan, you were probably in love anyway. Are you preparing your proposals? “This show is definitely worth sampling.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of “My Princess”

MBC’s “My Princess” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55pm (KST)

Source: Nate


27 Comments on “My Princess takes the crown”

  1. love says:

    ahh i love SSH and KTH!!!! they look so good together in my princess!

  2. Maggie says:

    WOW if these two were to actually get into a serious relationship and marry, their kids would look absolutely pretty/cute/beautiful/handsome all in one….that is,if mommy n daddy are au naturale themselves hehe.

    Love the drama!

    • Johnson says:

      Wow.. that’s if she didn’t end up the trophy wife of some Chaebol heir like all the other stage-puppets in Korea.

      Keep living in your delusional world though.

      • jay says:

        what part of ‘if’ did u not understand? delusional is too big a word for u to use. so dont.

        • Johnson says:

          None of the words I use are too big enough for me to use. Besides, I understood what you were saying, I just didn’t see the logic, because she is unlikely to date anyone who is a slavish pop star like herself.

          It’s just not what korean people do

          • Kaybee says:

            At least show some respect by spelling right when you get your daily kick spamming in ‘K’orean entertainment site.

            • Graham says:

              Why? Because you people who hate your own cultures so much and worship koreans like gods earn respect?

              I think they only thing you earn is bewilderment. You even support Korean people being successful in USA over and above your own cultures. It’s quite amazing.

              So the answer is ‘no’.

  3. Beautiful couples! lovely dress

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  5. bummiie says:

    wish they would date in real ^^

    • Johnson says:

      Why do you wish that? Is it because you know them both personally and could say they are a good match? do you have any idea what he likes in a female or what she likes in a guy?

  6. dramafan says:

    @ johnson, try anger management
    you are seriously negative and confrontational…..smdh

  7. LuckyLinda says:

    i love them both!!! ^_~ and i don’t care what johnson sez!! ^_~

  8. dramafan says:

    @ luckylinda….you are right

  9. kpopfollower says:

    This drama is very good. I watched the first episode this morning and I was hooked. This really is the type of drama to draw in viewers. I love Kim Tae Hee’s acting. Her character is really funny. XD

  10. Chicken says:

    Only Kim Tae-hee is good.

  11. dado10 says:

    Been a Kim Tae-hee fun since Love Story in Harvard. In iris she really proved her acting skills & from now on i hope she is going to choose good & challeging roles. Can’t wait to see her in a new movie.
    what can i say about Song Seung-heon that hasn’t been said b4? Eye candy yum, yum.
    I love the chemistry btwn them in this drama!

    • Graham says:

      I preferred ‘Love Story in Texas’, it was much more interesting and the bit where the korean bought a burger was hilarious.

  12. Abigale says:

    I highly recommended this show. Originally I was not going to watch it, but when the first episode came out I decided to watch it and was hooked instantly. The acting is great and the script is very well written plus it’s a great show with hot guys.

  13. lilas says:

    this drama is a succes due to the cast, of course kim tae hee and song seung heon…….be honest with ourself…….we love watching drama with our favorite actor and the drama is a succes when people love and like the actor!

  14. confused says:

    kim tae hee is a terrible actress in my opinion. When i’m that uncomfortable and squirmish when watching her act, i know she’s no good.

    the image of an educated woman kinda blinds the fact that she sucks

  15. Jenna says:

    The trailer looks great and they make a super cute couple! Can’t wait to see the drama!

  16. seungyi says:

    i’m forever a F.I.S.H….

    hwaiting SSH!

  17. hannah says:

    Song Seung Hoon is AGELESS… dang the man is sooo soo FINE…

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  19. allyrah says:

    perfect combination!!!! iloveit!!!

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