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[POP QUIZ] Who do you think I am?

Based on the picture above, who do you think I am? Want a hint? Okay I’ll tell you only one hint. I’m a singer in disguise.


It was hard to choose right?

Maybe you got it and maybe not, but if you really want to know, it is IU.

The picture is from her new drama “Dream High”. She acts as an overweight girl who just entered Karin High School due to her talented voice. Her name in the drama is Kim Pil-soon.

Don’t be sad, as the drama goes on, IU falls in love with Wooyoung who acts Jason, and due to that she loses weight and gains Jason’s attention.

So what did you guys think of IU’s overweight version?



10 Comments on “[POP QUIZ] Who do you think I am?”

  1. cdnpoint says:

    I like her character despite the stereotypes used to portray larger-figured people. It did not help that her tv mom smacked her on the head during an emotional eating session.

    It says a lot about a teacher insensitive about people’s weight during the class weigh-in scene and most of the bullying students. Guess bullies rule until someone like Hye Mi kicks behinds and takes names. Loved her megaphone scene in ep. 4.

  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I hope IU stays the same.
    That pic freaked me out.

  3. Maggie says:

    Hmmm…I never saw a flat chested overweight girl before…lol I guess Korea has them.

    • Johnson says:

      USA is full of them. Most Korean-Americans are overweight and flat chested.

      To be honest, this whole ‘dream high’ thing is just an infomercial for JYPE. I have no feelings about it other than wondering why they don’t use real actors. It’s going to be unbearable to watch like the S-Club 7 tv show from 15 years ago.

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  5. tnzteukie says:

    LOL i knw most people look who she was and than ticked 😛
    lol thought it was UEE

  6. noi says:

    is she really iu? or they simply hired some lookalike? i mean, maybe iu’s weight went up, but not to that extent. maybe she’ll act herself in the middle of her character’s diet. seriously, for me it’s easy to gain weight but very very hard to lose them. that’s because american junk foods taste better than healthy vegetarian foods. haha. good luck loosing your weight, iu!

    imo, i know that overweight is not good for health, but promoting how ugly is someone who’s overweight or how important looks for your love life are kinda ridiculous. why? because that’s so typical!

  7. cdnpoint says:

    I’m sure there is a post in another thread on PopSeoul stating that the character had a fat suit made for her character’s initial episodes. Must admit I liked how her character came in a character outfit for her audition-extra empathy points. And her soft answers to Jason’s questions about the time for the auditions-too cute!

  8. jezz says:

    whats so special about IU? her voice like sailormoon….all young female korean singers voice like cartoon.Nothing special.Sexy? yes..too much

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