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Will Seung-ri’s debut be as “High High” as T.O.P & G-dragon’s?

Big Bang member Seung-ri released a teaser for his upcoming album. The song featured in this hot clip is entitled “So What”

So…What did you think?

Is the baby of the group a good grown up lover?  The video is very short and it leaves you with many questions. His dancing is smooth and his moves on the lady are even smoother. Nonetheless, will he follow in his band mates footsteps and score a hit song?

Watch the “So What” teaser here

The full MV for this single and “VVIP” will be released along with his album on January 20th.


Sources: Nate and BigBang’s Official Youtube Channel


6 Comments on “Will Seung-ri’s debut be as “High High” as T.O.P & G-dragon’s?”

  1. mickyyoo says:

    first one ha!

    I like the sound and beats of song through the teaser. I looking forward to it^^ mankae of BIGBANG fighting!!! xD

  2. H*_~dragon says:

    I cant wait oppa omg i think this bom to kpop

  3. noi says:

    maknaes on top!

  4. Julie Mason says:

    Looking forward to it!
    Julie from Mobile Hairdresser

  5. riddleraven says:

    I really wish this guy all the best. But I’ve seen the videos and even though I think they’re great from a critically-speaking point-of-view… they just don’t do it for me. I don’t know what it is.

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