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“Dream High” ‘s Cast were caught…

As most of few know that there is a new drama in town.

This drama is talking so much attention because the main characters are 2PM‘s Teacyeon, Wooyoung, T-ara ‘s Ham Eun-jung, Miss A’s Suzy, IU, and there is another new singer and his name is Kim Soohyun.

Recently they got caught dancing SNSD’s song “Genie” at the street of South Korea because of their shootings. They only danced not even half of the song, but it got fans screaming.
Check it out below:

So what did you guys think? Who was the cutest of them all?


29 Comments on ““Dream High” ‘s Cast were caught…”

  1. annlovesjaejoong says:

    the cutest??? 4 me it will be eunjung.. 🙂

  2. linear14 says:


  3. :D says:

    IU looks so cute :3 hehehe
    taecyeon and suzy interaction AAAAW

  4. lol says:

    ‘Tea’cyeon? I want ‘Coffee’cyeon’.

  5. lol says:

    Kim Soo-hyun is an actor. Not a singer.

  6. kpopobsess says:

    haha I love this so much!! I think all of them are so cute!!

  7. catherine says:

    that guy Kim soohyun is a good dancer… LOL

  8. Johnson says:

    Were they caught being terrible actors and actresses?

    • mk says:

      My thoughts exactly. Especially Suzy, for a girl with no talent, she has had everything handed to her on a silver platter. Just shows you don’t have to work at your craft to become successful, just join an idol group for a big company and look cute.

  9. marie kilbane says:

    screaming fans shouldn’t bother them while making film, but the fans are very lucky get close to them

    • Graham says:

      Yes, the fans must be so lucky to get so close to their gods. How amazing for them.

      • Justine says:

        Do you have no life? It seems as if you spend all your time commenting under these “newsbites”. And you don’t even like these people. It’s sad really that you have nothing better to do than hate on these young men and women who are making something of themselves. Are you mad because you don’t have fans that adore you the way their fans do? Get a life.

  10. myzs says:

    IU so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Soccer says:


  12. me says:

    the girl with the pink guitar at the end was cute 🙂

    but the fans were so annoying…learn to relax a bit

  13. asianmusiclover101 says:

    KIM SOO HYUN!!! He looks soooo dreamy! ^^

  14. Johnson says:

    Were they caught laughing at how they produce crap music and sell it to stupid people who wouldn’t know talent if it fell on them?

  15. addikan says:

    poor IU! had to do that in her fat suit! hahaha she’s soooo cute!! where’s Wooyoung?!!! TT^TT

  16. liz says:

    eeekkk taec FTW 🙂 he knows all the moves PERFECTLYYY ❤

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