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Guess what’s happening with F(x)’s Amber?

Don’t worry guys… it is good news.

Finally it has been reported that Amber is going to join F(x)’s upcoming comeback. She will also attend all the activities with F(x).

A broadcast representative stated that “You guys asked me about f(x) Amber’s comeback last time, right?  She has returned, and will be joining f(x)’s album, scheduled for release in February. You’ll be able to see her official activities next month!

As some of you already know that she was away for 6 months in the United States owing to her ankle injury, but after such a long time she has recovered completely.

Everyone is so excited to see her again, are you too?



27 Comments on “Guess what’s happening with F(x)’s Amber?”

  1. marie kilbane says:

    Oh I forgot about her! I wonder how she doing? oh I see, she will coming back and show us something next month.. Cool !!! Look forward!!

  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


  3. KhunToria says:

    Oh My God ! My second favourite member is coming back ! Can’t wait ! I’m totally excited right now ! 😀

  4. nikki says:

    wonder if her novelty as the pretty cute tomboy has worn off or are they still using that. Amber was the one who brought notice to their group f(x). She gathered the female fans in my opinion.

  5. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    ha-ha! yay! amber’s back and kickin’ ass so happy for her.

    • Johnson says:

      Hooray, Amber is back and so you Koreans and S.E. Asians can jump about trying to stroke her simply because she’s from USA.

      Predictable to the last.

  6. henry says:

    Sure! We’re waiting for more lovely songs from the lovely girls of f(x).

  7. pisey says:

    Of course, I love see her. I really miss her rap.

  8. truesay says:

    It’s super mean and maybe not even funny but I really though, omg, what if (in true korean drama style) Amber is actually a dude and she went to the US for 6months to finally complete her gender transformation?! I’ll know it’s true if suddenly I see her in skirts and stuff like that XD Anyway, Popseoul, this photo you have used is AWFUL!!!! I am glad f(x) will be together again though. I hope they come back with something strong!!

    • Johnson says:

      “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”, Mr S. Holmes.

  9. Nigar says:

    ohhh i am soooo happy
    i want to know about her style? again the same or she changes
    i don’t want to see her in girlish style
    be the same don’t change please
    i love her rapping
    i listen every day to her rapping
    i can say thousand times
    amtoria forever
    amber and victoria
    my ideal person is amber
    love love love

  10. LOOMZ says:


    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx kamahamnida

    am crying i coudlnt help it ><

  11. dan says:

    ‘HE’ needs to start looking more feminine

  12. cdnpoint says:

    With the new year came news of Amber’s return. She’s Back (with apologies to Danson Tang)!

    So she won’t be in the SM Town Live concert in Japan this month then.

  13. jammy says:

    I hope she comes back with long hair, a boob job, and girly clothes, she’d be HOT!!!!!

  14. mareadenieve says:

    I am so happy!!!!!!!!!

  15. mira says:

    long time no see..

  16. chaimoon says:


  17. johnson suck says:

    johnson sucks big time.

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